Photo Selection Of The Top Haircuts For Any Length In 2022

Trend 2022 – haircuts that emphasize or imitate the natural lushness of hair.

The predominant trends: are romance, femininity, and freedom. The carriage and bob with separate modifications will remain topical. Mullet, sassoon, and garçon are coming back from oblivion.

There is no clearly defined length of hair. They can be moderately short, medium or long. The main thing is your style, your image. What you want to express with your image at this moment in your life.

Long or medium haircuts are good for you if you like to do hairstyles and curls. The main disadvantage is that it requires more care.

Short haircut – for fans of stylish hairstyles with precise shapes. Those who do not like to spend a lot of time styling.

Trendy haircuts 2022 – photo

Trendy Haircuts For Medium Hair 2022

The average hair length is a conventional concept, but it is accepted to consider the upper reference point as the earlobe and the lower – shoulder. Hair to the shoulders is easy to style, to gather into a hairstyle. This length suits everyone.

A long braid

The most common option among the owners of straight hair. The haircut is convenient for those who have to periodically gather their hair in a ponytail or bun due to their profession, sports activities, or taking care of a baby.

удлиненное каре 2021
удлиненное каре 2021
удлиненное каре 2021
удлиненное каре 2021
удлиненное каре 2021
удлиненное каре 2021
удлиненное каре 2021
удлиненное каре 2021
удлиненное каре 2021


Shaggy creates a bold and independent image. The torn ends and chaotic cuts are the main difference between a shaggy and a cascade. If the layers are layered on top of each other in the cascade, you can see the transitions. Then the shaggy is a specially created chaos.

стрижка шегги
стрижка шегги


The cascade allows you to vary the hairstyle’s length and lushness. Suitable for any hair structure. Provides lightness and volume even with thin hair.

BEFORE: straight, even cut

AFTER: layered form

Women choose it with thick, heavy curls, and those who cannot boast of the volume. In the first case, layered cuts give lightness and mobility, removing the heaviness. In the second case, they create a visual volume.

стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021
стрижка каскад 2021


Each strand is filleted. Suitable for those who don’t like to style their hair for a long time before leaving home. When hair grows out, it keeps its shape for up to a month and a half. It is considered feminine. Rhapsody is similar to the cascade. But its main difference is the marked voluminous cap, which falls from the crown to the level of the ears.

Short Haircuts 2022

Bold and independent women prefer short haircuts that do not require styling. Short hairstyles are considered to be no longer than the chin. In 2022, pixie cuts and short, straight haircuts will be trendy.


A characteristic feature is a short-cut back of the head and a lush cap of hair. The stylist selects the length of the lateral cut based on the shape of the face. The correction is carried out by the length and design of the bangs. The ideal variant is without bangs.


A moderate length of hair in the area of the crown and shortened at the nape of the neck and temples. Under this haircut, you can’t hide anything. On the contrary, everything is on display, the face, the neck. Nothing to hide? A pixie haircut is your haircut. The main thing is to choose “your” hair color. Then the image will be bright and stylish.


The bob does not cease to be modern.

Easy modifications based on a classic haircut create a unique image due to the bevel line, asymmetry, graduation, and other tricks of the master.


A haircut that does not require daily styling. If the classic shape seems too austere, some asymmetry is introduced into it. But it is worth remembering that this haircut cannot hide too protruding cheekbones.


Versatility – whether for feast or feast, for thick and not so thick hair. With the selected total length of the strands (temples, occipital part, bangs), the crown part of the head is cut to give a lush shape in this area. Some hair types require daily styling.


Want lush hair on top and neat lines near the face? It’s worth trying the garçon. It is believed that this haircut gives the hostess determination. The main feature is the elongated graduated bangs that fall to one side.

Trendy Haircuts For Long Hair 2022

The owners of long hair are not always able to show it off. The length is most often gathered in a comfortable ponytail, bun, or braid. In 2022, fashionable haircuts on long hair are in trend. They will help to make a tedious, straight length more interesting.


A staggered lengthening characterizes it: the upper strands are shorter, and the lower strands are longer. It imitates natural regrowth but removes split or weakened (e.g., by multiple colorings) ends.

