Palazzo Pants: Hello From The 1920S

Palazzo pants, popular last century, have been brought back into fashion by renowned designers. Rumour has it that Coco Chanel invented them because they are in her style: a universal, simple closet item which can be fitted into any image and transformed to your liking with accessories.

What Are Palazzo Pants

Nowadays, many fashionable people have forgotten or are unaware of what palazzo pants are. However, now this closet item is back in trend. Therefore, it is important to know what these pants are.

Palazzo pants feature very wide pants, the placket starting right from the hip, and the bottom edge almost covers the foot to the heel. The waist can be high or low, but it always has a distinct crease.

They look both old-fashioned and interesting.

Palazzo Pants: What They’re All About

Palazzos are characterized by the fact that they make any legs seem longer, no matter how short. In summer, they are as cozy as in a skirt (legs do not overheat).

Palazzo variations abound. There are:

  • With a high waist – fasten above the navel and visually elongate the legs;
  • With a medium fit – buttoned up just below the belly button, look neutral;
  • with a low waist – are held practically on the hips.

Each girl can find the model that suits her: pants come in various colours, prints, and fabrics.

Who Are They For

Because palazzos visually elongate and enlarge the lower body, there are several figure features with which they pair well:

  • Narrow hips with broad shoulders. Palazzos can be a real salvation for a female inverted triangle figure, as they emphasize the hips and draw attention away from the shoulders.
  • Short legs. This unpleasantness often happens to girls, and the desire to hide the flaw is natural. Palazzo pants are perfect for this purpose.
  • Fullness. Flowing pants will hide the massive legs. In addition, they are easy to sew. If you can’t find the right size in a mass market, you can always find a pattern and use it.

Also, look gorgeous on short girls, especially if you wear them with heels. Visually, they add to the height.

Palazzo Pants Models

Palazzo models are numerous. They can vary depending on the time of year, fabric and pattern. Let’s break down the most popular of them.


This option is usually made of light, flowing fabric in light colours. It reflects the sun’s rays and provides airflow to the legs. Pants are perfect for girls who are self-conscious about their bodies in hot climates.

Fashionistas wearing summer pants can create a stylish vacation look. It is important to complement the pants with a wide-brimmed hat, large sunglasses and a striped sleeveless blouse.


These palazzos were invented later than the summer ones. They are made of warm fabrics and are suitable for a mild winter. They allow you to create a bright summer image, despite the surrounding snow and cold. And with a short jacket and a funny hat, they look frivolous and funny.

With print

Palazzos with prints are not less common than monochrome. Usually, the print depicts a geometric pattern, flowers, animals and birds. It is usually large and bright. To wear such pants and not seem motley, you must strictly adhere to the basic principle of compatibility: the brighter and more noticeable the print on one part of clothes, the less it should be on the other.

The ideal combination is a motley palazzo with a print and a monochrome blouse (you can even do it in black).

Popular Colours

Different colours make different impressions – everyone knows that. That’s why it’s very important what colour pants flow down your legs.


You can move anywhere from this classic. The colour itself may seem boring and even gloomy. However, if you complement it with contrasting white, add bright accessories or even bright drawings, the result can be very interesting.

It is the versatility that is the main advantage of black.


The story with gray is the same as with black – it is a universal colour, based on which you can do anything. On its own, it is boring and unremarkable. However, it is worth combining with other colours to reveal its beauty. To the gray pants, you can add a bright blouse with long wide sleeves and jewelry: earrings, bracelet, necklace.

An image with a gray base is difficult to overwhelm. And that is its main advantage.


Sunny, bright, and great for palazzo pants, especially for summer pants. It attracts attention and makes the image shine. In addition, yellow has different shades. There is a suitable one for every colour type.


It gets dirty easily, but that’s its only drawback. Otherwise, the colour is clean, white easily adjusts to other shades and tolerates many accessories. It is not as hot in summer as in darker shades.

