Nude Makeup

The most relevant trend will always be natural and simple, no matter how fashion changes. Rarely do girls do evening makeup. Many fear brightness and flashiness, but some can not leave the house without makeup. That’s why nude makeup will be perfect. It will be suitable for any occasion and any closet.


The preparation of your skin determines how well your makeup will be applied. Therefore, wipe your face with a tonic and apply a moisturizing day face cream after washing. Wait a few minutes until the cream is absorbed. These procedures will help remove flakiness and make future cosmetics soft and even.


It is better to refuse makeup base. It will weigh down your makeup, But the corrector is worth using. It does not lie on the extra face layer but only masks inflammation or circles under the eyes.

Choose a foundation with light to medium covering power, apply it better with a wet sponge, or brush in a thin layer using whipping movements. Give preference to a transparent or mineral powder. It is only necessary to keep the matte finish and to fix the tone. If you apply it too much, you get an orange peel effect.

You can add a slight blush to give your face a fresh look. A gentle blush will not hurt either fair-skinned or dark-skinned girls. The main thing is to distribute the color from the apples of the cheeks to the temporal area, blending well. Choose pink shades for light skin, sandy shades for darker skin, and closer to orange.

But refuse from contouring, for if too dense textures are used on a light foundation, they will look alien. In summer, you can lightly use a bronzer. But you can remember about the highlighter, replacing with it any sparkles and shimmer, or to lighten the area under the eyebrow, to pass with the pads of your fingers on the contour on the top to give juiciness.

Eye Makeup

For eyebrows, use shadows or a powder pencil. It is unnecessary to draw out the contour and fill the eyebrows tightly. It is better to draw the missing hairs in the “gaps” with jerky movements. Fixing gel is better when you have done lamination or have very soft, pliable hair. Otherwise, it will not look natural.

Give preference to black or dark brown mascara, preferably in one layer. Or do without it at all and put balm on your lashes. The mascara can be raised with a brown pencil, creating the effect of thick lashes. If you can not live without eyeliner, remember that the arrows should barely go beyond the inner lashes. Draw them thin so as not to create an accent. A great option is a shaded arrow.


Any texture can be chosen, but the most natural look will be matte well-masked shadows. If you resort to nude makeup for an evening look, you can add shimmer or a little glitter or use the same highlighter.

Choose a shadow to match your skin tone. In a palette, it is obligatory to have one shade lighter than the skin and the second one darker. Apply darker shades to the outer corner of the eye and moving eyelids, lighter ones to the inner corner and under the brow. Blend well, in nude makeup should not have clear boundaries.

The most successful combinations by skin tone:

  • For fair skin: dusty orange, light brown, beige with shimmer, peach, and rose gold.
  • For dark and tanned skin: bronze, golden, sandy shades.
  • A neutral brown and creamy beige shade would be a versatile option.

Lip Makeup

There is a wide variety of nude shades on store shelves. These are the most popular lipstick colors. Your ideal color is slightly brighter and darker than the natural color of your lips. You don’t need to apply a thick layer of lipstick. Apply it in the middle and use a brush or your fingertip to stretch it to the edges. A wet gloss or lip balm, both tinted and colorless, will fit perfectly into such makeup.

If there is not enough volume – before applying lipstick, you can outline the lip contour with a pencil of the same color, but do not go beyond the borders.

If you find it challenging to match the colors of makeup with your skin tone, or if you do not want to look on the Internet every time to create a concise image, remember the basic rules of nude makeup.

  1. No accents. You’re emphasizing natural beauty, not trying to highlight your eyes or lips. But in an evening look, you can emphasize either eyes or lips. Brightness is allowed for one thing or the other.
  2. The main colors are all shades of beige, brown, pink, golden, peach, and champagne. They can be combined. Shades are chosen according to skin tone, warm or cold.
  3. All textures are applied with a thin layer and are well blurred from the center. There should not be any clear lines.

Remember that the most important thing for a woman is her individuality and natural beauty, and nude makeup will perfectly highlight all your advantages and disguise the imperfections. It can be applied not only as a daily variant but also to balance a bright evening image.

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