Open Shoulder Blouse For Women

There are a variety of styles of frank women’s blouses. They can be worn with different types of clothing, complemented by interesting accessories. Fashionable blouses of different colours will certainly suit things in your closet, with an unusual pearl in them.

Exclusive Blouses For All Occasions

Blouse with open shoulders can enchant the heart of any lady. Even those who were not a fan of it, in a variety of assortment will choose the perfect and stylish model for themselves.

It is possible to distinguish blouses of this kind:

  1. With an elastic band – this blouse has several names. Most often, it is called “Carmen” or “peasant girl.” Popular in the distant ’70s, it has returned to fashion now. This season, this piece creates a wonderful combination of the most trendy and sophisticated motifs in clothes. Especially strongly, the blouse will appeal to fans of retro style and those who wish to radiate true tenderness, fragility and femininity. Addition in the form of ruffles, frills and ruffles is a sure way to emphasize the innocence and softness of the girl.
  2. Wide or winged sleeves can be another feature of such a stylish blouse. They add plasticity and emphasize the freedom of movement. A special ruffle on the shoulders can act as lace or ruffle. It will give lightness and airiness to the girl. This blouse with open shoulders is versatile and perfectly combined with ordinary shorts or jeans and a bright and fluffy skirt in a gypsy style.
  3. No straps. This model is based on a corset. It fits tightly and firmly around the body. Sewn from bright fabrics and supplemented with original jewelry, this blouse is perfectly suitable for social parties. It is very comfortable for a hot summer and will help women to express their individuality. A strapless blouse is suitable for an informal environment. It can be worn to a party or a date. It will emphasize the beauty of the figure and accentuate the chest.
  4. With one shoulder. This model is more comfortable to wear than the previous one, but it is not so popular among fashionistas. The thing has a funny and flirty look. Sew it from light, airy fabrics – silk, chiffon or natural materials – linen, cotton and satin. Such clothes are well suited for walking variant.
  5. Cutouts on the shoulders. The blouse of this cut expresses restraint and sexuality at the same time. Its unusual appearance is truly captivating. Girls with a completely different type of figure can buy such a blouse and will not go wrong. After all, thanks to the emphasis on the delicate female shoulders, it distracts attention from the shape’s imperfections and hides the figure’s flaws. Such a thing can be worn to work and in combination with a beautiful accessory and a more formal exit.
  6. Blouse with dropped shoulders. Fashionable and stylish, these cut blouses are suitable for formal occasions and everyday walks. They are as if cut off at the top, revealing sexy collarbones and delicate shoulders. They are often held in place with an elastic band. Single-colour and coloured blouses with patterns and prints are available.
  7. With thin straps and dropped shoulders. To add freedom and lightness to the broad shoulders, designers advise getting gentle and fashionable blouses with thin straps. They balance the figure and give a girl charm and attractiveness. Create the effect of mystery, so they are ideal for the first date.

Fashionable And Stylish Combinations

Competently combining clothing, you will create successful images for different life situations. Summer blouses with open shoulders are often used for festive occasions, they are worn for a walk with friends and for parties. Less often they are used for office style, although fashionable women may well wear them to work, if the company does not have a strict dress code.

Perfectly combines a blouse with open shoulders with these types of clothing:

  • With a variety of skirts. To this piece of clothing goes a skirt of any length. It is only necessary to determine the image and consider the situation in which you choose a particular model. A mini-skirt creates a simple walking image. Midi can be a complement to the classic style. The combination of a maxi-skirt with such a blouse is a great way to recreate a sexy and romantic image of “Carmen,” which all men admire;
  • With classic pants. Modest and moderately sexy looks this option on any lady. Classic pants, high-heeled shoes and a blouse with open shoulders are ideal for formal meetings. Carefully choose the colour of things and their combination. White blouses look great with dark monochrome pants;
  • With comfortable jeans. Universal, fashionable and beloved by all girls, jeans are perfectly combined with delicate blouses on one shoulder or strapless with other models of blouses. They are great for everyday variants of clothing and special occasions. Comfort and simplicity is the key to the beauty of this combination;
  • With regular shorts. The combination of a light blouse with shorts is a great summer version of the look, which is suitable both for a beach outing and for an evening stroll;
  • with a jumpsuit of light fabric. The most unexpected combination of seemingly incompatible things. But it is this image that looks the most original. Suitable as a summer variant, as well as for a cooler time. Wear a blouse with a jumpsuit can be done both in everyday life and at a party. The main thing is to select the proper shoes and a bag successfully.

Bright Fashionable Images With An Open-Shoulder Blouse

A daily set with the usual comfortable shoes and blouse looks simple, laconic and tasteful. This version is more solemn if it has additions like flounces or lace ruffles. The original white blouse will make you irresistible; it can be worn in the office, adding a spectacular jacket or jacket. Suitable for the office version is a pencil skirt of black or blue colour.

You will be noticed and appreciated at a party or a meeting with friends if you wear a seductive blouse with open shoulders in a flower or an unusual pattern. Complement the image of a simple, laconic bottom – a skirt or pants.

Unique look blouse, the highlight of which is a bell sleeve and open shoulders. This is an indispensable image for the summer, which will help to emphasize the girl’s tan, as well as her beautiful figure. It is recommended to wear this voluminous cross blouse with white shorts and beige pumps. Complement the image with accessories – a purse and a straw hat.

Open Shoulder Blouse: Design Features

The design of such models of women’s blouses is emphasized by the texture of the fabric used and the pattern. For example, large or small polka dots on a black or red background looks great on a blouse with an elastic band. The fabric – staple, thin linen or other material without shine. Young fashionable women without complexes will suit a blouse with coloured or black polka dots on a green or yellow background.

The product in stripes combines light blue, whitened jeans and shorts. An interesting option is a narrow-cut blouse made of knitted fabric.

Sexy in itself is a black blouse, especially if it is made from a rich satin fabric. Embroidered cambric blouse can be worn every day or for a walk. Open shoulders are sure to attract the eyes of passersby.

Designer novelty – women’s white shirt cut blouse with open shoulders. Its sleeves have exclusive cutouts. This model may well be worn in the office at work. Also in fashion remains clothing of blue shade, which you will meet in various looks.

Many fashion houses offer blouses with open shoulders, which women love. You can find them in the fashion collections of Nasty Gal, Asos, Chloe, Free People and others. Brands create truly unique and feminine things that are incredibly popular.

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