Pretty Outfits For Women Wearing Chinos

Women today have a few dozen topical options to choose from regarding pants. Here and strict business, free summer, jeans, capri pants, skirt pants, and many other models. Comfortable and stylish chinos pants are not at the bottom of this fashion hierarchy. This article will discuss what to wear chinos with and how to choose them.

Chinos Pants: History And Features

Chinos entered the women’s closet in the postwar years, that is, in the 40-50 years of the last century. Initially they appeared as military clothing for female pilots. Without thinking twice, he simply copied the cut of men’s flight pants. Women were so fond of this comfortable and elegant closet item that they did not part with them after the war.

Another name for these pants is chinos. In most cases, they are made from natural fabric or with a slight addition of artificial threads for elasticity. They have a shortened cut from the hips, smoothly narrowing to the ankles. Suitable as casual pants, but can also be made for a night out – in a silk or satin version. Suitable with high heels, not too wide models are also suitable for chubby ladies.

What are the main features inherent in chinos, and what distinguishes them from all other options for women’s pants:

  • The classic colour of chinos is khaki or olive. However, nowadays, designers are experimenting to their utmost and have already created versions of all rainbow colours. However, the traditional khaki is still out of competition.
  • The classic version of women’s chinos has a slightly high waist and ankle length shortened to the ankle. However, nowadays, designers do not strictly follow classical canons, and depending on the designer’s imagination, these canons may vary significantly. So, it is quite possible to wear chinos without a high waist, but with an understated or normal. Like jeans, chinos can also vary in this respect.
  • Chinos are often equipped with patch pockets and exquisite folds from the belt.
  • The clasp can be made with zippers, buttons or buttons.
  • Popular are jeans cut chinos.
  • The pants may be smooth, with lapels or decorative “guards,” often equipped with models for full ladies.
  • Women’s chinos can range from a semi-fitted version to quite wide. It is undesirable to choose a wide model for the overweight.

Chinos Pants Are For Who?

Consider the following question – what features of a woman’s figure and appearance will go especially well with chinos:

  • Women’s chinos look great on short and graceful girls. They create a volume in the hips that gives a silhouette more feminine. And as they are supposed to be worn with high heels, they add growth. In addition, their very cut, tapering to the bottom visually adds a few centimetres.
  • Chinos are great for drawing attention to the graceful parts of a woman’s body, such as ankles and ankles.
  • If a girl is overweight, she can also wear chinos, but not too voluminous at the hips, preferably in combination with high heels. Such a variant will stretch the silhouette of large women and visually decrease their weight. But wearing these women’s pants with overly full ankles and ankles is undesirable. In this case, the lower edges may cut into the skin, which will spoil the impression of the image. The edges should always be loose.
  • Remember that the more voluminously you choose the thighs chinos, the stronger the silhouette expands and the shorter the leg length. Therefore, this option with a significant width will only look thin, with high growth. The voluminous cut of the pants will make the figure more harmonious, balancing its proportions.
  • Do not forget to emphasize the waist with a belt when wearing chinos. If they are chinos, the waist may not be accentuated.
  • Since chinos are short pants, there is often a strip of the open leg between the edge of the pants and the beginning of the shoes when wearing them. So, designers recommend this open-body strip to be no wider than 5 centimetres. If you make it wider, it will not look too elegant.

Fabrics And Colours

What materials are most often used for sewing chinos:

  • Natural fabrics are the main material for making pants. Mostly it is linen and cotton.
  • In some cases, about 5% artificial fibre is added to the fabric composition to give the material more elasticity. Models made from such material can be worn perfectly, even by pregnant ladies, as it can stretch. Most often, such an artificial additive is viscose.
  • If chinos are designed to be worn during cooler times, they can be made of thin wool. However, this option is quite rare.


  • The classic colour of chinos is khaki. And still, this variant is the most common.
  • Sandy, beige, olive and white is the second most popular.
  • Modern design involves a lot of bold experiments. So now ladies are invited to try on chinos in unexpected colours such as red, blue and yellow.
  • Multicoloured and mottled colours are practically uncommon. The only print allowed to use in manufacturing pants chinos is a check. Such women’s pants are supposed to be worn at work.
  • If a woman has a refined taste and skillfully combines things, she can also buy an interesting option of colours Chinos, such as orange, mint or burgundy.

What To Wear With Chinos

With what items of clothing will chinos be most harmoniously combined:

  • They look perfect with high-heeled shoes, including quite high ones. It can be stiletto heels or a thick platform. For full ladies, wearing these pants is appropriate only in combination with a heel.
  • Paired with loafers, chinos are perfect for workdays.
  • For summer, sandals and chinos made of thin natural fabric are a great option for city walks. As such, they are quite a substitute for jeans.
  • Young girls can wear chinos with sneakers. This option looks modern and in the spirit of current urban street fashion.
  • The chinos in the wardrobe are combined with the same things as the jeans: a variety of shirts, T-shirts, sports shoes, and heels. And fancy and luxurious things are not usually worn with them – everything is simple, every day and made of natural fabric.
  • Usually, the bottom edge of the pants is tucked. These lapels give the pants a slightly sporty chic, bringing an informal touch. That is why they are not often used at official events or in offices with a strict dress code, at too solemn events and at work, where a strict dress code, women’s Chinos are not put on because they are essentially closer to the jeans and the informal clothing than to the strict business. But if you want to wear chinos at work, combine them with a strict blouse and an elegant jacket. In this case, it is better to wear classic pumps or strict loafers on the legs.
  • As a top variant, chinos will look great with a bright top, a stylish T-shirt, and a beautiful jacket. Wearing such an outfit with heeled shoes or sandals, you can quite deservedly become the party star.
  • For a plus-size woman, chinos will serve her well if they are not too tight. They will stretch the silhouette, making it slimmer. But only in combination with high-heeled shoes.
  • If your figure is – an “inverted triangle,” that is, the width of the shoulders exceeds the width of the hips, then the chinos are perfect for you. They will add volume to the hips and make the figure more feminine.
  • Women with a “pear” shape should not wear these pants because they will make the silhouette even more voluminous in the place where the “pear” shape already has extra volume. But in some cases, if the model is not too wide and is combined with high heels, it can be quite acceptable.
  • If a woman has the “hourglass” parameters, designers recommend choosing a model of chinos without pockets and the average height – without a high/low waist.
  • Ladies with an “apple” figure can safely wear chinos of any style, but only with a high waist.

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