Plaid Sundress: Key Model Of The Current Season

One of the most ancient variants of women’s clothing is considered a sundress. Today’s models can not be called boring and should not be attributed to the retro style. Thus, the plaid sundress is presented in the collections of many fashion houses.

Features Of Plaid Fabrics

The popularity of this colour lies in the fact that clothes in a small or medium cage are suitable for fashionable women of all shapes. A large cage, located horizontally, visually adds volume to the figure.

Diagonal check visually slims the figure, that is why it is desirable to sew a sundress in check for full ladies from a fabric with a small print or with diagonal squares. Apparel with a cut off cut, in which the checkered fabric on the bodice is located horizontally, and on the skirt – diagonally, will emphasize the figure originally.

When choosing a model, it is better to prefer a product made of thick material. Tight jersey sundresses can look ridiculous if the checkerboard is “parted” on the rounded parts of the body.

For the cold season, suit in warm tweed and wool. For the summer seasons, choose things made of linen fabric in plaid. “Office cages” are stylish “goosefoot” and elegant glen check.

How To Choose A Model

Sun dresses compete with sets of “pants-blouse” or “skirt-blouse” in everyday life and the office closet. And the explanation is simple – with such a thing is easy to create a lot of options for outfits.

Variants Of Sundress Styles

This clothing does not visually crush the figure as a set of “blouse-skirt” and therefore looks great on the owners of any figure. Designers developing business clothing still prefer classic silhouettes:

  • The geometric nature of the check perfectly complements trapeze-shaped products. The neckline of the models can be any: rounded, boat, triangular or stand-up collar. The a-silhouette model also meets the requirements of office wear. Smooth semi-fitting cut lines give a business image of femininity and elegance. It is desirable to choose a sundress in check for the office with wide straps;
  • Leaders of the business style are straight models, slightly fitted styles. The closet can be complemented with a narrow leather strap;
  • Very feminine and attractive look models with close-fitting bodices and wide skirts, stacked in the folds or having a cut sun-flared. Such products organically fit into the everyday closet and are made from wool, linen, or tweed fabric.

The length of the product varies depending on the situation. The office dress code suggests midi length (just below the knees). For a walk in the city or recreation you can choose models of different lengths. The most original look plaid sundresses, where the hem in the back is longer than in front.

What To Wear With Checkered Clothes

If you like calm and traditional combinations, it is recommended to match the model with solid-coloured blouses or turtlenecks. The colours can be close shades (brown sundress and thin beige sweater) or contrast (blue sundress with blue plaid and blouse of muted red shade). The combination of bright shades of plaid (popular red and green plaid) always gives a colourful and fresh image.

But designers suggest departing from stereotypes: an extravagant combination of a plaid sundress and a blouse in polka dots or small flowers will always attract attention and look fresh at a party or vacation.

Cage has always been and remains a fashionable print. Designers love experimenting with it, presenting clothes strictly or mischievously. Caged sundresses have no stylistic or age restrictions.


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