Picking Your Style And Basic Closet For Winter 2022

Who said that you don’t have to look bright and stylish in winter? Of course, at this time of year, you can not afford a daily change of image, for example, in summer. But you can create a look that you do not want to change all winter. In this article, we will tell you how to do it.

A basic winter closet

Defining Style For Winter

So, first, let’s define the style – you probably already have a clearer idea of your style, but if you are still searching for your individual and unique style, in detail, set forth the essence of all known today’s styles in clothing.


The main features of this style: are restraint, sophistication, and elegance, but at the same time, simplicity and conciseness. This style is a priority for business people. The main colours are white, black, gray, beige, and pastel shades. As for outerwear, this style refers to monochrome sheepskin coats, coats, and jackets of simple cut of thick material. Of footwear – boots or boots with heels. Of accessories – a hat or a fur hat.

Classic Style.


This style is based on airiness, a kind of dreaminess, and sophistication. Ruffles, frills, flowing fabrics – all this implies a romantic style. This style was created specifically for beautiful young ladies who want to “fragrance” at the expense of clothing. Of course, this style is more suitable for the warm season than the cold one. However, a white fluffy fur coat with pastel-coloured heeled boots will emphasize your romanticism in the best way if you want to show it in winter.

Romantic style.


It is a style for lovers of looseness, movement, and freedom. Sports style does not have to be embodied only in clothing for sports activities. Fashion designers sew elegant clothing in this style, which is suitable even for the office. This is the so-called “sports chic.” Sports style is trendy among teenagers and young people. Winter clothing variants may be represented by a sports jacket or down jacket and, best of all, by a stunning jumpsuit. The shoes should also be sporty.

Sporty Style.

Casual Style

This style combines classic clothes with casual, more comfortable clothes. For example, a strict classic jacket and jeans. This style is quite popular today: who else, but it allows you to combine beautiful, elegant things with comfortable.

Casual style.


This is a jockey style, named after a notorious lord who was very fond of racehorses. Clothing in this style resembles clothing for jockeys: galleys, pants, boots, and jackets made in the style of jockeys. For winter attire, jockey-style pieces are also rare, but you can experiment with the look by adding a plaid winter coat with fur and booties with leather gloves. For more convincing, it’s best to pick up a jockey hat.

Derby style.

Business attire

It would seem to be a variation of the classic style. However, this is not true: business style is subject to fashion trends, while the classic style is a conservative style and “denies” everything modern. Strict jackets, skirts, blouses, and vests are all business-style clothes.

Business style.


We all know the incomparable Lady Gaga and her crazy looks. So, extravagant style is Lady Gaga’s style. Unusual cuts, asymmetry of lines, bold colour combinations, and screaming accessories are all characteristic of the extravagant style. The main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, the extravagance will turn into vulgarity. On the winter version, this style will have to sweat, as, in principle, on any other. If you are a fan of the extravagant style, think carefully about the image and details.

Extravagant style.

Ethnic Style

It became famous thanks to Yves Saint Laurent. This style is extremely popular today. And this season especially. Ethnic style incorporates elements of costumes of different nationalities. It is easy to find a down jacket or coat in this style. It is only important to accentuate correctly – a voluminous scarf, dark glasses, ethnic earrings and fashionable backpack this season. Inimitable image ready!

Ethnic Style.


This style, which entered the fashion world in the 60s, is one of the most iconic and popular. These so-called “military-style” – things are sewn from sand-coloured or khaki materials. As a winter version will suit a warm safari coat with fur trim. Booties or boots with rivets will complement this image. A hat and long gloves will look spectacular.

Safari style, photo: FashionStock.com

These are probably the most famous and sought-after styles of clothing that may be suitable for finding your own, winter look. It is worth adding that it is appropriate to combine several styles, but it must be done competently.

Winter Closet Essentials

So, what should be in every fashionista’s closet this winter?

  • Of course, outerwear: fur coat, sheepskin coat, down jacket – depending on what you feel more comfortable in and what style you stick to, and about styles, we have figured out everything. If we talk about this season’s fashion trends, the obligatory detail of this season’s clothing is fur. It can be a collar, inserts on the sleeves, pockets, belt – anywhere, but the fur should be obligatory!
  • Boots. Also, everything depends on your taste and comfort: if you like uggs – wear uggs. If you prefer high-heeled boots – you are welcome! Booties trimmed with fur inserts, leather and suede jackboots and stocking boots are very popular this season.
  • Things made of denim. Denim is at the peak of popularity this season. Jeans, shirts, jackets, skirts – all these things should be denim. But keep in mind: if jeans, it must be ripped, and if a skirt, only midi.
  • Things made of suede and leather. These are two of the most popular materials of this season. And they can be effectively combined – so your image will be two fashion trends at once.
  • Things in the colour marsala. Marsala is a burgundy shade, which is very popular this season. The colour marsala combines perfectly with black, brown, and blue.
  • Glasses. This accessory will be in trend all year round. Glasses with round frames are topical this season.
  • Scarf. As voluminous and long as possible, and necessarily in a bright shade – so you can accentuate the scarf, ch very apropos – what else but a scarf to accentuate in winter?
  • Long gloves. This will keep your hands warm and your look more effective.

This is probably the whole winter must-have for this season. The most important thing is to find your style and not be afraid to experiment!

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