Permanent Concealer

Constant lack of sleep and overwork – a problem familiar to most modern people. To get rid of the dark circles under the eyes and give the face an even tone, visually making it more rested is possible with cosmetic products. However, there is not always time to apply makeup, and for a long-term solution to the problem, it is worth paying attention to the procedure of permanent concealer.

What Is A Permanent Concealer

The permanent makeup technique is quite popular, and more and more girls prefer this method to the use of cosmetics. With the help of permanent makeup on the lips, eyebrows, and eyes, it is possible to give the face expressiveness and, for a while, to forget about the need for daily cosmetics. Today at the center of attention are permanent concealers, the effectiveness of which is noted by makeup artists and beauticians. This technique allows you to even out the complexion and hides skin imperfections.

The permanent concealer technique is a relatively new word on the market of cosmetic procedures. Its progenitor is the Brazilian tattoo artist Rodolfo Torres, who used permanent makeup to camouflage stretch marks, scars, and bruises under the eyes. A hypoallergenic dye is used in work, the shade of which matches the skin’s tone.

Features Of Permanent Concealer

And although the use of permanent makeup techniques to lighten dark circles allows you to achieve a perfect complexion, it is essential to understand that this procedure is quite dangerous. Such a tattoo is not removed with a laser because it does not recognize this color. In this regard, the qualification of the master is of particular importance because it is necessary to calculate the concentration of pigment correctly.

The main difference between this kind of procedure and the permanent makeup of the lips and other areas is its permanent nature because it represents the application of a full-fledged tattoo. Since the procedure is not micro pigmentation, it is acceptable to use only high-quality compositions of proven brands for health safety.

Permanent Concealer: When To Use It

The following are among the indications for the permanent concealer procedure:

  • Thinning of the skin in the area of the lower eyelid;
  • Post-acne that cannot be removed by traditional means;
  • Recently undergone blepharoplasty;
  • pigmentation disorders.

The technique is also often used for conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cataracts, etc. The result of the procedure allows women to feel more confident and eliminates the need to spend a long time flattening foundations to conceal skin imperfections. Clients report a smoother complexion and less noticeable wrinkles and can forget about redness.

Moreover, according to dermatologists, a permanent concealer is an excellent way to conceal skin imperfections for allergic people who cannot use powder and other cosmetic products. The compositions used during the procedure do not contain allergens and do not cause adverse reactions.

Peculiarities Of Preparation For The Procedure

Before you go for a permanent concealer session, you need to take several preparatory steps:

  • Do not drink alcohol or energy drinks 24 hours before the procedure.
  • Do not eat fatty foods.
  • Refrain from sunbathing at least 24 hours before the session.
  • Reduce the intake of vasodilators.

It is essential to choose a master responsibly and ensure that the products used are certified. It is not uncommon for unscrupulous masters to use pigments similar in texture and composition to an ordinary foundation.

Possible Consequences Of The Procedure

The procedure is invasive, and during the application of the pigment, when the game penetrates the skin, there may be scarring and scars if an unqualified master performs the work.

If the shade of the product is not carefully selected, the skin can turn yellow in the long run. Moreover, the skin in the periorbital area is fragile and sensitive, often forming dots on the skin around the eyes. And because it contains titanium dioxide, which is responsible for brightening, the pigment can roll off and become blotchy.

Contraindications To Permanent Concealer

Contraindications to the procedure are:

  • herpes;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Severe immunodeficiencies;
  • taking a course of antibiotics;
  • Alcohol or drug intoxication;
  • Inflammatory processes on the skin of the face.

Permanent concealer cannot be called a miracle product, but with the responsible choice of a master, the procedure can help people with skin problems due to certain diseases. If conventional cream concealers no longer mask noticeable wrinkles and signs of fatigue, an invasive method will help achieve an ideal skin tone. But it’s important to understand that the procedure is not suitable for everyone, and its results last a lifetime, so it’s worth making a well-informed decision before you go for a session.

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