Pandora Bracelet: Features, Types, Reviews

The world-famous Pandora bracelet is distinguished by its exclusivity and sophistication. The elegant base is filled with lovely beads, depending on a woman’s mood and the event of her life. Each bead or charm is unique and made from the highest quality materials.

What It Is Pandora Bracelet

Pandora jewelry allows each member of the fair sex to be individual and unique. The finished product is a silver, gold or leather base on which new beads are gradually strung. Each charm bead is made of different materials, themes and colours. The following materials are used in the creation of unique items;

  • high quality ceramics;
  • precious metal;
  • pearls;
  • leather and textile laces;
  • Murano glass;
  • gems;
  • diamonds.

Interesting jewelry for a young girl

An Overview Of Fashion Jewelry’S History

Pandora is a woman who was created by the ancient Greek god Zeus. He gave her a box but forbade her to open it. Pandora disobeyed: she lifted the lid, and misfortune fell to the ground. Only hope remained at the bottom. The name of the legendary story was borrowed for the shop by Danish jeweller Per and his wife, Winnie Enewoldsen.

First, in 1982, jewellers opened a store called “Pandora’s Casket,” which sold jewelry from Thailand. Gradually the demand for the bracelets increased. The creators decided to move the production from Denmark to Thailand to open Pandora’s store for mass production of the jewelry. It was easy to present the idea there. The demand was unprecedented, so the family hired a jeweller with whom they developed their interesting design. Thus, the story of opening one store shows how to make a quality product with unprecedented demand.

Already in 2005, production increased so much that it was moved to a 5-story building in Bangkok. Today the brand is sold in 65 countries and does not give up its position.


The charms are hand-crafted in 20 stages, and the company’s jewellers are true professionals. The meaning of each piece of jewelry carries a different meaning. The interpretation of each symbol comes down to us from ancient times. Natural materials and original design will not leave anyone indifferent. The brand has its peculiarities:

  • Each charm is hand-finished, which makes the jewelry truly unique;
  • The brand has many interesting themes, where every girl will find an option to her liking;
  • The uniqueness of the company is that everyone can become a designer and create their original image;
  • not only bracelets but also rings, pendants and earrings are produced;
  • The base does not wear out for long because textile and leather products protect against pre-washing.

It is enough to buy one silver, gold or leather bracelet as a base, and the beads can be changed endlessly.

A winter version of sparkling jewelry

Brand Advantages

Women worldwide acquire charms to commemorate a wedding, child birth, a good trip, or a happy meeting. Beads can be collected for years according to their taste and then left to children and grandchildren as a family heirloom. The company has many interesting perks.

  • Quality. Each product undergoes special treatment, has additional wear protection, and the quality of each collection is superb. In some models, precious stones are used;
  • individuality. The brand makes from 600 pendants, which gives every woman a chance to find her unique charm;
  • originality. Registration on the official site will allow you to keep abreast of all new products and promotions. You can assess the corporate style of each product today even on your phone thanks to the handy mobile app;
  • stores are located all over the world.

A cute, interesting bracelet is perfect for a gift that will be remembered for a long time.

Types And Models

All bracelets have parts: base, clips, charms, chain, and clasp.


The lock and other components of the bracelet are very strong. They never tear and do not cling to anything. Accessories will not open, break, or stretch because the materials are of superior quality, and careful handling will last a very long time.

The original can easily be found at affordable prices in silver. You can also buy a leather or textile version or an exquisite gold one. If the price is high, you can wait for discounts or promotions, which are held very often.


The protective chains serve as a secure hold for the bracelet’s components. The beads will not fall off or get lost if you accidentally open the product. The chains are made of different materials and lengths and look spectacular on the hand.

Divider Rings

Small, narrow parts for separating the bracelet are called separator rings. Such elements allow you to create a harmonious image and not break it when you use it. The dividers shade, emphasize the larger parts, and fill the space on the base of the usual charm do not cover it completely.

This is what the divider looks like


Special products for securely fastening and securing all elements. The stoppers snap onto the two thickenings of the bracelet and divide it into three parts. The accessory is properly filled evenly, thanks to the stoppers. Leather products have special silicone stoppers for a successful division.


Elements are small items with different drawings and ornaments. They can be made in different shapes and colours. Such details can be easily replaced or added according to personal taste. Charms for bracelets “Pandora” are made with or without carving. They are made of silver and gold combined. Stones are inserted and covered with resistant enamel. The assortment of Murano beads is just incredible. A fashionable and unique pattern on a small bead will look great on any hand.

Pendant Charms

Charms amaze the imagination with their variety. They are easy to wear and can be decorated with natural, precious stones and Murano glass.


Antique Italian technology of glass making is known all over the world. It is in the manufacture of Pandora bracelets that the unique Murano glass is used. Thanks to it, you can choose a thematic accessory in one colour palette. Each fashionista will find an interesting solution for herself.

The popularity of cut glass for decoration is increasing. Each piece has about 70 facets, which mesmerize with their shimmering light. No woman can resist such a masculine gift.

On the photo: Pandora charms

What Are They Made Of

All accessories are made of silver, gold, rose gold, leather and textiles. Silver jewelry has become very popular over the decades. The basis of silver metal, after special treatment, does not spoil, does not blacken, lasts for many years, and is affordable to many people.

Metal alloys are actively used. Copper, for greater strength, titanium, and other elements are added to silver. Sterling silver is made with copper, titanium, and platinum.


A wide selection of colours is available in Murano Beads Series. Here everyone will be able to find their style, an unsurpassed palette of colours. The photo of “Pandora” bracelets will help to determine the variety of shades and shapes.

