Out Of Fashion Jackets And Down Jackets

The list of the most anti-trend jackets and down jackets in 2021 and 2022 is updated almost daily because fashion is a changeable and cyclical concept.

Sometimes it’s hard to predict whether a thing in a week will enjoy the same popularity as at present. Let’s check the range of down jackets and jackets of the last couple of years, which fashion trends dictate to leave on the far shelf of the closet until better times.

Tasteless jackets

Outerwear is a critical element of any image because it makes it complete. In 2021, many current trends drastically changed. We suggest you get acquainted with the models that would not be recommended to wear by leading experts.

The fashionable world of jackets left the following products:

With fur trim

Fur trim on the hood or collar of a jacket will not make your look more luxurious. Unfortunately, the opposite is more likely: a rare fur trim is unlikely to look rich, and it may even fall off over time.

In addition, especially pretentious look leather jackets with fur trim.


The caterpillar jacket obviously will not make your figure visually slimmer due to the cross ties. In addition, your hips will seem wider and your shoulders more massive.


The jacket dress is probably one of the ridiculous combinations of different types of clothing. It is much more harmonious and elegant to look at a dress worn under a sleek coat or coat.

With elastic waistband

Such jackets are more likely to create a “back to childhood” image rather than allow you to look solid. If you want to emphasize the waist, it is better to prefer coats with fitted cuts or models with tied belts.

“Pluck out your eye.”

Overly bright, acidic colors, sequin fittings, patches, etc. – all this is better to leave in the distant past because, in 2021, the preference began to be given to models in calm tones. And it would not be easy to pick up other closet elements to such provocative products.

Unfashionable down jackets

As for down jackets, the most anti-trend ones were:

Above the knee

The impracticality of short down jackets still won in 2021, so the fashion people highly discouraged them from purchasing.

Puffer dress

Just as in the case of jackets, nothing good came out of the symbiosis of dresses with down jackets. Since 2021, wearing these two things separately has become fashionable, despite their earlier popularity. In addition, the only differences from the jacket dress are the volume and the insulating lining.

Unpopular models in 2022

What can we say about models that will not be at the peak of popularity in 2022?

Down jackets will spoil your image with a glossy surface – they look cheap and visually full. Much more spectacular will give latex or leather, which can be advantageously combined with many other closet items.

In addition, we say definite “no” to accessories such as beads, inappropriate embroidery, or large buttons on down jackets.

The embroidery will look favorable on denim or leather, but in our case, it is unlikely to make a good impression.

Leave behind fitted down jackets and elastic waistbands – you’re unlikely ever to want to “walk” these things again.

Each year’s trends are fickle: more and more often, what was fashionable a couple of decades ago is produced and bought up with a frenzy nowadays. Recently, convenience and comfort have become fashionable, and models with bright dazzling decorations and the desire to stand out are far from the past. That is why, as the novelties show, in 2022, the anti-trend models will remain, for the most part, the same as in 2021.

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