How To Choose Open Back Dress: An Outfit For The Holiday

Open back dress – one of the most stylish options of clothing, designed to emphasize femininity and attract attention. A gentle curve of the neck, slightly protruding shoulder blades, and a gentle spine are all sins to be hidden all year round.

Of course, even the most beautiful open-back dresses do not have the true versatility of jeans or T-shirts, but there are many occasions when they are appropriate:

  • For a festive event, from weddings to banquets, evening dresses with an open back will come just right – their originality will catch the eye;
  • For going out, from going to the theater to dinner at an expensive restaurant, dresses with an open back will also be very appropriate – especially the classic cut;
  • On vacation, in the summer, when the heat reigns, the neckline on the back is not only a decoration, but also a way to cool down and feel the fresh breeze on the heated skin.

You can wear a dress with an open back on a date, on a walk in the park, on any significant holiday. It’s important to remember that not every dress is suitable for every woman. Before you can enjoy your attractiveness, you need to choose the right.

How To Choose Open Back Dress?

There are cocktail dresses with an open back, evening dresses, long and short, of different fabrics and colors, with a variety of different shapes and necklines, with accessories – you can’t stop at one, at the most fashionable woman awake in the eyes and the choice is difficult.

To avoid this, you need to act consistently, picking up, focusing on:

  • Style. Depending on what kind of figure a woman has, different styles suit her. “Pear” needs an accentuated waist and a wide skirt, while “apple” needs a straight silhouette and specific patterns. With the help of the style you can visually hide figure flaws, and emphasize the advantages. To wear something inappropriate is a losing decision.
  • Color. Some girls like bright dresses, others – faded. Some dresses are suitable for light color, others – dark, some are warm, others – cold – it depends on your color type. If you choose the wrong color, you may get a sad and somewhat comical effect, when a girl will be completely lost against the background of her fashionable dress with an open back. Or, even worse, will look garish and tasteless.
  • Accessories. The shape and depth of the cut on the back, the shape of the neckline, the presence of a train, the shape of the hem and sleeves, lace and rhinestones, appliques and embroidery – all this can completely change the impression of the dress and its hostess.

The main rule that should be adhered to is: “A stylish image should be created by yourself. You should choose a dress based on honest ideas about your appearance. Any flaw can hide or divert attention from it, but first, you must admit that it is there. Any virtue can be emphasized and turned into the main chic image. However, to do this you need to stop thinking about the virtues of your mother, sister, or girlfriend and start thinking about yours.

Every woman is beautiful, especially if you dress her in the right clothes, make her straighten her back, and give her confidence. The first step in choosing a dress is to remember this simple truth.

Selecting The Style Of A Open Back Dress

The cut is the most prominent feature that gives the dress chic. It should be chosen based on the features of the figure. There are usually five basic types.

The first of these is the “pear shape. It is characterized by narrow sloping shoulders, a pronounced waist and wide hips. Girls with this type of skinny need to bring themselves almost to exhaustion in order to affect the lower part of their figure, since it is much more massive than the upper part. The basic idea of a dress for “pear” is simple – to draw attention to the top of the figure, slightly expand the shoulders, make the bottom somewhat more inconspicuous. To do this, designers suggest:

  • Emphasize the waist. In itself it is the main advantage, so a variety of belts or just a fitted style will look great.
  • Accentuate the hips. Wide hips with a big drop to the waist is also an advantage. However, it is not necessary to highlight the legs as a whole. The ideal solution would be a tight hips skirt, which will further flow.
  • Accentuate the shoulders. Dresses with open shoulders, or accessories or jewelry – a scarf, a necklace, a fluffy boa are good for this.

“Pears” are advised to wear long dresses with an open back – they hide the overall massiveness of the lower half. Also a viable solution would be the contrast of colors – light top and dark bottom.

The second type of figure is an “apple.” It is characterized by a full chest, flowing into a convexly rounded belly, combined with relatively slender legs, arms and hips. Such a figure resembles the male figure, and it is very difficult to correct it even with active work in the gym, but you can pick a dress with a spectacular neckline on the back, the main idea of which will be simple – to hide the belly, emphasize slender legs and beautiful breasts. To do this, you need:

  • Avoid emphasizing the waist. Belts, fitted dresses are not an option.
  • Accentuate the breasts. This is best done by a cut where the belt is placed just under the breasts, and the rest of the dress falls freely down.
  • Apply prints. A vertical print will make the silhouette visually longer.

The apple shape is suited to soft fabrics, hiding the figure, and short sleeves. You can wear dresses, similar to a trapeze, without accents at all. Short dresses with an open back will also be more than appropriate – it will never be superfluous to emphasize legs for an “apple”.

The third option is the “triangle”. Wide shoulders with an almost absent waist, narrow hips and slender legs. The main idea of the dress is to shift the emphasis from the shoulders to the legs.

  • Do not emphasize the shoulders. No puffy collars, fur boas, fluffy scarves or other accessories. Narrow sleeves, V-shaped necklines, and best of all, a thin strip of fabric fastening the dress to the neck, or a one shoulder strap.
  • Emphasize the hips. The best way to do this are ruffles, bright accessories like scarves or chains, lace, puffed wavy skirts.
  • Knee-length dresses, with an open back, for the “triangle” is also a great solution – a short hem allows to expose beautiful legs, which will divert attention from the shoulders.

The fourth option is “rectangular. Equal hips and shoulders with an almost nonexistent waist. It is necessary to choose dresses that delineate the waist and hips, and add relief to the silhouette.

