Ragged Braids In 2022 With Or Without Bangs

Airy, bold, with an artificial sloppiness – all this is a haircut rip-cut. 😍 It can be cut with or without bangs. You can cut it on medium hair or the basis of a bob hairstyle. The short ripped bob can be lengthened. I will tell and show you by examples how it looks and to whom a haircut with ripped ends suits. 👇

рваное каре

Stylish ripped braid

Square Cut With Ripped Ends

When you hear the word “carriage,” the association with straight cuts and strict lines immediately appears in your mind. The ends are cut in a cascade method and filleted in this case. 💇 This method gives the hairstyle a certain carelessness and puffiness.

Filleted tips can be combined with a straight cut – they look stylish.

When creating this hairstyle, often make a shortened length at the back of the head with an increase in the front sector to give airiness. It is called a long hairstyle.

The irregularity of the cuts and the lack of clear straight lines make this hairstyle bright and eye-catching.

удлиненное рваное каре

The beautifully lengthened version looks in style with light waves.

This option will suit ladies with different face shapes and hair, regardless of volume, thickness, and texture.

Ragged Braids With Bangs

The ripped style is often performed in combination with graduated bangs laid on one side. Straight bangs are a more classic option. Another stylish option is super short bangs up to the eyebrows.

This option is suitable for owners of a round face and thin hair.

Ragged braids with bangs it’s a heavily profiled texture. It looks very effective. 😍

Ragged Braids Medium Hair

The medium length allows you to play with the shape. It is a shortened length at the nape of the neck with lengthening in the temporal zone. Or a flat cut along the entire length.

The hair retains its volume and volume and is easy to style. You can use a blow dryer with a diffuser or tongs to create messy waves.

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No Bangs

The classic version without bangs is suitable for women with oval, broad, round faces. The volume on the sides of the face allows hiding wide cheeks. The absence of bangs visually elongates the face.

рваное каре без челки

A beautifully textured haircut will look beautiful on short and medium lengths.

Exciting things about it:👉 Long braids


In 2022, short hairstyles will be gaining popularity. Most women are giving up the length. There are many advantages to this. You have the opportunity to visually correct the shape of your face by changing the type of styling. The styling itself takes little time.

The hair that has been styled can hold its shape for a long time when curled. This is due to the length and filleting.

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Long at the face, falling below the collarbones is an option for those who are afraid to give up the length. This is an excellent opportunity to remove damaged ends to give them a healthy look.

The texture gives a sense of volume to thin hair. The elongated version is suitable for owners of a round or oval face.


Bob is a short, traditional, stylish hairstyle. It suits women of all ages. Adding boldness and modernity to a bob can be achieved with a torn texture.

For the rectangular, oval type, a ripped bob is ideal. It is a good option for thin hair because the graduated end visually increases hair’s lushness and gives volume. Also, this haircut is perfect for thick and voluminous curls, giving them lightness and airiness.


The asymmetrical haircut is ideal for correcting the shape of the face. The elongation on one side and a shorter cut on the other make it exciting and eye-catching.

Styling Tattered Braid

First, the products! A hair styling product is not an option. It’s a necessity! You must create texture, volume, and flexibility to have beautiful hair!

Products needed:

  • Professional ionic hair dryer. It creates shine and volume and dries hair faster.
  • Large round hair brush. It is perfect for creating the extra volume needed for this hairstyle.
  • Ionic Straightener – Straightener. Adds curls to your hair, protecting it and adding shine!
  • A styling spray with a volume effect creates texture to get your desired look.
  • Texturizing Gel. It creates an airy texture, impressive volume, and supple fullness to maintain a messy effect.
  • Hairspray to fix your hair.

Next, begin laying:

  1. Wash your hair and towel dry.
  2. Spray the mousse on the palms of your hands. Then run your fingers through your hair. This will help add texture and extra volume.
  3. Use a blow dryer and a round styling brush to dry your hair. Separate and dry the strands by lifting and pulling them back at 45 degrees. It is essential to dry the root zone completely! This will create and maintain volume at the roots.
  4. Once you have finished drying, divide the head into sections again. Separate the top part at the top of the head, gather it, and fasten it with a barrette.
  5. Then start creating waves with the iron.
  6. After making curls, run your fingers through your hair to separate it.
  7. Take about a 5-ruble coin of texturizing gel. Rub it between your palms, and then go over your hair in a squeezing motion. Don’t be afraid to “squeeze.” It will create a messy look.
  8. Finish by spraying on the fixative varnish.

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