Pants For Large Women: Basic And Dressy Looks

Pants are an indisputably crucial component of a basic closet. Depending on a time of year, figure and lifestyle of a woman, her closet should have pants of certain styles and colours of suitable materials.

Plus Size Women: What Models Are Best?

Fullness transforms the figure in different ways. This is due to the structure and genetics of people. We are all very different! When they become full, some girls maintain a proportional relationship between the hips and the waist, while others do not. The right pants for plus size women should have these features.

Pants for women with a belly

To hide the extra volume in the waist area, the pants pattern for large women with a belly should mask this part of the body (alone or in conjunction with the top) and simultaneously demonstrate the narrow areas. You can use pants for this purpose:

  • with an high waist;
  • with folds in the front;
  • with short pants that open the ankle;
  • with a wide tight belt.

These recommendations are usually made by stylists.

With wide hips

In this case, fit models with skinny pants. It will be appropriate to use stretch fabrics, such as skinny jeans. In contrast, if you choose pants with straight or large pants, they will pass right through the line of the hips, will maintain the same volume throughout its length, and make the figure look very massive. Women with large hips can wear styles with a low waist, but the waistline should not pass through too large a part of the figure.

Pants suitable for girls with full legs

Full hips can be hidden under pants with a small allowance of soft fabrics or pants made of thick material. This emphasizes the narrowing of the leg at the knee and spreading downward. Long models will look stylish, covering the ankles and paired with high heels.

Lightweight summer pants

Summer models in flowing light fabrics will help to hide the flaws in almost any figure. Colours and prints need to be used carefully in this case. Remember that large prints and bright colours visually increase the figure in the girl.

Trendy Styles

Pants became a full-fledged part of women’s closet relatively recently. In the last century, famous actresses and fashion designers, including the greatest French couturier Yves Saint Laurent, waged a real war for the right of women to wear this element of men’s clothing. Ultimately, the girls won this fight. This not only asserted women’s rights, but also introduced a lot of different models of pants in military style, sports-chic and so on into the closet.


Pants made of cotton jersey or other stretch fabrics that are easy to wear every day. Pilots can be tight-fitting, like leggings, or loose cut. Lampasas are sometimes used as Tricot pants with an elastic band and a drawstring in the waistband are a favorite youth model.


The history of the style of wide silk pants with coloured prints dates back to the oriental harem. These models do not constrain movements and due to draperies give coolness even on the hottest day. From the urban models of sultans borrowed cross draperies and asymmetrical cuts of the front.


This style is characterized by a large volume at the top and skinny pants. Usually in the waist area the material is laid in wide pleats. Bananas have a classic or overstated fit. Low, by the way, is not usually seen on figures. Bananas look stylish with a medium-width leather belt and high-heeled boots.

There is no single recipe or rule about what to wear for large women. Each lady must choose for herself the most suitable models. An individual’s figure can be dramatically altered by the pants’ length, width, color, and texture. Knowing your complexion’s specifics will help you make the right decision. If you manage to correctly set accents in the image and emphasize the narrow parts of the body, this will create a general feeling of slimness.

Slimmed down

Tapered pants legs are suitable for girls with puffy hips and slender ankles. Can full girls wear skinny pants without compromising their appearance? Absolutely! Open thin leg sections will create the illusion of slender legs. Women with massive ankles should choose lengthened models and create images with heeled shoes for the office, evening or everyday life.


Models with a large width of trousers suit a girl with fantastic forms, for example, if she has thin legs for her body and can be able to emphasize her belt and the cut of the clothes. Look fantastic in in jeans with wide pants in a hippie style. Wide pants made of flowing fabrics help to create an elegant silhouette.

Short pants or shorts

Such models can look gorgeous on girls of large shapes with beautiful and healthy legs – calves and knees. Revealing the lower part of the body, we inevitably attract the attention of others, so the legs must be flawless. Women with full hips or lower thigh folds should not wear short shorts.

Shortened capri pants

Introducing capri pants into the closet requires the same attention to the legs as in the case of shorts. Pay attention to the proportions. The edge of the pant leg should cross the open part of the leg at the point of contraction. This model has some advantages when worn in the city or on vacation in the warm season, but is not suitable for the office or evening events.

Classic – length 7/8

A classic pair of pants in a masculine or business style just above the ankle is 7/8 in length. Such clothes can often be seen on famous French style icons: Caroline de Maigret, Emmanuelle Alt or Horace Doré. Contrary to popular belief, they do not make legs shorter. However, the open ankles and arrows on the pants visually stretch the figure. The style pairs well with sports shoes, ballet flats, masculine style boots, elegant shoes, or sandals with stiletto heels.

