Asian Makeup: The Secrets Of The Fine Art

The beauty of Asian women has always fascinated me. Many European women wanted to know what the secret of their beauty was. The secret lies in the beauty of nature and makeup, which can emphasize it. The makeup of Asian women will not suit everyone, but you can take its nuances principles and experiment.

Basic Principles

Any oriental makeup has its principles, which must be followed in any performance. For example, in asian makeup, it is always:

  • There are expressive arrows;
  • The eyes and lips are emphasized;
  • bright colours are used;
  • glitter is present;
  • The cheekbones are sure to stand out;
  • The lower eyelid is emphasized;
  • thickening of the eyebrows.

In any asian makeup, there are necessarily arrows. It is important to make sure that the eye shape and the shape of the eye are corrected. Ideally, the shape of the eyes should be almond-shaped and slightly elongated, but if it is naturally round, it can be corrected with arrows. A long arrow that goes beyond the eye line and tends to the temple is drawn along the upper eyelid. It should have a perfect shape, without curves and thickening. If you want to emphasize only the eyes, drawing one more white, pink or turquoise arrow above the black one is necessary. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to use a soft kajal pencil. It can be shaded, and the look will be deeper and more expressive.

The main emphasis in asian makeup is on the eyes and lips. To make the eyes look even more expressive, it is necessary to make eyeliner of the eye’s mucous membrane and the lower eyelid. But to work with eyeliner or pencil, you need experience. If the line is too thick, the look will be tired. To make the eyes look like a real cat, it is better to use pearlescent eyeliners.

In an asian woman’s eyes should especially stand out, because the rest of the face can be covered by a dense fabric. The perfect look can be achieved by highlighting the eyelashes. You can use mascara to create additional volume, and the lashes themselves can be curled. However, the best option on the holiday is the false, fluffy lashes. It’s expensive, but very effective.

In asian makeup, the eyebrows should be very expressive. If nature has not awarded them, you have to draw them. To do this, a pencil outline is first marked on the place of your eyebrows, then carefully painted over. In this case, the eyebrows will look realistic if you use several pencils and make jewel-like strokes.

Another peculiarity of creating asian makeup is the use of bronzers. Asian beauties have dark skin. You can achieve such an effect by applying bronzer all over the face, especially highlighting the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the middle of the chin. The makeup will look more natural if softened with peach-coloured blush.

The secret of asian makeup is, of course, full, lush lips. They must have a clear contour. For this purpose, it is first drawn with a pencil. The line should be perfect, and the shape of the lips should be even. For asian makeup, use lipsticks of bright colours. It is preferable to stop at the following:

  • red;
  • wine;
  • Cherry;
  • burgundy;
  • dark crimson;
  • purple.

Above the upper lip, with a pencil or black eyeliner, you can put a small mole fly, which will make the image even more mysterious and sophisticated.

How To Make Asian Eye Makeup?

The technique of eye makeup in the asian style has its nuances. Shades of shadows are chosen under the colour of the eyes, and any deviation from these rules is not recommended. Asian makeup for brown eyes is a dark shade made of beige, gray, dark blue and calm violet. And asian style makeup for lighter shades of brown eyes is done using a different palette: turquoise, lilac, light purple, and burgundy.

Asian makeup for blue eyes is best done with peach, gold, powder pink, and sandy pink. These colours will shade the blue colour and add expression to the look. The perfect asian makeup for green eyes is created with a palette of gold or rich sandy, delicate and dirty pink and lilac. Many people think any asian makeup should necessarily have dark purple shadows, but this is a misconception. They are only suitable for evening asian makeup and only for the owners of dark brown eyes. If your iris is of a different colour, then the purple eyeshadow will make you cry and tired – it is not what you want to achieve.

Asian makeup can be done by yourself, but to do this, you must properly determine what colours of shadows are right for you. When the choice is made, you must put the makeup base. First, a little base or foundation is applied to the upper eyelid, evenly distributed on the skin. If this is not done, the shadows will quickly begin to roll off, crumble, and makeup will be ruined.

The base is also needed to make the shadows look brighter. The bottom layer is used to apply a pearlescent shadow of the desired shade. It can be done with a finger or applicator, the main thing is to make movements from the bridge of the nose to the temple.

Next, a bright shadow in lighter shades of yellow, blue or pink is applied over the pearlescent layer. To achieve the desired effect, the shadows are put not with a dry applicator but with a wet brush – the difference is significant. If you chose a yellow shade, the next one should be orange and darker from your palette. The eyelid should be mentally divided into three parts, and apply the colour closest to the outer corner of the eye. You should try not to overstep the boundaries.

After that, the shadows are shaded, so one colour flows smoothly into the other. Then an arrow is drawn on the upper eyelid in the form of a bold tick first with a black pencil and covered with a brown pencil, and the lines are well blurred. It is necessary to draw a thin strip and connect it to the tick from the inner corner to the outer corner along the lash line. Under the arrow, you should put a white shadow – it will open up the look and make the makeup light.

On the lower eyelid, too, draw a black arrow and then another brown one under it. It is also necessary to work with the mucous membrane of the eyelid: from the inner corner of the eye to the middle, apply black colour, and then – white or pearlescent. It remains to pass again with a soft brush, shade and paint the eyelashes. The makeup is ready!

Asian makeup is very tricky. If you make a mistake with the choice of colour, make it wrong, then the woman will look ridiculous. If you don’t make mistakes, you can become the owner of a fatal cat’s eye and attract many men’s attention. It seems that an experienced makeup artist can only do this makeup, but if you are not afraid to experiment and follow the instructions, one day, you will learn too.

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