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The elegant and sexy, open shoulder blouse has won a firm place in the hearts of fashionistas around the world, as well as in their closets. This type of clothing can emphasize the main female advantages: high breasts, chic shoulders, graceful neck, and beautifully outline figure as a whole. And at the same time, it looks decently enough, remaining the article of clothing which is not ashamed to appear in society. In this article, we will consider the features of the jacket with open shoulders – let’s understand the main fashion trends, what colours and styles are relevant, and what to wear such models.

Advantages Of Open Shoulder

Let’s consider what advantages can boast this piece of women’s closet.

Despite the fact that the shoulders are open, the jacket remains warm, comfortable and convenient. It is, as a rule, free cut, does not constrain movements, ideal for informal leisure, walks and meetings with friends. Summer model is also suitable as an option for going to the beach.

The jacket’s design is very sexy; it emphasizes femininity and does not reveal anything unnecessary. This balance attracts the opposite sex.

A jacket with open shoulders is an insanely feminine and romantic closet item. This is one of those clothes that a man will likely never, under any circumstances, will not put on himself. Therefore, this is the best way to emphasize the tenderness and charm of its owner.

The jacket is combined with many closet items. This versatility makes it a very comfortable item. It is suitable to complement the image on a day off, but it can also be paired with a strict skirt – you get a great office look which can be worn every day. If you complement the outfit with a thin strap and throw a jacket on top, such a look will correspond to the strict office dress code.

The playful look, which has this piece of a closet, is appreciated not only by women themselves but also by men around them. With a woman wearing such a jacket, you want to get acquainted, communicate, and please her.

The open shoulders give a certain defenselessness to the image, showing the girl’s fragility. All men appreciate this fragility. Therefore, it will be very difficult to remain without the attention of the opposite sex.

Free cut does not restrict the movements, provides comfort and, at the same time, does not make the image vulgar. You can wear this sweater anywhere – everywhere it will be appropriate.

Types Of Blouses With Open Shoulders

Consider the main options with open shoulders and their features.

With one open shoulder

  • Asymmetric fashion options look very sexy and beautiful. Wonderful for fragile girls, emphasizing the beautiful shoulders, giving mystery and charm.
  • The knitted model of such a jacket most often has slightly expanding sleeves and a loose fit. Sometimes too loose, which makes skinny girls seem especially fragile.
  • Often such jackets are decorated with different decorations. These can be sequins, cords, fringes, embroidery, or stickers. Therefore, such a female model can look especially dressy.

With two open shoulders

  • The sweater can either fully open the shoulders and the neckline area or be more closed.
  • There are many options and models: summer and winter, short-sleeved, long, with straps, and a different cut – flared, loose or close-fitting. Any beauty will find a suitable option for themselves.

With an elastic band

  • This model can be worn with one open shoulder or two – the elastic band allows it.
  • Rarely are such knitted and crocheted models – the elastic band is often provided with cotton and viscose summer options.
  • Usually, models have a loose fit.

Fashionable Colours Of Blouses With Open Shoulders

Helpful tips for girls to choose the right colour open shoulder sweatshirt.

If you want to hit everyone and emphasize sexuality, then a black or bright red jacket with open shoulders is what you need. It can be used in a daytime image with a calm “bottom”, and in combination with a miniskirt or smart pants will be suitable for the evening image. With black, in addition, looks great with a variety of decorations. And bows, and ruffles, and other original fashion details in black look especially decorative and attractive.

If there is a desire to compose a romantic, feminine image, it is better to choose pastel shades and all the tones of white. Especially graceful looks, a delicately knitted sweater of pastel shades, with open shoulders. The ideal choice for a romantic date in winter.

The originality and uniqueness of the image will help to emphasize the bright colours of clothing and jacket with prints – geometric, abstract, interesting textured knitting. It’s better to wear such models with jeans. The most relevant in the current season are the following shades: turquoise, yellow, blue and orange. If you want to be fashionable, choose a sweater in one of these colours.

If you want to buy something that will remain relevant for many years and also be suitable for all occasions, choose a neutral sweater. Beige, brown, and olive are perfect.

The white colour wonderfully emphasizes tanned skin. It especially suits swarthy beauties. But girls with pale skin should be careful with it – a white jacket can further emphasize the pallor. But if the white colour has a shade of melted milk, then this version will suit “pale-faced” girls quite well.


Designers have come up with many options for jackets with open shoulders.

There are warm models made of thick yarn and thin ones made of ultra-thin yarn for summer. Soft viscose and elegant satin and chiffon models. There are also lace and silk models. The choice is rich – picking the most suitable sweater or jacket for your figure and appearance.

Tips For Choosing The Right Material

Knitwear. The best choice is a knitted sweater with open shoulders if it’s cold outside. Modern techniques of knitting help to create a very unusual model: with a textured surface, elegant braids and other decorations. Such a sweater will keep you warm at home and work. These models are the most popular, which is not surprising – their comfort, convenience and attractive appearance are invaluable. Besides winter cold days, they can also be worn on cool summer evenings, not to mention the off-season.

In most cases, knitwear is made of monochrome yarn. But there are exceptions – fun fashionable prints in the form of rhombics, stripes, etc.

Cotton. This is a great option for the summer heat. Cotton is a breathable fabric, very pleasant to the body, soft and delicate, and well-dyed, allowing choosing from various shades and colours. Feminine loose sweaters with open shoulders made of cotton look extremely attractive and give a feminine image of charm and softness. Ideal for wearing jeans and shorts.

How To Wear Clothes With Open Shoulder

Let’s look at what closet items are combined with a women’s jacket with open shoulders.

  • A flared long skirt is a perfect “companion” for this blouse. It is desirable to emphasize it with an elegant belt. Such a variant looks especially good on a stately figure with feminine forms.
  • Excellent look blouse with jeans – with flared and skinny. And if the jacket is made in a loose style and with an elastic band, it will suit wide jeans.
  • Classic pants and open shoulder blouse – a wonderful business set.
  • A business midi skirt with a knitted blouse looks simple and attractive, making a woman both sexy and not deprived of a formal look.
  • Shorts in summer combined with a loose cotton sweater is a great casual set.

Tip: It is better to pick a special bra to such a model – without straps and with thick cups – so an elegant blouse will look more attractive, and the figure will be demonstrated in the best way.

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