How To Choose

To choose palazzo pants, you need to keep two things in mind: your figure and your colour type.

The first one is easy:

  • A “pear” girl – shoulders narrower than hips, a massive lower part – should refuse pants of this style completely, as they will only increase the dissonance and disharmony of the figure.
  • “Apple” – a protruding belly even when thin. Such a person should choose pants with a low sling and a top with – a tight chest.
  • “Inverted triangle” – broad shoulders, narrow hips. A lady can afford palazzos with any fit and look, as they will look good on her.
  • “Rectangle” – the absence of a pronounced waist. A girl should add a belt to her pants to emphasize her waist and the difference with her hips.

“Hourglass” can wear anything (any pants, no matter if someone had the idea to flatten them or not) and look stunning.

It’s more complicated with the colour type:

  • “Summer” can afford any cool light colours that look like they’ve been sprinkled with ashes. It can be gray, blue with gray, green with gray – light, faded, delicate.
  • “Winter,” on the contrary, should choose palazzos of cold catchy colours and necessarily bring contrast into the image. It can be bright blue, bright purple, purple, or shades of green.
  • “Spring” can afford faded, warm colours. Green with a slant to yellow, warm gray, delicate peach, pretty pink, sandy and other similar colours.
  • “Autumn” should give preference to palazzos of bright warm colours. Girls with this colour type are best suited for the classic combination of the bright red palazzo with a light blouse.

Even if you can’t determine your colour type, it’s enough to guess which colours look good on you (warm or cool).

In addition to compatibility, you must also consider quality. Palazzos should be made of good fabric, without threads bulging on the seams, without scuffs, and with factory tags. Fortunately, it is easy enough to take them not only from a store but also from your hands and even sew them yourself if necessary.

What To Wear With

You should know what dress pants to wear to create a truly beautiful image. After all, the wrong thing can ruin everything.


There are no strict requirements here. The top can be almost anything. It is only important to remember the requirements of the figure. Often palazzos are worn:

  • Tight-fitting top. It contrasts the flared bottom and emphasizes the waist and shoulder lines. Sleeveless models look best, but with sleeves, you can also find something beautiful. Interestingly, this solution is recommended for full girls – you should not be ashamed of your weight, and partially tight clothing can well emphasize the advantages.
  • Loose top. Full girls, on the contrary, are not advised. But everyone else can wear light blouses with airy sleeves, turtlenecks with a low collar, and even fluffy sweaters or t-shirts with funny prints.

You can also wear simple tops and tank tops that leave the belly and shoulders open. If you have a good figure, you can wear them even at an advanced age.


There are different options:

  • On a platform. The most traditional to wear is a palazzo. The height of the platform can be different. It all depends on taste. The main thing is to have only a couple of centimetres peeking out from under the edge of the pants, no more.
  • In stiletto heels. A more daring and sexy option. It looks interesting, but you must choose the image carefully to make it all fit together.
  • Without heels. An option for girls with sore feet and those who prefer comfort to beauty. It can be sandals, ballet flats or even sneakers. Most importantly, they match the colour of the pants and look out from under them at least a little bit.

Even with winter palazzos, massive boots should not be worn. The more graceful the foot looks, the better the whole image looks.


Here you can let your imagination run wild. Designers are advised to choose the following details:

  • Large sunglasses. It is best if they cover half of the face and will be an interesting colour (instead of the standard black and brown). Good looks, massive plastic frames, shape “cat’s eyes,” and even rhinestones, if in moderation.
  • A wide-brimmed hat. The easiest variant is a straw hat, which can also be made of fabric. The main thing is to match the colour of the pants. It goes well with glasses.
  • Scarf. In summer – a lightweight, translucent, flowing fabric. In winter – warm to cover the throat. Preferably it should be short and not too bright. Otherwise, it will be an overloaded image.
  • Bag. It can be a very light bag on a thin strap or a small city backpack. Large bags and massive backpacks are unsuitable for pants, as they overload the image.
  • Jewelry. It can be earrings, beads, necklaces, bracelets – anything you can think of. They should match the style of the image, plus they should not be too much. That’s where the requirements come to an end.

