Pencil Skirt: Styles And Combination

The pencil skirt is one of women’s most versatile and favourite closet items. It has been on trend since it appeared on the catwalk in France, where in 1940, it was presented in a fashion collection by designer Christian Dior.

Pencil skirt with animalistic print

Green satin pencil skirt

The stylish and practical pencil skirt suits all women, regardless of their figure and age. It can be worn in an office image and has a romantic look. It is perfect for business meetings, walks with friends, parties, and dates.

Pencil skirt with fringes

A special feature of the pencil skirt is the severity and simplicity of the cut. It is mainly sewn without extra details: pockets, ruffles and pleats. Such a product exquisitely emphasizes women’s forms, making ladies very sexy and attractive. The length of the skirt usually reaches the knee, although modern designers offer entirely different models of such clothing.

Pencil skirt with basque

Fashionable Pencil Skirt: The Variety Of Styles And Cuts

In 2022, the pencil skirt will be at the peak of fashion. Products are sewn from high-quality and comfortable body materials. Used for their production is viscose, wool, satin, lace, guipure, suede, leather and other natural and beautiful fabrics that do not crumple and do not lose their appearance after washing.

Trendy white pencil skirt

This season, the most significant demand will be for such models:

  • Pencil skirt with a high waist – it will make the figure more proportional and elongated, slightly elongating the waist;
  • Skirt with a slit on the side or front – looks attractive, emphasizing the beauty of women’s legs when walking;
  • A pencil skirt with buttons on the front, side or back is one of the favourite trends for women in 2022. You can create a lot of fashionable images with it;
  • Long pencil skirt – a unique model that is suitable for both businesswomen and romantic girls;
  • Short skirt – suitable for women with ideal body proportions, low and medium height;
  • Many ladies and young girls dream of a leather pencil skirt because the leather looks chic and long-wearing.

On sale in fashion boutiques, women will find current models of clothing. Knee-length pencil skirts with geometric and floral prints and products with voluminous decorations or applique are offered. Skirts in checks, stripes and polka dots are popular among ladies.

Classic pencil skirt

Among the assortment of goods in the online stores are skirts with a zipper and asymmetrical hem, ruffles and frills, and a belt at the waist. Choose things to your taste so that they fit your figure nicely.

Pencil skirt with geometric pattern

How To Match Skirt To Your Body Type

Pencil skirts in the spring and summer of this year will be very diverse, so picking up the right thing for yourself can be any beauty, regardless of body type.

Classic straight skirt reaches a length just above or just below the knee. It will visually add volume to narrow hips, especially if you choose a product made of fabric with a floral print.

If you want a fashionable skirt to make you visually slimmer, prefer black or darker colours. The top can be chosen lighter. A tapered skirt without extra details also hides extra pounds.

Fashionable pencil skirt with plaid

Choosing a pencil skirt to the knee (a little longer or shorter), do not forget that it should not be too narrow. If, after wearing the thing, you see transversal folds on it or bends on the stomach and hips, ask the seller for a bigger size. It is good when the pencil skirt is flat, without getting stuck on every body bulge. When trying it on, walk and sit in the skirt for a while – do not buy it if you feel uncomfortable with it.

Stylish brown leather pencil skirt

Skirts In The New Season: Topical Colors

It isn’t easy to find an unambiguous answer to the question of what colour skirts will be in fashion this year. Designers do not limit girls in the choice of colour palette, using a variety of colours and their combinations to sew their models. Of course, these are classic shades – white and black. Pastel colours are popular – coffee, beige, milk, and gray. Such skirts can be safely used to create an office dress code and for evening walks.

Knee-length leather pencil skirt

A pencil skirt looks beautiful in 2022 in bright colours. A red pencil skirt will suit you if you want to create an attractive and fashionable look. Choose a more restrained top: a white, black, beige, or light brown blouse. This is an excellent choice for the summer. You can wear such a thing for a special celebration, going for a walk with friends, to a party and on a date.

Leather pencil skirt

A blue pencil skirt will create a more reserved and formal look. It is suitable for any occasion: office wear, formal meetings, and every day. The Blue skirt looks beautiful with lemon, white, pale pink, emerald, and turquoise.

Red pencil maxi-length skirt

Lace pencil skirt

Universal gray pencil skirt never goes out of fashion. It is combined with any shades. Depending on the choice of top such a product can be worn both to work and every day.

In spring and summer, wear bright skirts of joyful and saturated colours: lemon, blue, pink, and crimson. Fashionistas will be pleased with yellow, purple, green, mustard, and olive products sewn from quality, good-quality fabrics.

Summer pencil skirt

How To Wear A Pencil Skirt

Combine this classic skirt with a variety of closet items. It is perfectly combined with classic blouses and tops, t-shirts, sweaters and other types of clothing.

The choice of the top will depend on the type of fabric with which the skirt is sewn. For office style, you can create a classic suit with a pencil skirt made of wool, tweed, and jersey, including a blouse of translucent chiffon, a cotton shirt with buttons or a turtleneck. If it is cool outside, you can wear a jacket, jacket or cardigan to match the skirt.

Orange pencil skirt

There are many options for what to wear in a leather pencil skirt. It is bought by self-confident women who wish to emphasize their personalities. The model leather skirt fits a shirt, t-shirt, blouse, sweater, turtleneck, etc. It all depends on what kind of image you want to create: business, sports, romantic, or evening.

Fashionable Striped Pencil Skirt

For the weekend, a lace skirt should be in your closet – it is very dressy and gives a romantic and feminine image. Let’s tell you what to wear a lace pencil skirt with. It will perfectly dilute the official image if the skirt is worn with a modest top or a classic blouse.

If you combine it with a satin T-shirt and use stiletto heels as shoes, you get a look for going out. Wearing a T-shirt and pumps, you will create an elegant and delicate image for every day.

Blue pencil skirt in a casual look

The exquisite and stylish satin pencil skirt can reveal the advantages of the figure of its owner. It perfectly suits the contrasting colour of the top. The effect of beauty and attractiveness of women will emphasize the stiletto shoes. On a date or an evening stroll, you will look seductive and chic in a satin skirt. Also, it may well be used as an office variant of clothing. Wear such a thing with fitted or loose blouses of the same material, with shirts and tops.

Pencil skirt with fashionable print

It will not be difficult to choose what to wear, a knitted pencil skirt. The main thing is to choose the right shades of the top and bottom. Today in fashion and knitted skirts – it will especially appeal to young girls.

Pencil skirt with a slit

Shoes For Pencil Skirts?

Buying shoes for a pencil skirt, consider where you are going. The choice of shoes depends on it. There are a few tips to help you decide:

  • High-heeled pumps in nude-coloured or black. Appropriate for such shoes, primarily in the office;
  • Coloured shoes, which are decorated with a high heel – match them to the colour of clothing or accessories;
  • Low-heeled shoes – they will help to accentuate your image as a whole, very comfortable if you have to walk a lot;
  • Heeled sandals, wedge heels and flat soles, gladiator sandals – choose shoes to match the texture of your clothes;
  • Ballet flats – they are convenient and comfortable, although they visually shorten the legs a little. Long skirts should not accompany them;
  • Boots – you need them if you wear a pencil skirt in winter.

For your image to be beautiful and stylish, elegant and feminine, carefully follow the fashion and choose things for yourself. But no matter how far fashion steps, a cute pencil skirt and a black dress will always be relevant.

Pencil skirt in medium length

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