Plus Size Jeans For Women: Universal Item For Everyday And Festive Images

In the closet of large girls, a special place is given to jeans. The beauty of the image depends on the correctly selected style and the overall impression of the figure of beauty. Thanks to the correct cut of the pants, large women visually draw the figure, hiding extra folds on the stomach. Mistakenly puffy to go to the boutique for the most popular and fashionable model of pants, it is advisable to take into account the peculiarities of the body to emphasize the charm of the curves and the waistline.

How To Style Jeans For Plus Size Women

The functionality of clothes made of denim raises no doubts. Therefore, the beautiful half of humanity knows what to wear jeans, large girls. Depending on the chosen look, wear pants with transparent blouses, knitted blouses and cardigans, tunics and jackets. Large women do not need to hide their figure under baggy hoodies because now, in fashion, attractive circularity.

Stylists offer several options for combining pants with other clothes:

  • The T-shirt will emphasize the puffy chest of the owner. If skinny ladies prefer flared shirts, chubby girls should choose straight-cut shirts in a neutral palette;
  • The blouse looks advantageous at work and on a date. Complement the closet with light-coloured models that emphasize the neckline and chest;
  • A turtleneck is an option for a walk. A fresh solution will accentuate the youthfulness of the beauty, especially when combined with boyfriend jeans;
  • Tunics with a high waistline will appeal to pudgy women of any age and build. Thanks to the simple cut, it hides body flaws, and the variety of fabrics for sewing allows you to choose both summer and winter versions;
  • The jacket belongs to the timeless classics. Women combine options with flared models of jeans, creating a look for a walk. When it’s cold, this jacket is worn under a cashmere sweater;
  • Cardigan stretches the silhouette and transforms the figure. Choose a fashionable version of the length up to mid-thighs. A thin belt is tied to the waist.

Quite recently it was considered a sign of lack of taste to wear jeans under a coat, but gradually an unconventional solution fashionistas liked. On the pages of magazines such combinations are a success, attracting practicality and versatility.

Fashionable And Beautiful Looks

Designers offer many options of what can be worn by large women with jeans. Chubby women are embarrassed to try on fashionable images, thinking that only spacious clothes look beautiful on a non-standard figure. Fashion dispels this myth, and stylists offer to make interesting combinations:

  • Flowing chiffon blouses are worn with dark blue jeans, although a version of dense fabric in winter will do. If at work one chooses pastel and dark colours, for a date, it is advisable to try on a blouse of a summer sky or fuchsia colour;
  • Spacious capes or kimonos. The clothes are made of airy fabrics with discreet floral patterns. A monochrome T-shirt or T-shirt is worn under the kimono;
  • Layered sets can smooth out the bouffant shapes. If you want to hide large hips with narrow shoulders, it is enough to wear a T-shirt with a knit sweater, vest, jacket or jacket. A denim shirt with a sweater looks stylish;
  • Divert attention from large hips and buttocks with the help of a bright top. Dark women’s pants are combined with blouses or T-shirts in polka dots, checks or floral prints;
  • For a walk, choosing jeans-boyfriends with a knitted top and a voluminous sweater is advisable. Daring girls complement the image with a leather jacket and boots on massive soles.

Young ladies with appetizing forms can boast a pronounced waistline. In this case, it is worth accentuating with a thin belt or things with a basque.

What Are Styles Of Jeans Best For Overweight Women?

Experts recommend that you carefully choose the style of jeans in the photo for large girls to visually correct the weight and remove the treacherous folds on the abdomen. It is a mistake to prefer a straight cut of pants if there is an abundance of styles and silhouettes. Choosing a beautiful model with stretch is worth choosing, which allows the denim fabric to stretch during the movements. While denim jeans leave marks on the body, stretch is comfortable.

High waist models

Fashion designers recommend expanding the closet with jeans with a high waist for large women. This is considered the most advantageous option for extra volumes on the abdomen and buttocks.

Hide from the sights of a large belly will help jeans with an overstated fit line of dense fabric. Elastic clothes tighten the figure and create a slender silhouette but do not restrict movement. A waist appears in these pants’ beautifully allocated hips, pulling the stomach. For modern jeans with a high waist, pick up a top or blouse, which allows you to look seductive even with the large body size.

The offer is unsuitable for women with an undefined waist and voluminous belly, so you should turn to the classic straight models. An undersized waist on pants is also unprofitable for overweight women. Immediately gives the impression of a loose figure with sagging folds on the stomach.

Denim flared jeans

With the help of the season’s fashionable flared jeans, it is possible to balance the figure to smooth out the volume on the line of hips and buttocks. Returns to the podiums fashion flared models, which will transform a woman of any physique.

Pants expand from the waist or the knees, forming a crimp. Chubby ladies prefer to stop at the jeans from the knees to distract attention from the massive hips. It is worth looking at flared models with an elevated waistline.

It is better to refuse this option to puffy girls of short stature with voluminous thighs to avoid the visual shortening of the figure.

Fashionistas with fluffy figures are not forbidden to wear jeans or skinny jeans. Recommend buying such pants beauties with a proportional figure in the type of an hourglass. When trying on, you should choose skinny, just the right size, to avoid the formation of folds on the stomach. If you want to acquire a slender silhouette, buy pants in a dark colour – black or anthracite shade.

