Oversize Dresses: How Extra Volume Creates Elegant Chic

A unique loose cut characterizes the clothes of the oversize format. Strong oversize clothing elements incredibly effectively demonstrate the main trends: deliberate carelessness, absolute comfort, and an amazingly feminine image supplemented by a certain desire always to be free. The oversize dress is a combination of tenderness, lightness and femininity.

Oversized Closet: Key Features

To effectively wear dresses in the style of oversize, it is important to thoroughly understand how they should look ideally, how to combine a particular style with other details in the image, and many other nuances. Ideally, the look should turn out relaxed, informal, and frivolous but always very stylish and thoughtful.

Style connoisseurs depart from generally accepted standards and canons in terms of size conformity and strict adherence to the rules of silhouette harmony. The best elements of the grunge trend are revealed within oversize. Both men’s and women’s closet has a place for at least one item of clothing, “one size larger.”

Fuzzy Silhouette: Feature Characteristics

As for women’s outfits, the key feature of any model of oversize dresses is the visual blurring of the figure’s contours. There is no place for fitted elements or a straight cut. The dress should really “hang” but not create the impression of an oversize hoodie, the type of which is impossible to identify in principle.

Oversize dresses for full ladies will also become a real fashion statement. However, you need to keep in mind your puffy forms and choose the silhouette and style, taking into account the peculiarities of your figure. In no case you should not buy a dress of a format oversize in a smaller size. The silhouette will be “crumpled” and the image will turn out ridiculous.

It will be much easier for girls and women of average build but with certain figure features. Almost all styles will be able to hide this or that flaw, and the silhouette will make it softer and more feminine. The main thing, again, is to remember your features and competently select the model by colour, style and length.

Modern Oversize Dresses: Lightness And Freedom

Despite some bagginess, even a warm oversize dress will demonstrate the figure’s advantages, not to mention outfits of delicate fabrics. Here are just a few examples of how oversize allows you to play with the silhouette and with a special chic to present the advantages of the figure:

  • A short loose dress in a neutral colour (for example, gray or beige) will emphasize slender legs. A dress that extends from the chest line, with a fairly slim line of shoulders, can also cover a bit wide hips or a little protruding tummy to accentuate the long legs;
  • Long free models are ideal for girls of tall and thin build. Even a black dress, which is usually slim, with the right style and texture of the outfit, will give the silhouette the necessary “roundness” and puffiness;
  • Midi-length oversize dresses are the most popular option. Femininity and modesty are the main features of the prevailing majority of outfits. Excellent are monochrome models with a delightful texture, which will create a soft and sophisticated image.

The simplicity of the silhouette and not overloading the model with auxiliary decorations are important conditions which guarantee that the outfit will look expensive, stylish and appropriate. Moreover, laconic oversize will look organically at any time of the year.

Ideas For Any Season

Designers love to fantasize and experiment with clothes in oversize styles. It’s not even about styles, fabrics or silhouette details. Dresses can also be classified by season.

Knitted bows for a cozy winter

Winter oversize is distinguished by its unique charm. Warm dresses exude coziness, tenderness, femininity and unconcealed romanticism. Warm models with an expressive embossed pattern with a neutral colour base look good. Even a simple loose, knitted oversize dress in a well-thought-out winter look will look incredibly stylish and sophisticated.

Summer temptation

Evening over-size dresses for the summer season are the perfect option to make your gala outing especially memorable. Sometimes even the same dress can be properly beaten with details and presented differently.

For example, a simple monochrome maxi-length dress can complement a stylish neckpiece, and subtle bright sandals – a delicate image for a date is ready. Replace the feminine shoes with simple sneakers. Instead of a pendant, using an original headpiece or a massive bracelet as a critical accessory, you get a rather daring, memorable everyday look.

Sweater dress: coziness and tenderness

Many like all sorts of spacious shirts and blouses for their femininity and undisguised sexuality, but for the winter time is better to look for a stylish and original sweater dress, which perfectly replaces their lighter counterparts. In this case, the colour and length of the dress play an important role.