Long Shaggy

Shaggy on long hair looks quite extravagant, suitable for those who like to experiment with their image to stand out.

Looks good on wavy hair. Straight hair requires styling to maintain its lushness.


A lush wave of hair on the back, slightly tapered, is a fox tail. To give volume to the hair, even completely straight, will allow the skill of the master. A simple oblique double-sided cut will only draw a line. It will not add lushness.

Straight cut

To get a perfectly straight cut, the hairdresser pays proper attention to each hair strand. One movement of the scissors does not achieve the ideal. If the haircut is done correctly, the overall line looks like a braid (the outer hairs are microns longer than the inner hairs).

Haircuts With Bangs

An integral part of the hairstyle – is bangs. Unique hairstyles include a specific form of bangs, but most trendy solutions involve using this element as a supplement or correction of the image.

Properly chosen form affects such essential details:

  • look (frank, cocky, or cryptic);
  • visually reduce or enlarge the nose, including emphasizing its ideal shape;
  • to hide completely or pretend to hide (due to the thinned bangs) the forehead;
  • to correct the shape of the face.

The primary forms of bangs: are straight, oblique, and “curtain” (elongated).

Haircuts By Hair Type

Seeing a stunning haircut when trying to reproduce it on your head can cause partial or complete disappointment. To avoid this, you should be aware of the structure of your hair.

On fine hair

The choice of ideal haircuts for fine hair is somewhat limited, as they cannot hold their shape at medium length. Preference should be given to short haircuts or, if you want “something longer and lusher,” prepare for daily styling.

On wavy hair

On wavy hair, unusual and attractive look haircuts such as bob and sassoon, a few hours after leaving the salon: the natural curl wins. The Cascades, carriage cuts, and shaggy only win out.

On thick hair

The owners of thick hair are lucky: any haircut will do for them. A little secret of masters: you have to work longer with thick hair, but the result is worth it!

Haircuts For Different Face Shapes

The hardest part is finding the right haircut for the shape of your face. A photo of a celebrity will not help in this case. Don’t forget that even the perfect facial oval changes somewhat with age. There may be some things you want to disguise.

For a round face

A round face wants to elongate, so haircuts with a puffy cap of hair on top visually solve this problem. But this is not the only solution. Selected adequately by the master hair length, angle of cut, and the form of bangs in the timeless haircut square will allow achieving the same effect.

For an oval face

In most cases, the choice of haircuts is unlimited. However, sometimes there are exceptions: you want to “dull” a specific part of the face. Most often, it’s the nose, crow’s feet near the eyes, or wrinkles on the forehead.

For a square face

The primary way to defeat the “square” is a voluminous top and, optionally, flowing side strands. With a square, it is better to refuse clear, straight lines. Straight, smooth hair will not do. It would help if you had a volume on the sides, waves, or graduated cuts to distract attention from the broad chin.

For a rectangular face

This shape requires softening the lines by smoothly framing the face with soft strands. It implies the obligatory presence of bangs.

For a full face

It is essential to choose the right length if it is a straight or oblique cut (braids): at least below the earlobe. Or, if you want to make a short haircut, choose one with lush (albeit styled) hair at the top of the head.

Haircuts By Age

Most people think that the older a woman is, the shorter her hair should be. There is a reasonable basis for this: graying and thinning braids will not adorn a woman. But short haircuts, such as pixies, will allow completely gray hair to look stylish.

Fashionable haircuts for women after 40

After 40 years, you can afford any comfortable haircut, most importantly, that it corresponds to the type of face. Cascade, braids, bob – all are acceptable. Unfortunately, you have to give up the long loose hair unless you use the service of extensions.

For women after 50

It is possible to look stylish with haircuts of medium length. But if the hair is weakened by constant touch-ups (because of gray hair), it is better to move to a shorter length and possibly another type gradually. A pixie is an option when the visual lushness of the hairstyle is guaranteed.

For women after 60

As a rule, almost entirely gray hair and not as thick as when I was young, medium-length haircuts hardly hold their shape. But short, bob, pixie, and mullet will look natural.

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