You can incorporate an accessory into any look if you put enough effort into it. Unless, of course, it belongs to the diametrically opposite style.

Spectacular Images

A few simple looks are sure to look good with pants.

Creating a classic look

It’s easy to see what to wear palazzo pants with: photos on the Internet are found in huge quantities. But you may as well figure it out on your own. For example, a classic image requires combining the following things:

  • The one-colour high-waisted palazzo pants were worn in the 1920s. All other modifications were invented later;
  • Shoes with a high platform – so high that it was uncomfortable to walk on it;
  • lightweight women’s sleeveless jacket with a tight silhouette, leaving the shoulders open.

This is already enough to start looking old-fashioned and original. To make the image look organic, add a bouffant hairstyle, a pendant or necklace around the neck and a light, simple purse on the side.

Business Style

This direction requires the following:

  • Palazzo pants are black or dark gray, with a high or medium fit;
  • white office blouse with long sleeves, no extra embellishments, strict;
  • Black shoes with a low heel – also strict, looking official.

You can dilute the monochrome look by adding a discreet bracelet, a pair of stud earrings or a watch on a thin strap.

Bold Style

This is a good look to get out of the house for a party. For example, this:

  • Bright palazzos – scarlet or floral prints;
  • A light sleeveless shirt or even a tank top – you can have white or striped with black;
  • High platform shoes – black or the same light shade as the sleeveless jacket;
  • bright makeup – necessarily appropriate to your facial features;
  • jewelry – massive earrings or beads of metallic or bright colours.

The bag can complement the resulting image. Nevertheless, it will not affect perception in any way.

A Delicate Image

It’s best to go on a date. It looks like this:

  • Palazzo light shades – white, gentle tones of yellow, pink, blue, and green;
  • A light blouse with wide sleeves that look like wings – it is good if it will have lace or translucent elements, plus the colour must be light;
  • Sandals – lightweight, with a heel or flat sole.

It is allowed to wear a light-coloured hat or beret on your head. You can instead take a small bag or wear beads of unusual shapes. Any accessories belonging to the romantic style are suitable.

Warmed Version

This solution implies:

  • Pants-palazzo of warm fabric;
  • Low shoes with a platform or heel (necessarily a graceful shape);
  • A shortened jacket that reaches only to the upper thigh or even ends at the waist;
  • cap or beret;
  • warm scarf;
  • gloves.

It looks fun, plus it allows you to emphasize the advantages of the figure, even in winter.

Where And When To Wear Them

Palazzo pants are a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn literally everywhere:

  • to work, if you wear a strict office blouse and not too high heels;
  • for a walk, if you wear something comfortable and bring a hat;
  • for a date, if you wear a light, romantic blouse with wide sleeves;
  • to friends for a get-together – here, you can combine pants with anything;
  • on vacation – a classic combination of pants, glasses and a hat would be perfect;
  • to a party if you do bold makeup and wear high heels.

Unless you’re hiking with tents, the tents won’t fit – it’s too easy to get caught up in the bush. Otherwise, they’ll look good in any situation.

Stylist Tips

When it comes to this closet item, stylists agree on many things:

  • Pants-palazzo for the fat is ideal because it hides the volume of the legs and, at the same time, advantageously emphasizes the waist and hips;
  • For thin girls, pants are also good, especially if you combine them with a loose top;
  • These pants will be a salvation for short girls because if you combine them with heels, they visually increase both the height and the length of the legs.

If you follow the advice of professionals, you can look great in any situation.

Palazzos are made of different fabrics and have different fits and widths of pants. This is why they are so versatile and can be worn by women of any figure. The main thing is to harmoniously combine colours with each other and with the colour type of the hostess.

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