Options For Beige Manicure

Manicure in the style of nude has become a classic nail design in recent years. Beige nail polish colour looks natural and gentle, it blends well with any style and shade of clothing. This versatile manicure is suitable for evening looks and casual outfits, so it has often been used instead of French manicures. The variety of beige shades allows you to choose your own variant of nail polish, harmonizing with the colour of your skin.

How To Choose A Nail Polish Colour

Choosing the right shade of beige is a key task in creating a manicure. If you are fair-skinned, the pink palette of nail polishes in cool shades will suit you. You should also pay attention to pearly colours. If you have a medium skin tone, the sand-coloured varnish is suitable for you. The beauty of dark skin can be advantageously emphasized by varnish with peach undertones.

Light-coloured skin suits darker shades. Light shades will give it a painful look. If your skin is dark, you should choose a varnish 2-3 shades paler.

Why Girls Choose Nude

Manicure in beige tones appreciated by many girls, here are the advantages of this design:

  • nude will be appropriate at work, on a date, and in other situations. You won’t have to repaint your nails after a party or other event;
  • If you should happen to have a damaged coating and some of the nail polish peels off, it won’t be too noticeable. After all, the shade of nail polish is similar to the colour of your skin and nail plate;
  • nude – trendy style, with this manicure you will always be seen as a modern lady who knows the trends;
  • Beige manicure visually lengthens the fingers;
  • The right shade of nail polish emphasizes the beauty of the skin colour;
  • Manicure in the style of nude looks neat, feminine, gentle. The shape of the nails is better to choose natural, with rounded edges;
  • It takes less time to apply pastel shades of nail polish than bright and saturated colours. The imperfections are not as noticeable;
  • Beige looks great on nails of any length. Even long nails will not look vulgar if you paint them with a nude-coloured nail polish.

Nude 2022

There will be a natural beige manicure in 2022, as well as a transparent polish. But it is not necessary to paint all the nails with a colourless coating. Imagination and artistic taste are enough to beat this idea. For example, you can use stencils of different shapes to create a manicure. Beige nail polish is applied to the nails. When it dries, the stencil must be peeled off. At this point, the nail will be translucent under the colourless varnish.

Also in style is a monochrome beige manicure, which can be done at home.

The popular French style can also be done with beige shades. This requires two colours of nail polish. You can also use coatings different in texture – glossy and matte. An “inverted French” manicure is in style, called the moon manicure. Not the free edge, but the nail growth area, which resembles the moon, is highlighted in a different colour. Therefore, such a manicure is called a moon manicure.

This year, the manicure that highlights the nail on the ring finger is in fashion. For this, you can use polishes of different colors, sequins, rhinestones, patterns and other decorations.

In 2022, matte lacquer is relevant.

The frame manicure is a novelty of 2022. The nails appear to have been taken in a frame. Two colours of nail polish are used to create it.

All kinds of drawings on the nails result in an original, eye-catching manicure. Each year, only the theme of drawings changes, but it is always relevant. This year, the image of flowers, geometric patterns, and animal prints are trending.

Gradient design, better known as ombré, was not absent in 2022. Two or more shades can be used for it. They can differ by 2-3 chromatic tones. It all depends on the desired result.

Creating a manicure in beige tones, you can combine several fashion trends, but you need to know the line and not “overdo it”. The nail design should look restrained, not bland.

Summer Nude Master Class

To create a summery manicure, you will need the following tools:

  • matte lacquer in beige colour;
  • neon lacquers in different shades;
  • base and fixer;
  • fine nail art brush.

Apply a base coat to your nails. When it dries, cover your nails with beige nail polish in 1-3 layers. The number of layers depends on the quality of the nail polish. Wait until the coating is completely dry.

Using a brush, apply strips of different colours to all your nails, resembling splashes. Use one shade first. Then wash the brush and apply strips of a different shade.

After the strips have dried, cover your nails with a fixer.

Manicure With Leopard Print

A leopard print will be natural on beige nails. You can decorate the ring nail with it, which will be more restrained. You can also create a leopard print on all nails, it will be bold and eye-catching.

For the manicure will need the following materials:

  • base and fixer;
  • acetone;
  • three colours of lacquers – beige, black and gold;
  • brush.

Treat all nails with acetone to degrease them. Apply beige nail polish. After it has dried, create golden spots. They should have a clear shape, but different size. In nature, no stains are the same size, so you do not need to make them the same for naturalness.

Each spot should be circled in black. Make a black line of uneven thickness instead of closing the circle. Make it intermittent. This way you will achieve maximum naturalness. Apply a few black dots on the beige coating as well. After the spots have dried, cover your nails with clear nail polish.

A beige leopard-print manicure can be created with stickers or water transfers. They can be purchased at a nail design accessories store. Stickers are applied to nails covered in basic varnish. The fixer is applied on top. If you use a translator, you need to hold it in water, then remove it from the base and put it on the nail plate. Use absorbent cotton to remove any residual moisture. Cover the nails with the fixer.

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