The wide colour range of leather products attracts attention. Textile-coloured bracelets are perfect for young girls, for bold individuals. Red, blue, green, yellow – any shade for every personality.

Bracelet with Murano Glass Beads


Measure the wrist width at its widest part, and add a few centimetres to the obtained value. For a tight fit to the body, add 2 cm to the length of the wrist, and for free movement – 3 cm.
Pandora bracelets vary in size according to age and build. A child’s bracelet, respectively, will be smaller than a woman’s. Many online stores provide a sizing grid so customers can choose the right option.

How To Choose And Wear

When buying a bracelet, you should first choose a base and add some clips and stoppers. A unique bracelet cannot be assembled without charms, so the next step is to choose beads. A combination of different elements will look successful. Protection by a reliable chain will be the final step.

The new bracelet will be stiff, hard, and hard to fasten, but it will be softer. When selecting beads, you should pay attention to the product series. For example, the Essence Series Bracelet Pandora (made of threads) is different, as are the charms.

How To Open And Close

A classic bracelet consists of three main parts. You can create a popular bracelet by two methods.

  • The first method is called the “alphabet. With it, the base is divided into three equal parts by the branded clips. First, bead A is used, which most often remains at the extreme, to the left of the clasp. Then the smaller beads B are selected, which need not be identical but have the same shape and parameters. According to the same pattern, the following elements – C, D, D – are selected according to the principle of the alphabet. Clip locks conveniently bound all sections;
  • The second way is to assemble the piece from the center. Pandora’s bracelet is created this way easily. The base is also divided into three parts. Then a single large bead is chosen, from which all subsequent elements can be assembled. The main part is placed in front of the branded lock. Then the bracelet is lined up with two pieces on each side from the center to the lock. It is important to observe symmetry from paired beads of the same size, material, and shape.

When assembling a piece of jewelry, do not overload it with unnecessary details. Everything must be in moderation. On average, six to seven beads should be placed in one piece.

It is important to know how to open a Pandora bracelet. The lock is hard to undo without special devices. To open it properly, it is necessary to buy a key so as not to spoil your manicure and not break the clasp. It is successfully disguised as a bead, but there is a small slit in it. The key is placed in the slot and opens the product without problems. In the absence of a key, some women use the edge of a plastic card or a paper clip.

How To Spot Fakes

Due to the enormous popularity of the Pandora brand, there are a huge number of fakes in the world. Every year it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish a copy. In order not to buy a cheap fake for the price of the original, you need to take into account the following nuances:

  • Marking, assay. For silver, s925 ale is used; for gold, g585 ale is used; and for rose gold, ale r is used. Such letters in the original version are present on every element of the branded product. You will need a magnifying glass to see the markings clearly;
  • lettering. The brand mark must be clear and correct. Above the letter o there is a crown;
  • Stiffness. A new bracelet will be slightly stiffer than an old or fake one. The quality of the weave is not as reliable as a brand-name product;
  • leather products today have not yet learned how to counterfeit well. Most likely, the reason is less popular;
  • The company never uses spray technology, so if the seller claims such a product, it is only a copy.

Fake “Pandora” can often be found in today’s market, so you should not buy the accessory in dubious stores from suspicious sellers. You should always read the reviews on the site carefully. The analogue of “Pandora” is much cheaper, but it does not have the zest, the charm representing the brand for many years.

Fake Jewelry

How To Clean And Care

Expensive jewelry must be properly worn and cleaned. An original accessory requires special care:

  • It is necessary to take the product off before going to bed, before training, showering or swimming;
  • Do not wet leather or textiles. If accidentally wet, allow the accessory to dry quickly;
  • Avoid getting perfume, other cosmetics or detergents on the bracelet;
  • If there have been violations of the rules of operation, and the accessory is darkened, it is recommended to rub it gently with a suede cloth, flannel, or branded napkin.

Cautions will keep products from unwanted scratches and abrasives.

Can You Reduce The Size Of the Bracelet

If the product turns out to be too big or, conversely, small, you can resize it. For everyday wear, the piece should be comfortable and a little loose. Reducing is necessary when the bracelet is too loose when it can fly off the hand.

The size is perfect if the lucky wearer can easily clasp the accessory on her wrist. Otherwise, the jewelry salon or workshop will offer their services to resize the piece.

All models can be shortened except for the Bungle series. In that case, you can only sell a large piece of jewelry. It is also important to go to a professional of their craft to not spoil the expensive base. Jewellers also shorten leather items by cutting the base and properly treating the material.

Beautiful Models

Today, the world-famous firm presents various series of jewelry. Rings, earrings, and watches are very attractive, but bracelets remain at the peak of popularity. Each member of the fair sex will make a perfect image for herself thanks to modern design solutions.

  • “Pandora rose.” The series is presented in delicate pink shades, emphasizing the feminine, refined nature. The new collection will add elegance to the image;
  • “Pandora Disney. The iconic Mickey Mouse image is provided in the “Disney” series. Sparkling beads in small polka dots will appeal to very young individuals and help express the individuality of any brave woman;
  • “Pandora essence. The laconic collection embodies the dream of any woman and represents quality and true sophistication;
  • “Pandora shine.” With this bracelet, every fashionista will shine in any company. Beautiful, noble gold combined with natural stones, interesting pendants and charms fascinate the eye.

The meaning of Pandora bracelets depends on the shape of the beads. Buyers choose family themes, hobbies, symbols, religion, flora and fauna, and transportation. Travelling worldwide, they often buy a bead to commemorate an iconic place or event. Any unforgettable moments will remain in your memory together with your favourite accessory.

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