Provence Style In Women’s Clothing

The beautiful, romantic style of Provence in clothes is winning more and more women’s hearts. It entices with its simplicity, light carelessness, comfort and coziness. For the summer time you can not think of anything better than a light and airy dress in the style of Provence. After all, all clothes of this style are created exclusively from natural fabrics, so the skin breathes and you feel comfortable.

Provence style symbolizes the peace and comfort of a quiet French village, lavender fields, and the beauty of nature. It combines boho and hippy-chic. It differs from these maternal styles in terms of its originality and natural charm. The basis of the Provencal fashion trend is romanticism and comfort.

Provence is a rustic style that creates the image of a girl from the French provinces. Or a bride from a wealthy French rural aristocratic family, if we talk about the wedding image.

Features of the style:

  • Romanticism. Long dresses in the style of Provence and bring to mind the thoughts of walking under the trees with your beloved.
  • Delicate colors and natural fabrics.
  • Style for women is femininity itself, as it were.

The style came into vogue in the 1960s at the height of the hippie trend. As you know, hippies favored reconnecting with nature, so at that time the naturalness of the Provencal style was just right.


The main criteria by which to choose a color scheme in the style of Provence:

  • The main range is light. It’s pastel-light.
  • The colors give the impression of being slightly sunburnt and faded. They have an admixture of gray, pink, blue, and other colors. Clean, bright shades are not to be found here. Even a provincial bride’s dress will not be pure white.
  • The colors are directed toward natural, natural tones.
  • “Favorite” colors: milky white, cotton, greenish gray, light purple, beige, brown. Moreover, a slight admixture of gray tone will be in almost all of these colors.
  • The colors are as if covered with dust, their tone is calm and noble. There is nothing shouty or active. If a bright color is used, such as dark red or blue, it will be few and it will also be calm, dusty.
  • If prints are used, they are not large, often not used at all. They are mostly plant ornaments, sometimes geometric patterns, flowers, polka dots, twigs, squiggles.


Peculiarities of choice:

  • Since the style of Provence in clothes is very calm, then it requires the same fabrics – natural, soft – natural, natural origin.
  • No rigidity – only the maximum softness, lightness, and be sure that the fabric “breathed.
  • Favorite fabrics of the Provencal style: wool, cotton, linen, viscose, chiffon. Sometimes denim is also used.
  • Knitwear is often used – also knitted from natural materials.
  • Lace is used. Usually it is a rough lace type “Richelieu” made of unbleached cotton. Such lace trim looks very harmonious on dresses in the Provence style.

How To Pick A Closet In Provence Style

  • The basis of the “Provencal” closet for women are: long dresses and skirts, cotton sundresses, light tops. Usually in this style can be composed mainly summer closet. The clothing “from Provence” is best suited for hot days.
  • A free silhouette is a must. The style does not tolerate any stiffness, rigid frames. Only freedom and naturalness. This also applies to the bride’s attire.
  • For the cold season, pay attention to loose sweaters oversize, beautiful ponchos, voluminous “French” berets, knitted jackets.
  • The sleeves of the outfits are usually decorated with embroidery, lace, and other interesting decorations. Often a string is passed through the bottom, which is supposed to be tied.
  • Sundresses for summer, as a rule, have an high waist. This gives more freedom of movement.
  • The hemlines of dresses and skirts are usually flared, often tiered. The same applies if you choose a bride’s outfit in the style of Provence.
  • Short dresses in the style of Provence are almost never. Usually they are either long or to the knee. Short length is not combined with the main principle of the Provencal style – convenience.
  • Provence style in clothing often uses layering. Some women can create amazingly harmonious compositions using this principle. Often skirts consist of several delicate lightweight cotton layers and tiers.
  • A flowing silhouette of the image is preferable. This is achieved by using light fabrics, elongated models, semi-primed cut.
  • To avoid overloading when creating an image, do not use layering and textured fabrics at the same time. If you want to use multilayers, the fabrics should be smooth, without unnecessary decorations. And vice versa, if one layer, you can wear rich, textured fabrics.
  • The basis of the Provencal closet are dresses and skirts. They create this trend as a fashion style.
  • As for the shoes, they must be comfortable. That means no heels and, even less so, sharp stilettos. Shoes are used from natural materials. Since the clothes give the impression of tenderness and airiness, you can choose rough boots or massive sandals as a contrast.
  • Now it is very popular to play a wedding in the Provencal style. And for such a wedding you need an appropriate bride’s attire. In this case, a romantic long wedding dress with lace is chosen.

How To Create A Look In Provence Style

Many variations and a variety of combinations can be created in the style of Provence.

  • A crepe-skin skirt will go well with a short denim jacket and low-soled boots. Such an image would be quite suitable for a warm autumn. Also a loose skirt would look great with natural wool cardigans and knitted jackets. Such an image is suitable for a walk, and in combination with high-heeled shoes – for work.
  • A great look for an outing: a long light tiered skirt combined with a denim shirt. The shirt should also be a whitened shade. Complement the image with a thin light brown strap and light leather boots.
  • It looks great with a loose soft beret and the same lace boots. And for the bride openwork lace dress will be very suitable, but it should certainly be more chic than for everyday wear.
  • Wood and textile jewelry are well suited as accessories. This includes woven collars, necklaces, etc.
  • Often large wide-brimmed soft hats, matched to the tone of the clothes, are used in creating the images. Shawls and shawls, including neckerchiefs, can also be used.
  • A light floral dress with a delicate print combined with rough boots creates a bold and at the same time, delicate image.
  • For Provencal images are well suited to loose hairstyles, a kind of “artistic disorder” on the head. There should not be any polished, pretentious hairstyles and nail polish. Light carelessness, braids, or just cleanly washed and loose hair. For a bride’s hairstyle in Provence’s style, do not choose complex designs.
  • Dresses are made in a particularly gentle color palette. You can often find models of terracotta, pastel blue, soft gray shades. White is also very common. The dresses are made of natural fabrics, so they are always accompanied by a slight wrinkled effect. Wearing such a “provincial” dress, do not be embarrassed if you do not have time to iron it – it should be slightly wrinkled.
  • Femininity is manifested here in everything. It’s in the cut, the finish, and the choice of color.
  • Provence wedding dress does not exclude the use of luxurious and rich fabrics. The main thing is that they were natural and made a natural impression. No to pretentiousness, excessive tightness in the waist, unnatural forms. Almost always the wedding dresses in the Provence style have a long, loose skirt, often decorated. A small train is acceptable, not too pompous.

Choose vintage jewelry for the bride’s outfit. They should be modest and beautiful at the same time. Do not wear brightly colored costume jewelry.

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