Polka Dots Blouse: All About Styles, Prints And Colors

A polka dots blouse can be a casual closet item, a component of a festive image, to be an extravagant and everyday thing. All this is because such a print has been known to all for a long time. Moreover, various polka dot variants can always be played in a new way based on different styles of blouses and shirts.

More About Perpetual Print

The polka dot has many alternative names. The English have a “polka dot.” The Germans call the print “thalertupfen.” The Spaniards have the most romantic name – the little moon. The most stylish and famous women have always chosen similar colours and patterns. Elizabeth Taylor, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher – this is just the beginning of an impressive list of fans of the fantastic print. Today the iconic fashion houses Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Emanuel Ungaro, Carolina Herrera and many others from time to time exploit polka dots, creating the most incredible and extravagant outfits.

Polka-dot blouse models are positioned as a classic in the modern women’s closet. This pattern is perfectly combined with most styles, as well as with all things from a woman’s basic closet. Practicality and versatility are also backed up by sophistication, femininity, and a special elegant presentation.

A stylish image with this spectacular blouse can tell absolutely any woman. A large variety allows you to find a suitable option, a flirtatious young girl and a solid woman.

Choosing The Right Style

Cut, colour and size of polka dots are the main parameters to consider when choosing a suitable variant of an outfit for yourself. Original batiks and blouses with collars “apache” and “halter” – the basis for creating light and romantic, but at the same time strict and elegant looks.

With collar

Ascot is the perfect model with a collar, which is positioned as the most popular in the new season. Retro stand-up and large polka dots are the ideal base for creating quite spectacular looks. Most often, such blouses are combined with classic pants or straight-cut skirts.

To create a business look, it is better to use a classic-cut blouse with a standard stand-up collar. For a romantic and coquettish look, more suitable shirts and blouses with a collar on the type of jabot smoothly pass into flounces. This can be both loose models and semi-fitted and fitted options.

Strengthening femininity and playfulness will help the right-size polka dots. For example, a blouse in small polka dots of delicate flowing material for a romantic date will be ideal.

No collar

Women often prefer models without a collar, considering it an unnecessary detail. This model is more related to the casual style. The softness of lines, not being overloaded with details, and deliberately minimalistic serving do their job. This is an ideal option for full women. Moreover, in a blouse, where there are no pretentious details of cut and accompanying jewelry, all the attention is attracted by the ratio of polka dots and the main colour of the product.

Collarless blouses usually expose the neck and collarbones, giving a look a good touch of sexuality. In the new season, collarless ethnic-style shirts are conceptually important. In this segment, both loose models and products with a complex cut and fitted silhouette found a place for themselves.

Blouses with an elastic band

A polka-dot blouse with an elastic band for fat ladies is a universal option for all occasions. This style allows you to divert attention from problem areas, masking some areas and exposing others. The elastic band can fix the edge of the blouse and the sleeves, highlighting the bodice area and shoulders. Blouses with short sleeves, small polka dots and translucent texture look ideal.

Corset as part of a fashionable shirt

Corsets do not often complement blouses sewn from polka-dot fabric. This is because the look will be too overloaded. Corset will level out the elegance of the print, and the popular colouring, in turn, will not allow such sexy and bright elements to reveal all its stylistic potential.

Such a style is worth looking at only if the main colours are neutral and the size of the polka dots is not very big. For example, it could be a blue blouse with small black circles or a white shirt with a stand-up collar and beige polka dots of different sizes.

The corset may be laced or hooked. Less common are models complemented with buttons. It is also worth noting that such elements can correct the waist curves and repeat the lines of the silhouette.

With lantern sleeves

The lantern sleeves and large polka dots are a great combination to create a look in a touching romantic style. It’s worth noting that such rounded sleeves are just starting to come back into fashion. Until this season, they were undeservedly forgotten.

Lightweight blouses with sleeves, quite voluminous in their cut, go well with classic jeans, pencil skirts, and trouser business suits. Such shirts are not only a popular model, but also bribe their practicality.

Stylistic Trends

Whatever style a girl prefers, there is always a place for the original polka-dot blouse in her closet. Modern collections amaze a variety of models, and fashion trends are democratic and loyal – in the first place, individuality and personal style.

Timeless Classic With A Simple Cut

A stylish classic blouse is a must-have basic closet item. The polka dots cannot offset all the austerity of the style or elegant presentation of the classics. However, there are several rules to remember:

  • Fully transparent material should be avoided;
  • The best way to combine classic polka dots with beige pastel fabrics;
  • The optimal size of circles is medium;
  • The lighter the material, the richer the colour should be (for example, light chiffon shirts will make more solid dark blue or a subtle shade of marsala).

Red blouse and other bright products in polka dots can also exude a refined classic luster, but in this case it is better to refuse any additional decorative elements and a complex cut. Here polka dots will be the main decoration.

Effortless Style – Fantasies On The Theme Of Casual

Polka-dot blouses made of chiffon and other similar fabrics in a light casual style are perfect for informal gatherings. This is an ideal base for casual looks. With this piece of clothing, they will never look boring or trivial.

What To Wear With Polka Dot Blouses

A silk or knitted blouse with small polka dots is an element of business style. Strict colouring will allow playing a little with the decor – discreet ruffles and frills are allowed.

It is worth paying special attention to monochrome models, where the scattering of polka dots is noticeable only on the product’s specific details – collar, sleeves, and corset. And the fitted elongated blouses in polka dots can be safely combined with a strap of contrasting colours. It will additionally draw attention to the girl’s figure and make the look more playful.

Dimensions And Proportions

Peas are positioned as a figure-filling print. The larger the polka dots, the stronger this effect is. Fuller ladies are more suitable for small peas in accent places. For example, the basque will make the hips look more appetizing, and the bodice will emphasize the beauty of the chest.

Slim girls can afford to dress up in an outfit with large polka dots. Such a print will give their figure more texture and volume. However, it is worth taking care of the partners in the look. If these things are made of denim, they should not be too complicated in style. It is better to prefer jeans with a neutral colour without decoration.

Accessories And Polka Dots Blouses

The main rule with polka dots looks, only one thing can be decorated with the chosen print. This applies specifically to the items of clothing. It is unacceptable to combine several radical prints and colours at once. For example, large polka dots on a blouse and small polka dots of a different colour on a skirt do not combine at all.

The model without a collar and an open neck allow you to use a string of pearls around the neck as a key decoration, but it is better to refuse the sparkling jewelry. When creating a new look, you should always pay attention to details, even if they seem unimportant. Glasses, umbrellas, neckerchiefs, headgear and other details should resonate with the polka dots. In this case, the look will turn out fashionable and stylish.


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