Mini and midi models are recommended to combine with elegant high-heeled shoes. The idea is the suede jackboots with a massive lavishly decorated heel. For longer versions, it is better to find booties on a platform.

In any case do not complement the main bulk item with other accessories in the style of oversize. For example, a bag in this case will be superfluous, but a clutch envelope of medium size will look much more appropriate.

T-shirt-dress: absolute comfort

Long wide t-shirts can easily perform the role of a practical casual dress. The main conditions – are a good fabric, the right shape, harmonious colour and discreet texture.

Some girls make the strategic mistake of combining oversize t-shirt dresses with pencil skirts. Such a combination makes the silhouette too bulky, making the figure disproportionate. The same rule applies to sweater dresses.

Shirt-dress: menswear with feminine charisma

More than one generation of famous designers has transformed the discreet boyfriend shirt. Today the popular style of oversize dictates its special trends. Sometimes the styles of shirts are so modified that only two details remain recognizable – the collar and traditional button fasteners.

The colours, fabrics, textures, various decorative elements, and dress length can be very different in this case. Fans of oversize should replenish their fashion closet with a shirt dress with a “flushed” silhouette. Especially stylish look stylish outfits with asymmetric cuts – this is a definite trend in 2022.

In the new season, designers are particularly keen on oversize outfits. The most common option – dress in an oversize simple cut and design with a “boat neckline.” The average length, universal cut and neutral colour palette allows girls and women of all parameters and age categories to have such a dress.

Large pockets can complement the rich gray and nude colour of light dresses. Designers recommend picking up shoes on a stable platform with a small heel for such a dress. The shoes and accessories should be of the same pastel neutral shade.

Most Fashionable Materials For Dresses

As already mentioned, the style and effectiveness of the oversize dress largely depend on the texture of the fabric itself. The most fashionable materials of the new season have become:

  • Wool is ideal for winter and the cold off-season. This fabric is often used to sew suits, vests, skirts and coats. But the top of style and elegance is a voluminous dress in the rich colour of high-quality thick wool. This outfit will certainly become a decoration of the winter closet;
  • Denim is a practical and versatile material. Denim and fabrics imitating “denim” are popular options for creating youth and casual outfits. For over-size dresses, such material is not used very widely, but some outfits deserve to be admired;
  • Corduroy is a mega-popular fabric that leads all trends for the 2022 – 2022 season. Dresses with complex cuts of oversize formats are a real temptation for shoppers who prefer to shine in any situation;
  • Suede and leather are particularly respectable and elegantly chic. Leather dresses of all kinds can be in many different styles and types. They have been at the peak of popularity for more than one season. Now it is the turn of over-size dresses to become especially popular.

For summer dresses, designers use lightweight natural fabrics – linen and cotton. For romantic looks, suit satin.

Valuable Tips For Choosing An Oversize Dress

The dress should seem larger by 1-2 sizes, but not by 3 – 4. To visually stretch the figure and make it slimmer, choosing models with a V-shaped neckline is better.

Thin girls will suit a spacious dress with an A-like silhouette. To make a figure more chiselled and slender, you should consider a slightly narrowed model to the bottom.

If you have just begun experimenting with oversize, starting your acquaintance with this style is better by choosing a dress in black or gray. Also quite universal is the beige palette.

How To Wear Fashionable Oversize Dress

A certain bagginess of the dress requires that the other attributes of the fashion look should be refined and restrained, both in size and shape. An oversized dress fits slightly rough, flat-soled shoes to create a stylish image.

To create a more positive image or to give a look a little more sexy gloss, to dress pick-up shoes with a massive heel. For midi and maxi, shoes are suitable. For mini dresses – booties without extra decorations.

As for jewelry, the best look would be pendants, small but long beads, and a necklace cocker. Composing an image based on an oversize dress is important to combine all the details competently. It should turn out restrained but simultaneously daring and provocatively free.

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