Pixie Cut In 2022 On Short And Medium Hair

Changing your image is quite a brave step. It is courageous to decide on a new haircut. Especially relevant now is the pixie haircut—trend 2022.

стрижка пикси

Who It Suits

For more than the first year, pixie has been one of the most in-demand hairdressers and beauty salons. It is far from new, but an exciting haircut that has elements of men’s haircuts with sexual overtones.

The ultra-fashionable pixie can be done on both short and medium-length hair. It features short strands in the back, longer strands on the top and front, and open ears. In addition to the length, it also varies in the type of bangs and asymmetry.

Such an exciting haircut suits women of different age range and with different types of faces. Therefore, it is considered universal. In addition, there are several other techniques for this haircut and many styling options. The color and length of the hair are chosen individually. The main thing is to properly care for your hair, to visit your hairdresser in time, because you’ll need to get your hair cut and colored at least once a month and a half.

To emphasize the bright sides and hide some disadvantages, it is necessary to consider many nuances (for example, the height of the forehead, puffy cheeks, elongated chin, etc.). So, how to choose the pixie type according to the face shape?

For A Round Face

As the pixie exposes most of the face, it is unsuitable for round-faced girls. However, at the same time, with it, you can slightly stretch the oval and balance the features. A good option is an interrupted haircut that starts with side bangs.

The angled bangs will elongate the face, making it more proportional. Covering the entire forehead is unnecessary, but the sides should be cut clearly. Also, with the help of separate strands, there is an opportunity to create additional volume. This will balance the proportions. It is recommended to consider several types of bangs and lengths of strands to choose the most suitable option.

For An Oval Face

The owners of the face with an oval shape will suit almost all variations of pixies. In this case, you can also play with the length of the bangs, shaving temples, styling, and creative coloring. Ideally, look ultra-short haircut. It will emphasize the expressive lines of the correct facial oval and the eyes and lips.

For Square And Rectangular

A pixie will give even more masculinity and vigor to girls with a square or rectangular face shape. But it is possible to soften the features with the help of styling. These can be soft waves, which look especially good on the sides. A textured style will also work.

Pixie With Bangs

The bangs allow you to play with the hair because it can be oblique, torn, asymmetrical, very short, or the opposite, up to the chin.

With slanted bangs

The shape is a bit like a staircase haircut on one side. It can be short or long, but there is a gradual lengthening below an angle. It can be short or long but goes progressively lower at an angle.

With a rip.

This pixie appeared at the end of the last century and became especially popular again in early 2020. Strands with different lengths and torn bangs look a little careless but, at the same time, stylish. The uneven transition gives an image of lightness and playfulness. Such bangs are perfectly combined with short, lengthened, or shaved temples.

With elongated bangs

A variant in which the bangs reach the middle of the cheekbones or up to the chin and are stacked sideways. Usually, its length is longer than the rest of the hair, which is quite interesting to look at.

With short bangs

A pixie with short bangs will only accentuate the bold look. It can be either straight or oblique. This haircut will emphasize the expressive eyes by opening a large part of the forehead. Sometimes it is performed without bangs, and then the central part of the hair can be arranged in waves near the forehead to create a semblance of a bang.

On Short Hair

Bold girls can attract the attention of others with an ultra-short haircut. It can be performed with or without bangs, shaved temples, and creative coloring.

A unique technique can help make a haircut torn and youthful, rebellious, or smooth and feminine. You can also change the image with the help of styling. You get a mysterious image if you can style your hair with gel with a sweep back. If you ruffle the curls on your head and fix the hair spray, you can get a careless look that will not go unnoticed.

Long Pixie Cut

It is not necessary that the pixie haircut must be short. There is also a lengthened version, which significantly expands the possibility of modeling hairstyles. Such a variant can be both bold and elegant at the same time.

The front strands of a long haircut usually reach the earlobes, the chin, or even the shoulders. Perfectly fit into the image with oblique or asymmetrical elongated bangs. Particular attention to this type of haircut is recommended to owners of a round or trapezoidal face because the long front strands visually slim down the lower part of the face.

Pixie Bean

This option arose when stylists decided to combine two different haircuts into one: a pixie and a bob-cut. And so the pixie bob haircut appeared. It can be called the golden mean of all varieties of this haircut.

It is a graduated multi-layered haircut with a considerable volume on top and elongated strands at the bottom of the face. Different variations (length of bangs and strands, asymmetry, and precise geometric shapes) allow you to create unique images. With the right choice of size of strands, it is suitable for any face.

With Shaved Temples

Shaved temples in this haircut are ideal for young girls. Such an accent gives an image of boldness, energy, and mobility.

They are perfectly combined with elongated bangs and different lengths of strands. The shaved area can be decorated with intricate patterns. And if you shave not both temples but one, it can be hidden with the help of styling if necessary. It is also possible to complement the bold image by dyeing only the elongated strands while the temples and occipital parts remain in natural or contrasting colors.


Long oblique bangs and very short hair at the back of the head look spectacular. Such a haircut elongates the face’s oval and emphasizes the beautiful thin neck. Despite the boyish length of the main body of hair, you can create a soft and feminine look with the help of the style.

Women Over 40

Often women in their forties have to “try something new” on their heads because of the condition of their hair. Hormonal surges affect their thickness, volume, and shine. They become dull and more difficult to comb and style. Therefore, to make hair more lively, many women, after forty years, dare to have a short haircut.

In addition, graduated strands and short or oblique bangs will draw attention to themselves and not to the minor defects that appear on the skin of the face with age. Particular attention can be paid to bangs to balance your facial features proportionally.

Women Over 50

For women in their 50s and older, typical hairstyles are not suitable. Try together with your master to find an individual image that suits you. Carefully consider the details of the haircut: color, length of strands at the face, at the back of the head, the length of bangs, and volume.

Consider whether you can style your hair beautifully yourself. It should be as simple as possible, which will not require much time and effort for styling. The solution could be a haircut with a chaotic or orderly alternation of strands of different lengths.

For Women Over 60

There is a mistaken opinion that the pixie hairstyle is a hairstyle for young people. An adequately chosen haircut can visually rejuvenate a woman after 60 and refresh her look. In addition, it is easier to look after a short haircut than long curls, and it is easier to cover gray hair.

For Overweight Women

Women with shapes usually find it challenging to choose a hairstyle. It is necessary to consider the fact that a short and “sleek” haircut visually reduces the head and increases the body. Therefore, it is essential to choose a haircut with the possibility of creating additional volume on the head. Strands lengthened to the face will help to stretch the oval of the face to make it more slender.

Pixie For Thin Hair

The problem with fine hair is that it tangles easily, breaks, and almost does not hold the style. The problem can be solved with a short pixie haircut with the possibility of creating volume at the back of the head. The rule of thumb is: the shorter the length, the easier the styling. But this is not the only option. You can go for a ruffled hairstyle or sleek, short, or long bangs, which can help you achieve the volume you need.

There are a lot of options for pixie haircuts, as well as for styling hair that has already been cut in this way. The finished image depends only on your imagination. The hair styling with waves, combing it sideways, shaved temples, braiding one or more braids on one side of the temple – all these and many other ways will help you to create unique images for every day.

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