Pink Dress: Casual And Classic Evening Looks

A pink dress in every woman’s closet is the best remedy for bad moods. Among women such a dress is not less popular than the simple black dress. Pink is the color of femininity, tenderness and dreaminess. Choosing the right color among the wide palette of pink shades, you can emphasize all the advantages of a woman’s figure.

Who Is Suitable For A Pink Dress

There is an opinion that blondes prefer pink, but this bright color will suit any woman, regardless of skin tone and hair color. This color is also suitable for owners of red and dark curls. Pink is the color of freshness, youth, tenderness and lightness. Pink is a color that usually attracts attention and lifts your spirits. Given this peculiarity, the pink dress is considered a festive outfit for nights out.

The choice of pink shades is so wide that it includes a palette of colors from light, pale pinks, almost white tones to bright pinks and dark tones. With the help of pink, you can give your face a fresh look, as well as hide a few years of age.

Images With A Pink Dress

In evening and wedding fashion pale pink dresses have long been popular. In such clothes are common designs such as a puffed skirt and corset, flowing fitted silhouettes. Pink wedding dress is no less popular than white outfits. A long fluffy wedding dress or lace evening dress in the floor-length shade look equally effective and stylish.

Choose a small soft pink dress of simple cut as an office outfit or for a business meeting. The presence of sleeves is left to the discretion of the dressmaker.

The most suitable option for a cocktail party will be short, puffy or fitted exactly on the figure. The pink color and shape of the dress will undoubtedly draw attention to the advantages of the female figure. Especially interesting here are the contrasting combinations of pink colors and dresses decorated with lace.

And for romantic dates and parties you can safely choose bright pink shades of tight or loose silhouettes. Here you can allow yourself to experiment with the cut of the dress, using unexpected details in the form of asymmetrical cuts, draperies, open shoulders and ruffles. Or dream up and wear a dress with rhinestones, or use contrasting accessories in green, blue and orange.

What To Wear With A Pink Dress

When choosing what to wear with a pink dress, you should consider the shade of pink. Light tones look more successful with slightly different combinations than dark or bright ones.

Pale feminine dresses are wonderfully combined with white closet elements. Such a combination makes the image very light and charming. An excellent addition to the pale feminine dresses would be pearl jewelry. A string of pearls, pearl earrings or bracelets can ennoble the feminine image, adding to it tenderness, romance and femininity.

A dark pink dress looks perfect with dark colors, which enhances its depth. In this option, it is important not to oversaturate the outfit with dark colors so as not to make it gloomy and dull. Here a small accent, such as a dark belt or an exquisite trim of dark lace is enough. And you can complete the look with a dark clutch, beads or earrings.

Silver shades of costume jewelry can emphasize the beauty of pink. There are no special rules for the choice of such jewelry. The shape, design, size and material of silver jewelry can be chosen by each fashionista.

Also a spectacular combination for brave ladies can be the combination of a pink dress with green and yellow things. You can wear a green jacket or a yellow coat over a pink dress.

Red, burgundy and purple accessories in combination with a pink dress will look especially feminine. By choosing cool shades of these tones and by achieving their dominance in the set, you can achieve the most successful effect.

Girls who choose calm classics and do not want bold experiments will love the combination of pink and gray. You should adhere to the universal rule: the deeper the color of the pink dress, the darker shades of gray should be used to complement it.

Shoes To Go With The Pink Dress

For a woman’s image to look beautiful, harmonious, dignified, and attractive, it is important to choose the right shoes with her pink dress. Experts in the field of fashion recommend three basic options for shoes for such an outfit:

  1. The pumps are a classic option that never goes out of fashion. These shoes can be worn under any attire, whether a classic or any other style. The black or beige pumps are considered the most successful models for pink outfits.
  2. Shoes with stiletto heels can perfectly complement not only a dress, they are successfully combined with a club outfit and pantsuit. They emphasize sexuality and slimness. Choosing a pink cocktail dress, the stiletto heel on the shoes should be four to six centimeters, and for the pantsuit wear shoes with a smaller heel.
  3. Comfortable ballet flats can not only emphasize the slimness of the legs, which in the case of a pink dress is very relevant, but also allow your feet not to get tired. And by choosing ballet flats of the same shade as the dress, you get a flawless combination.

Makeup And A Pink Dress

Makeup for a pink dress is chosen based on the warmth or coolness of its hue.

Pinks with a cool sheen imply makeup in the same cool colors. For example, you can apply cool pink lipstick and a taupe shadow.

The golden pink color of the dress looks best with the same “golden” makeup. For example, transparent or peach lipstick, a shadow in sandy or golden brown shades, and glitter in gold.

With a red dress, it is important not to overdo the red. It should be neutral, golden or silver. If red eye shadow is used, for example, it is worth limiting the application of a transparent gloss on the lips. If you choose red lipstick, its tone should be as similar as possible to the color of the dress or be a shade darker.

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