People Love Volume Hats: A Trend Thats Sweeping The Globe

The fall and winter season is a time when hats – cozy and cute images of comfort and coziness – cause universal delight and awe among young beauties and status ladies. With fur pompoms or appliques, rhinestones or a brooch, the fashion collections present models of extraordinary beauty. To achieve volume in headwear silhouettes, special yarn structures, textured patterns, special knitting techniques, additional decorations, and more are used.

Models To Check Out For Fall And Winter Looks

The hats with voluminous knitting have gained special sympathy among the lovers of oversize outfits. The silhouette fits harmoniously into the demonstratively free image of urban style. The authors of fashion collections offer other luxurious models:

  • Voluminous hat with lapels. The textured knit duo with the lapel creates the volume that emphasizes the originality of the outfit;
  • No less interesting is the variant with a double lapel – stylish and warm;
  • silhouette with a barely noticeable lapel. The effect is achieved by using special knitting techniques;
  • Voluminous large knit hats with extra wide lapels are probably the most popular type of hats for stylish down jacket looks;
  • voluminous beanie hat. In the past a “signature” accessory of youth and students, in the fashion season the model has won its own niche in the stylish images of middle-aged ladies. To create a luxurious volume in the beanie use thick yarn;
  • berets. Exclusive models are presented in the collections of Armani, Simonetta Revizza, Desigual. Among them are knitted looks, models made of felt and velvet, furry, with or without a “leg”, asymmetric performance, with applique or embroidery;
  • Turban or turban with voluminous knitting. Luxurious addition to wool coats, elongated down jackets with fur trim. This trend was demonstrated on the catwalks by virtuosos of Moschino, Yashkator, Tsumori Chisato;
  • The hats are an imperturbable elegance in the image of a self-confident lady.

Snoods with embossed knitting are on trend in the fall-winter season. They will make a nice tandem with a coat, quilted jacket, a light down jacket.

Colorful Patterns, Textured Weaving, Fancy Designs

Specifically, the patterns give knitted hats a special character and charm, thanks to the pattern the product acquires the very volume. The combination of thick yarn and patterns with 3D effect is topical in the fashion season:

  • English garter stitch – in the classic version it is a rather plain texture, in the version made of thick yarn it acquires puffiness of shapes;
  • Rhombuses – large rhomboidal patterns on voluminous hats are especially expressive;
  • columns – a neat and discreet pattern, but based on the textured yarn and special techniques gives an irresistible 3D effect;
  • Braided – when performed with a yarn with a complex composition, a simple and light type of pattern turns into a voluminous pattern;
  • braids are a traditional type of knitting for winter hats. The infinitely feminine and elegant pattern, gives the product relief.

Noteworthy are openwork and 3D patterns such as “cones” “scales”, “birds feather”, “bear’s paw”, “knots”.

Common Materials

Particular attention in the manufacture of volumetric models of elegant women’s hats is paid to the composition of the yarn. Knitted headwear with a 3D effect is a stylish alternative to fur hats. There are actual bases made from natural fibers, mixed compositions, and artificial threads.

Among the wool compounds are popular:

  • Cashmere. A beautiful autumn cashmere cap with a pompom looks great with a scarf of the same knitting;
  • Mohair. One of the competitive materials for winter clothing and accessories. A voluminous mohair hat with a large knit double lapel looks spectacular;
  • Merino. This wool is used to make voluminous elastic yarns for winter hats. The product holds its shape well and is able to protect even from severe frosts;
  • Alpaca. Wool is distinguished by its increased silkiness and characteristic luster. Alpaca is used to make large knitted hats for the off-season and winter;
  • Angora. Soft and fluffy model with a double lapel will make a surprisingly touching composition in a set with a short down jacket with fur trim in a consonant scale.

Often the wool base is combined with cotton or silk yarn, artificial fibers. A separate category of materials for women’s hats is pile yarn, which visually imitates fur.

Color Accents

Monochrome bulk hats are by right considered the favorites of the coming seasons, because they can be easily combined with any closet style and colour scheme. Furthermore, both iterations of the total look, combining outerwear with contrasting pieces, are equally successful.

It’s all about red, gray, white, black, green, and blue harmonies, able to effectively diversify urban looks. As well as the usual burgundy and brown models, there are also beige, soft pink, and other pastel shades of hats.

Designers presented a collection of non-coloured hats for women with a beautiful gradient or a clearly defined ornament. In particular, fashionable women appreciated the light gray products, the upper quarter gently transitioning into a delicate shade of fuchsia. Also noteworthy are models with pompons, made in contrasting colours.

This winter, stylists recommend giving up bright, acidic shades in favor of natural tones. The mood of romantic couples will correspond to the creamy-pink, lemon, bleached lilac, mint, peach headdresses. If you want to compose a touching, delicate image, it is better to wear a mohair hat.

Among the prints, Scandinavian themes are the most popular – symmetrically arranged snowflakes, trees, reindeer.

Selected Based On Stylist Recommendations

The main determining factor is the cut of the product: it is imperative that the shape of the headdress corresponds to the parameters of the face. Next, you should pay attention to the material: what yarn is used to knit the cap, how practical it is, resistant to wind and wear, how well it retains its original shape and warmth. The surface requires careful inspection: the ornament should be without defects, and all the yarns should be uniform and intact. If acrylic is added to the yarn, such a piece will not be afraid of washing.

Many needlewomen knit their own original models, inspired by the developments of famous fashion designers. Of course, this activity requires a lot of effort, work and free time. If you do not know how to knit a headdress favorite style, refer to magazines with schemes – they are usually detailed step by step descriptions.

Rather than trying to guess what to wear with a model of large cuts, try tying a hat like that to a down jacket lined with fake fur or natural fur. If a classic coat is in favor, it will be complemented by a laconic product (or set) without unnecessary trimmings in a calm colour scheme. In addition, you can wear a voluminous hat even with a luxurious fur coat: knitting and convex texture of a modest hat will advantageously shade the softness, brilliance, and status of expensive fur.

Pay attention to girls wearing voluminous products properly: they open their faces completely, lowering the knitted “nest” at the back of the head while keeping their elegant locks and bangs in view.

Composing a stylish image, it is advisable to select a large scarf and large mittens of the same texture: the knitting, yarn type, and colour should be the same, completing the look. Furthermore, the handbag can be chosen as part of your outer clothing and shoes, so you don’t have to look for a matching bag.

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