  • Accentuate the shoulders. Flounces, scarves, fluffy accessories, bows, ties, puffy sleeves – whatever you can think of – will do.
  • Emphasize the hips. This can be done with bouffant skirts, ruffles and flounces.
  • Emphasize the waist, but only in contrast with the hips. It should be slightly lowered, and not by the belt, but by the style itself.

Dresses-mini with an open back, or dresses with a slit, which emphasize the legs, are perfect options for the “rectangle”.

The fifth and last option is considered the most successful of them all – the “hourglass”. A woman with full breasts, wide hips, and a narrow waist with a difference of not less than thirty centimeters can wear any dress with style. Dresses with an open back and open shoulders, dresses with an open back and long sleeves, straight dresses with an open back, close-fitting, baggy, with a neckline, with a slit from the hip – any options, as long as they like her.

Selecting Colors And Accessories

Even the prettiest dress style will not look too winning if you do not guess with the color, and to guess you can conduct a simple test:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror in daylight and bring a tangerine to your cheek;
  2. If the face began to look lighter and brighter, bruises under the eyes became less noticeable, it means that the main color type is warm;
  3. But if, on the contrary, the face began to look darker and more painful, then the main color type is cold.

It is your color type that should be taken into account when it comes to color selection. To better understand how, take a look at some classic examples:

  • Red dress with an open back. Cold contrasting color type will suit bright, cold, eye-catching shades – dark wine, cherry, crimson. On the contrary, warm, soft options – coral, scarlet, carmine – will be suitable for the warm color type.
  • White dress with an open back. White also has different shades. For a cold color type – cool, sparkling, for a warm one – soft, closer to milky.
  • Beige dress with an open back. Suitable only for a warm color type, because beige itself is a warm color.
  • A green dress with an open back. For a warm color type – those colors that are closer in shade to yellow than to blue. For a cold color type – on the contrary.

You should also take into account that dark, cold colors visually reduce the volume, while light and warm colors, on the contrary, increase it. So a black dress with an open back will make a slightly plump girl visually thinner, while a slender girl can look almost painfully angular.

Dresses can not only be monochromatic, but they can also be multicolored. The basic shade should be the one that corresponds to your color type. The rest can be any shade, as long as it fits in with the main one.

In addition to the color, it is also imperative to take into account possible accessories:

  • Plume. A dress with an open back and a train is a festive option that will look good at a wedding or other festive event. Will draw attention to the legs, will give the hostess a look of a queen.
  • Bow. Dress with an open back and a bow can be worn as a train for a walk in the park, not just for celebrations. Especially well suited for young girls with an overall romantic image.
  • Slit. Dress with an open back with a slit on the thigh is a great solution for a girl with beautiful legs that you want to show. The best option is a floor dress with an open back and a slit from the hip, intriguing and austere.
  • The shape of the neckline on the back. A full girl is better to prefer a narrow wedge neckline, which will hide the extra weight, but leave the back itself visible. Or choose a version decorated with bows and cords, which will hide the view, but leave room for intrigue. A slim girl, on the other hand, can choose according to her taste.

When choosing accessories, keep in mind that it is better not to cover the back – scarves and shawls should be worn only by women with a triangle figure, but bracelets and stylish earrings will be complement to the image.

How To Wear Open Back Dress

Even the most beautiful evening dresses with an open back must be comfortable, not only to choose, but also to wear. And you need to start by choosing a bra, because if you can see the bra straps on the back, you lose half the charm. There are different options:

  • Silicone pads will suit the owners of small neat breasts, which do not give discomfort even without support – they hide the forms, which tend to hide, but do not change the shape of the back;
  • Silicone strapless cups can not be worn longer than six hours and for large breasts, they are not suitable, but the owners of the first and second size will perfectly compensate for inconvenience;
  • Popular nowadays invisible bra, its cups allow you to create a push-up effect, while leaving the back bare;
  • A bodice with a silicone back is suitable for larger sizes and is cheap enough, but will still be visible and can cut into the skin unsightly;
  • Bra with a decorative back, in which instead of a simple fabric lace, ribbon or even a chain, can be an additional accessory to the image;
  • A bodice with intricate straps, which are an intricate weave of cords can also become an accessory, if it is chosen correctly;
  • Backless bodice, attached to the neck or under the arms is uncomfortable for holders of large breasts, but everyone else is ideal;
  • Transformer features long straps that can be adjusted to any height and are not visible under the dress;
  • Body is a piece of lingerie fabric under the color of the skin or without a back at all – it is not a bra, but a tight suit like a bathing suit, which can also be a solution.

Choose according to your breasts’ size and shape, habits, and comfort. When choosing the bra, you should focus on the smaller details that will complete the image:

  • Perfect posture. A slouchy back is a questionable piece of jewelry, so before you put on your dream dress, you should practice a little. Shoulders turned, chest open, hips slightly back – the posture creates an impression, and helps to look great and stunning even without heels. The main thing is not to forget about it in the process.
  • The condition of your back skin. Before going out in an open dress, you should ensure that your back is in normal condition. If not, the skin should be washed, rubbed with a washcloth, lubricated with moisturizing cream, and perhaps applied rash cream. After a few days, the condition will improve.
  • Hair. Even for the owners of gorgeous long hair, the moment of promenade in a dress with an open back – knee-length, it is better to gather them in a bun so as not to cover the back. You can leave out a few beautiful lush curls if you are very sorry. The main thing is that the back should be visible.

A short dress with an open back is the perfect way to show yourself in all glory. A long evening dress with an open back is an opportunity to become the party’s star and attract admiring glances. You must carry yourself royally, maintain your posture, smile, and believe in your irresistibility – all the elements you need to appear in all your splendor.

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