Girls will like pants made of thick fabric with the inclusion of elastane fibers for comfortable stretching. Girls will appreciate the comfort of jeans that gently envelop the figure without causing discomfort.

Shortened models

Such options include capri pants. These pants have a free cut with a pant length of 7/8. Women with large volumes should be careful with the choice of such a model so as not to shorten the figure visually.

Breeches tight around the hips show the dignity of the owner. The model is worn with loose shirts and T-shirts while refusing tight tops.

Chubby women can show their figure in denim shorts up to mid-thigh. Lapels, “boiled” fabric, boyfriends or “rips” are considered chic.

To balance the image, it is recommended to compose an image with solid-coloured tops or blouses and choose shoes with heels or boots. Girls will appreciate the summer version with coloured prints, allowing you to create a bright and fresh image.

Straight silhouette jeans

Winning proposal dictates the fashion for ladies with magnificent forms – buying straight jeans silhouette. The model hides flaws, elongate legs and does not restrict movement. Straight cut does not tighten the body like skinny, leaves freedom in the hips, and does not create a baggy effect.

The classic style has long been appreciated by the pudgy ladies trying on straight jeans at work, school or a date. A strict image is created with dark pants and shirts or tunics, frivolous – with light “boiled” jeans with tops under stiletto shoes.


If a girl does not like tight pants, it’s time to try on roomy boyfriend jeans. The model is specially created for the comfort of fashionistas and adds a hooligan’s note to the style. Recommended to wear a high and medium-height girl, low puffy “stretch” figure with shoes like sandals or shoes with stiletto heels. Boyfriends remain in the trend and are ahead of the demand for skinnies.

Jeans for large women have a medium fit. Short pants widen at the bottom and lapels. Scuffs, fringes, and decorative elements distinguish pants. Make up images with t-shirts, shirts or wide shirts.

In the photo fashion collections are denim jumpsuits boyfriends for large girls, allowing you to feel comfortable for frequent wear in urban conditions.

Choosing Jeans: Taking Into Account The Peculiarities Of The Body

When choosing an outfit, it is desirable to consider the figure’s characteristics so that the purchase does not show folds and deposits on the body. Stretch jeans or classic straight-cut pants for any season will help.
Secrets of choice:

  • Purchase jeans in size, it is a mistake to wear models larger or smaller;
  • It is desirable to refuse pants that show the abdomen;
  • Girls with large hips do not suit models with patch pockets and decorations.

Before going to the store to buy pants really assess the size of the figure. Then try on jeans, taking into account the disadvantages, while trying to show only the advantages of the body.

High stature

Long-legged beauties are recommended to try on elongated pants with a medium or elevated fit line. Shorter models will elongate the silhouette and add height to the girl. Stylish jumpsuits with the effect of “jam” add coquetry, and light-coloured clothes look interesting in summer.

Small growth

For short-sized pudgy women, elongated or tight pants, models with lapels, and light-coloured shades of jeans are prohibited. It is recommended to wear straight-cut pants with a length of 7/8. To increase the height, you should combine jeans with stiletto shoes.

Apple shape type

If there is no pronounced waistline, then the model of jeans is chosen carefully. Classic straight versions and flared pants from the hip will help. If the legs are not too wide, skinny models are allowed. It is impossible to accentuate the abdomen, so pants are combined with spacious blouses, tunics and sweaters. A flirty image will be added by elegant stiletto shoes, stretching the silhouette.

“Pear shape

Fashionistas with a “pear” figure are recommended to balance the top and bottom. The optimal solution is to choose classic pants, models with an understated waistline flared from the hip, and boyfriend jeans.

It is advised to avoid skinny jeans in light colours, giving preference to dark, spacious pants with arrows or patch pockets. Compressing the image with shirts with ruffles or lace inserts is desirable.

Successful Colour Schemes

Chubby beauties are fond of dark tones when choosing jeans. Stylists recommend adding dark gray, plum, purple and chocolate pants to your closet. Rich tones slim, hide problem areas of the figure.

If you have slender legs and voluminous buttocks, models of cornflower or rich beige shades are allowed. Fill the figure with light shades of pink, mint, sandy, and light blue tones, so it is better not to experiment with these colours.

What Kind Of Décor Is Appropriate

In photos in fashion magazines, there is a great variety of ripped jeans for large girls. Be careful to buy pants with scuffs, decorations or cuts to avoid adding extra volume. Excessive attention is attracted to the completeness of the patch pockets, appliques, embroidery and zippers. Choosing models with small scuffs and vertical gaps is desirable – a place below the knee line.


Before you buy jeans, it is important to pay special attention to the type of fabric and the amount of additional synthetic fibres. The ability to hold shape and tighten the figure is characteristic of dense denim. Wearability and durability are characterized by denim material woven from cotton fibres. Lycra or spandex in the product’s composition should not exceed 4%. Otherwise, the material will stretch and lead to rapid wear of pants.

The closet of the modern fashionista cannot be imagined without a few fashionable jeans. Women appreciated the functionality of pants with which it is easy to create a stylish image. Full girls designers recommend to join the world of fashion, trying on jeans that fit the figure, allowing you to look great.

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