Pencil Dress 2022: New Forms Of The Restrained Classic

Gone are the days when classic clothes were considered the prerogative of office workers. Today, business clothes are in the closet of every woman, whether she is a teacher, a sales consultant or a fitness instructor. For example, an elegant pencil dress, thanks to its conciseness and versatility, has become a real trend in recent years.

What Is A Pencil Dress

The dress was born in the postwar period and got its name because of the special cut of the style. In a classic version, it should nicely fit the figure, repeating the lines of the body and slightly tapered at the bottom. It is a one-piece piece with a shallow hollow-cut, knee-length, sleeveless. It is considered one of the variations of a full-length dress.

Restraint, brevity, clarity of silhouette – these are the main features of a pencil dress.

Despite the tight silhouette, it is suitable for any girl, as it makes the figure of its owner visually slimmer, adds growth to diminutive ladies, and hides the imperfections of lines and forms. A significant advantage of women’s pencil dress is that it can be worn at work, and a wedding, and for a walk – it is pertinent in any situation. Fortunately, today there is a great variety of beautiful models and styles.

Fashionable Options

The mass interest in this classic piece pushed the couturier to various experiments, resulting in the dress finding new forms and styles. Modern models are represented in various lengths, from seductive mini to romantic maxi to the floor. There are also original mermaid dresses with a puffed skirt, starting at the knee level.

The appearance of necklines has also changed – squared, rounded, V-shaped lines, stand-up and peaked collars have been added. You can find variations with original cutouts of abstract geometric shapes and many pointed corners.

The dress may have short or long sleeves, sleeves with cuffs and flounces, thin shoulder straps or a bare top. There have also changed the silhouette’s shape- models with a moderate fit, cut-off waistline, additional elements (pockets, buttons, zippers, pleats) and inserts. For the bolder girls, fashion designers have developed versions with deep cleavage and a beautiful neckline on the back.

Autumn and winter models of pencil dresses are also offered. They are distinguished by long sleeves, high stand-up collars and warm base material. Lovers of casual style can replenish the closet with a knitted or knitted pencil dress.

Thin knitted dress can expose all the flaws of the figure, while the models of heavy knitwear have a slight pulling effect.

Unusual Types Of Pencil Dresses

Famous designers (Alexander Wang, MSGM, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Versace, Michael Kors, Eggs) decided to go even further in their experiments. They presented the original styles of pencil dresses:

  • asymmetrical;
  • lace;
  • retro stylized;
  • short cocktail;
  • leather – made of artificial and genuine leather;
  • with a floral print;
  • with a basque;
  • a la carte style.

Particular attention should be paid to pencil dresses with a basque, as they have become an unquestionable trend from the very first moment of their appearance. The basque is a wide ruffle around the waistline. In addition to decorative functions, it has a practical detail: it hides the figure’s imperfections in the abdomen and adds volume to the narrow hips. The outfits of such cuts are recommended for taller girls, as they possess the ability to shorten the height visually. Appropriate as a business and evening image.

At the beginning of its appearance, the dress was monochrome and was made mainly in dark colours. Gradually transforming from a truly classic element of the closet into a universal thing, it began to be painted in bright colours and complemented by various prints. This season the following colour models are leading:

  • Black pencil dress. The immortal legacy of Coco Chanel should be in every girl’s closet. It is unique in that it is suitable for any figure, age and occasion. This dress has no bans and no special rules of wear.
  • Beige. Many things can complement such a model without the risk of appearing tasteless or ridiculous.
  • Red pencil dress. A bright, bold, seductive image created by such a model will be to the face of any lady but is appropriate not everywhere. It can be a solemn event, a party, a date, or a theatre. The same rules apply to the burgundy pencil dress, which is more an evening than an everyday variant.
  • Green. The image with such a dress should be formed based on the colour tones. Bright colours are more suitable for an evening out, and the muted shades are appropriate for the office dress code or casual style.
  • Pink pencil dress. It is the colour of innocence, modesty and youth. Excellent for young girls with a good figure. Mature women should give it up.
  • White pencil dress. Such a variation can afford only those ladies whose parameters are close to the ideal. In this case, the white model is out of age – looks equally effective on young people and women 40+. By the way, a white pencil dress with lace can be a great wedding dress.
  • Blue has also become a popular colour. Models of such colours are recommended to wear only on special occasions. In an everyday image, they are slightly inappropriate. Blue perfectly combines with black, do not forget this when selecting jewelry and accessories.

Pencil Dresses: Who’S Right For Them?

Narrow pencil dresses are ideal for owners of an hourglass figure. The Colouring, style, and texture of the fabric can be absolutely any. Long models are recommended for tall women, shortened – to petite. A short (to the knee) pencil dress will look presentable only to the owner of slender legs, so full ladies should experiment with a different length.

Small and fragile girls can add volume through lace, guipure, velvet, ruffles, pleats and superimposed elements. For example, a dress with patch pockets will help with narrow hips, and frills and flounces will distract attention from the small breasts.

Models with a pencil skirt – a great option for chubby women, as they visually balance the bottom part of the figure. Suppose such a dress is completed with a narrow belt, emphasizing the bust area. The form seems perfect. Fuller ladies should also pay attention to one-piece variants with the free fit – they visually stretch the figure and add to its slimness.

Bass and peplum (narrow decorative stripes with flounces located at the waist) will help to hide the tummy. Unicoloured gowns of pale colours are designed to draw attention away from obesity and puffy forms.

What Should You Wear With A Pencil Dress?

Choosing additional elements to the dress is worth considering the time of year, the environment where you are going, and the image you want to form. For example, if you decide to wear a knitted model to work, you can complement it with high-heeled pumps and a leather briefcase with a strap. Business style is more inherent monochrome, with restrained colours, without prints and excesses. The recommended length is knee-length. It is better to choose models with sleeves. If the top of your outfit is a little frank (thin shoulder straps, bare shoulders, cut “on one shoulder”), throw a blazer, a scarf or a light jacket over it.

A classic pencil dress should look noble in any environment, so you should wear it without tights. In extreme cases, stockings or almost invisible tights of nude-coloured are allowed.

Winter pencil dress of thick knitted fabric is allowed to combine with any tights, matching the colour scheme.

The lace model will be ideal for a prom or wedding reception. Try to choose white, pink or beige shades in the first case. In the second – burgundy, blue or green. A leather pencil dress complements booties or high-heeled shoes, a handbag with a long strap, a short jacket or a long cardigan.

An elegant set can be composed by adding to the dress sandals on a thin stiletto heel, and a light stole. The main rule – the shoes must be delicate. Otherwise, the image will be spoiled.

By changing only accessories and additional elements, you can create different images: from strict business to elegant evening. The pencil dress is no longer a true classic. Thanks tovariousf models and forms of performance, it has become a universal piece, able to decorate any style.

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