Pale Skin Foundation

Choosing a foundation for fair skin – it’s a serious task and even more difficult if a woman has a porcelain complexion. After all, you need to make sure that the cream would not create spots on the face, would not look like a mask, and did not give the yellowing, as if you used an inappropriate artificial tan, but at the same time – perfectly matched the shade of the neck, for ladies with pale skin tones suit foundation with neutral, pink or gray undertones, which are great for hiding the defects or transparent creams with a refreshing tone.

Applying foundation is the first and very important moment in creating the image. Even then, makeup artists can show their imagination and give the makeup an evening look, or it will be daytime, quite natural shades. If you choose the cream seriously, it can help solve many problems.

Toning products:

  • Smooth out imperfections and cope with skin imperfections;
  • Apply on visible redness to even out skin tone;
  • They camouflage the signs of aging and dark spots;
  • They contain SPF and thus provide ultra-violet protection;
  • They protect against harmful environmental influences and help to maintain a cosmetic function;
  • help hide wrinkles that look uneven on the face;
  • have a moisturizing effect, thus reducing the possibility of skin flaking.

Thanks to all this, the face looks healthy and then it is easier to apply cosmetics.

From a wide range of light colors for owners of pale skin is essential to choose the right shade of foundation.

Versions of existing foundation names for pale skin:

  • Ivory – has yellow undertones
  • Vanilla – has a pink undertone
  • Porcelain – neutral
  • Beige – cool light
  • Nude – light beige tone.
  • Sand – recommended for dark beige skin

How To Choose The Right Shade

To find the right shade which will be perfect for you, apply a small amount of the trial cream to your cheekbone, smooth it down to your chin and then use another shade or two nearby to find the perfect match. You should only assess the result in natural daylight, after a minute or two, as the products adjust to the skin.

The foundation that is the closest in color to your face and neck is worth paying attention to. Products that blend in with your skin are the perfect shade.

Foundation According To Skin Type

The right shade is not all there is to know about choosing a product, it matters what type of skin we take the product for, and if you choose correctly, you can keep healthy skin longer, the effect of the application is better, and the tone lasts longer.

  • Dry skin is moisturized using cream in the form of a liquid base of creamy consistency, containing nourishing ingredients that give a glowing face.
  • For oily skin, it is necessary to use a powder or cream so that the effect is matte. A mineral base will do fine. It removes excessive shine and absorbs moisture.
  • You must combine different creams but avoid oil-rich foundations and moisturizers if you have combination skin.
  • Sensitive skin prone to acne or rashes does not irritate the creams that contain: alcohol, talc, fragrance, and oil.
  • Those with problem skin and acne scars should use a product that provides tone and smoothing. The point of these products is several layers applied at the same time. Watery foundations with brightening components should be excluded, and instead, use a straight pigment with a dense, creamy texture.
  • Products for mature skin should preferably be purchased with anti-aging and lifting indications.

If you use a foundation with shimmer, you can achieve a gloss with a moisturizing effect, which is currently a trend.

Variety Of Textures

In addition to the classic version in the form of a cream, there are now several other types of foundations that are used in the beauty industry.

  • Toner Mousse – has a delicate texture, creates a velvety finish and masks minor imperfections well.
  • Pendant, a Korean novelty, is a powder puff with a sponge, a saturated foundation and one dry sponge to apply the foundation. The coverage, in this case, turns out very natural and even. And above all, it is very convenient.
  • Tone spray – a very convenient way of application. The face is covered with a thin layer and evenly distributed on the skin.
  • Cream gel – is water-based, does not clog pores, moisturizes the face, and removes puffiness, which is a great advantage.
  • The cream powder creates a perfect matte effect.

A few more words about the cost of products and brand affiliation. The high price does not always guarantee excellent product quality; sometimes, an unknown brand can bring you a lot of positive emotions. A serious approach to the choice, reading the composition and working with samples of their sensations, will save you the trouble of making a rash purchase.

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