Ankle-length pants

A full, classic pant length looks good on a harmoniously built figure of any size. The psychology of perception is that the eye evaluates all objects in comparison with others. The figure of a woman is made up of ratios and proportions, not specific volumes. Classic pant length emphasizes the ideal areas of the body. It is better to choose pants made of a dense fabric that holds shape. Thin material in this case can be too revealing and show too much.

Original Colour Solutions

Some colours are classics and can be worn in almost any situation in life. Others belong to certain circumstances and cannot be used universally.


Snow-white pants are an integral part of the summer closet. They look gorgeous at sea resorts, holidays in warm countries and tourist walks in southern cities. This colour is rarely used in business style.


Scarlet carries an appeal, a provocation and a challenge. Such clothes will not be unnoticed. This is an option for parties or special outings. In addition, red clothes go well with casual style. The activity and challenge inherent in the shade itself brings these qualities to the whole image.


Pants of other colours, bright or pastel, can be incorporated into the closet, matching them to the situation and relying on the laws of colour interaction. You can create topical and fashionable images by pairing colored pants with basic and moderate shades clothes.


Pants in flower often have a wide cut and look like a skirt. An element of clothing in floral colours is an integral part of the summer closet. These models are undoubtedly beautiful on their own, but they do not always fit a large figure. In this case, selecting the right prints and color combinations is critical. Preference should be given to modern and stylish designs.

With print

In addition to floral, there are many other prints: geometric, natural, abstract, etc. Animalistic or animal patterns remain relevant. There are three types of color solutions: contrast, monochrome, and multicolor. Small elements are easier to adapt to the closet, large – more difficult.

What Material To Choose

The fabric used for sewing pants determines their external qualities and ability to hold their shape. Some materials are suitable only for casual looks, others can be used in office or evening outfits.


Tight knit pants are suitable for sewing pique pants. The pattern of wide trouser skirts is suitable for thin knitwear. The fabric can be made of natural or synthetic fibers. Choose the composition that suits your skin.


Silk or cotton chiffon is ideal for summer summer models. Synthetic chiffon is very electrifying, but it is uncomfortable to wear.


Jeans are one of the most popular models of pants. Variants of different silhouettes – tapered, pinched, straight, skinny – are worn by women of all ages. As part of the Parisian style, they are appropriate even for fashionable parties and evenings out. Jeans are a true classic and the basis of every closet.


Materials with a soft pile. A variety is corduroy – a cotton fabric with pile and longitudinal ribs. They sew pants in an urban style.


The fabric is suitable for sewing tight models of pants. Stretch fabric should be used with caution when sewing clothes of large sizes.


This material is ideal for summer breeches or wide-breasted culottes. It holds its shape and at the same time does not create discomfort in warm weather. The only disadvantage of linen fabrics, which should be taken into account when choosing a model, is that they crease a lot.

Leather pants

Leather – natural or artificial – is a material with a bright, aggressive character. It becomes part of the image of a woman who wears leather pants. The shine of the fabric visually emphasizes all the irregularities of the figure.

How To Choose A Model For Yourself

When choosing pants, it is important to consider:

  • The shape – the style emphasizes the advantages and hides the disadvantages;
  • combinations and combinations – pants should easily fit into your existing closet, so think in advance which of your things you can wear them with;
  • Value for money – soberly assess how often you will be wearing pants, and consider whether their cost corresponds to this quantity.

You can spend a reasonable amount of money on quality pants for a basic closet, and extravagant models will not break the bank.

With What To Wear

All styles of women’s pants for large women imply a combination with a top: a blouse, jacket, jacket, T-shirt, top, etc. The harmony of a image as a whole should be considered when choosing.

If the pants are voluminous, you should give preference to a close-fitting top. For narrow variants, it suits an oversized shirt or a wide sweater. Choose a simple monochrome top if the pants are made from a fabric that has a print, glitter, or ornamental sequins.

Classic or masculine cut pants paired with a loose jacket create an impeccable combination. A white T-shirt or cashmere sweater with a V-neck will also create a stylish pairing with almost any pants.

If a girl wants to look romantic, but does not want to dress in a dress, a suitable substitute will be chiffon options with floral prints.

Some Images

Models of pants for large women and images presented in the photo in the article, offer a variety of combinations. The ideas can be used as a starting point for thinking and imagination, which are necessary to develop a personal style. Fashion is fickle. Collections and trends change almost every week, but style is constant. You should take the time to educate yourself about your sense of taste.

When trying on clothes, critically assess your reflection in the mirror. Think about how you can change your clothes, for example, shorten or shorten pants to look your most attractive. Combine clothes from your closet in creative ways, trying unusual combinations for yourself.

Pants are an essential part of the closet of every woman with a bodacious figure. Today, many girls choose different models of such clothing, as it allows them to look stylish and attractive. To create a harmonious image, it is very helpful to choose the right style and learn how to combine pants with other clothes.

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