Pink Makeup

Pink is an amazingly versatile color. A subtle pastel shade – and here she is a sophisticated, graceful, romantic girl, a more pigmented and bright shade – a catchy, noticeable and memorable beauty. Evening look, everyday makeup, blonde or brunette, a color for everyone for all occasions. Pink is synonymous with comfort. It does not have to be combined with anything. There is no need to balance other shades so that the accent does not accidentally fall on the imperfections and does not create a feeling of unhealthy complexion. Those who have difficulty choosing a palette can safely do pink makeup.

How To Choose A Color Palette?

The image of Barbie has inspired many people. The undoubted advantage of this color is that every brand, from budget to luxury, has a wide range of shades of pink in its arsenal. Different textures: dry, creamy, shimmery, satin, matte shadows, lip glosses, glossy lipsticks, blushes with and without glitter, highlighters with small and large particles, pencils and liners – the choice is greater than ever.

Colors with which you can combine pink:

  • Contrasting: blue, purple and blue.
  • Calm: brown, beige, gray.

Eyeshadow by eye color:

  • Brown: peach or warm pinks combined with black or brown.
  • Greens: brighter shades of red and deep pink harmonize with black and lilac.
  • Gray: cool shades of pink combined with black or gray-black.
  • Blue: light shades together with blues or blacks.

Blush and lipstick color according to your complexion:

  • The colors of snow whites with fair skin are pastel. Bright colors can intensify the pallor.
  • Olive skin tone excludes only milky pink color. All others will decorate the makeup.
  • Dark complexion likes eye-catching, bright colors: fuchsia, neon shades, and pastel tones. Although the latter may be faintly visible, it should be well-pigmented.

Where To Use Pink?

This color can be used in every stage of makeup. Even interchanging products, lipstick can be used instead of eye shadow and instead of blush.

  1. Eyes. Pink shadows are perfect. Choose shades based on your color type and your preferences. Don’t forget about a good carpet pad: base, concealer.
  2. Lips. Pink lipstick and pencil are the first in any girl’s cosmetic bag. The colors range from bright to nude. It is better to have light and dark shades in the cosmetic bag. The density of the application can regulate the intensity, and chic juicy lips can be made by applying a darker color along the contour and a lighter one in the middle.
  3. Blush. Shades of pink are versatile; blushes with orange and brown hues also have a place. Highlighter, too, can be chosen with pink nacre.

Pink Makeup Trends

A timeless classic – everyday makeup in pink shades. The ideal choice for every day is light colors. Be sure to use black mascara and color between the eyelids with a black pencil. Otherwise, you risk getting teary eyes.

Shadows are applied to the entire mobile eyelid, darkening the outer corner of the eye on the inner corner – pearl eye shadow or highlighter. Mascara is applied in a thin layer. It is not necessary to highlight the eyebrows. It is enough to shape them and fill the gaps. If desired, add a little pastel or peach blush. Nude lipstick, or better yet, a lip gloss of a delicate shade, possibly with sequins or simply transparent. To volumize your lips, add a highlighter above your upper lip.

Sometimes you want to go beyond the classics without overdoing the image’s brightness. Choose any trend and step out of your comfort zone.


The sequins make for an effortless and effective makeup look. It is better to choose a liquid product. It is easier to use. You need to apply eye shadow, and the glitter should be applied to the middle of the eyelid and wait until it hardens so that the glitter will not be imprinted on the skin.

Pink arrows

Graphic as a single accent in the image, mascara – for every day. Eyeliner, shadow, pencil, you can even use a lip pencil. The choice is yours. For an evening look, glittery eyeliner will fit perfectly. Use white or beige eyeshadow as a carpet pad.

“Smokey Ice”

Smokey Ice has long been done not only with black and gray mist. This makeup technique is ideally suited for a light pink eye shadow that is moved behind the mobile eyelid or pulled back to the temples. Along the contour of the eye is applied dark saturated. Fuchsia and coral look best in such an image.

Matte Lips

Bright matte pink lipstick will come in handy if you don’t want to accentuate your eyes. The only disadvantage: the product strongly emphasizes the unevenness of the relief of the lips, so be sure to scrub them and make a mask. The shade is usually chosen darker than your facial tone.

The flow of pink makeup ideas on the Internet is endless. Nowadays, even eyebrows are filled with this color – a solution for the brave. Pink suits everyone, sometimes, you can forget about your color type and choose your favorite shade, and with the right makeup, you can apply it harmoniously.

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