Non Comedogenic Creams

Non-comedogenic facial cosmetics are a sought-after product ideal for oily and combination skin care. Today, many brands produce such products, guaranteeing the quality of their products.

Composition Of Non-Comedogenic Cream

The non-comedogenic cream market has a wide variety of skincare products. However, please do not buy the first product you see. It is better to study the composition first. A quality cream should not include the following ingredients:

  • lanolin-type alcohol;
  • fatty acids;
  • oleic acid;
  • dyes;
  • petroleum jelly;
  • oils.

These substances are part of the comedogenic group. They negatively affect the skin: they clog pores and provoke inflammation and rashes. Reliable non-comedogenic products should contain:

  • zinc;
  • sulfur;
  • hyaluron;
  • benzoyl peroxide;
  • salicyl;
  • plant extracts;
  • allantoin.

With the help of these substances can improve the quality of the skin and normalize the glands.


Non-comedogenic creams aim to restore the dermis’ upper and inner layers. The advantages of such products include the following:

  • pore cleansing;
  • eliminating inflammatory processes;
  • reducing the risk of pimples and other rashes;
  • acceleration of regenerative processes;
  • moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Regular use of the cream will also help remove sebum, eliminating the need for careful care for oily or combination skin. In addition, such products have a matting effect and help hide all skin imperfections.

How To Use Non-Comedogenic Cream

There are many products on the non-comedogenic cream market at different prices. But you should not buy the most expensive product to achieve the desired result. Because such a purchase will, in any case, be irrational if you do not know how to use the cream properly. Recommendations:

  • Together with non-comedogenic cream, it would help if you bought matching masks, powders, lotions, and other facial care products;
  • Together with the cream should be used facial cleansing masks, as well as scrubs that will help cleanse the pores;
  • Before going to bed, it is essential to wash off makeup and apply a small amount of cream to the surface.

Using non-comedogenic creams can help restore skin quality and normalize the dermis’s elasticity.

Tips from the experts

Before using a cream with non-comedogenic composition, consult a beautician for contraindications in the form of somatic health problems or other pathologies. For this type of cosmetics to be effective, a few additional tips should be taken into consideration:

  • Wash your face twice a day using facial care products that are suitable for your skin type;
  • Use ice cubes to cool and nourish the dermis;
  • Protect your skin with special products against direct sunlight and excessive ultraviolet light;
  • Nourish your skin not only with creams but also with lotions and other products;
  • Do facial exercises;
  • normalize your diet by minimizing or eliminating sweets, baked goods, and fatty foods;
  • Do not squeeze pimples and comedones;
  • Exercise more often, and spend more time outdoors.

Cosmetologists also advise you to touch your face less often with your hands.

How To Choose Non-Comedogenic Creams

When visiting cosmetic stores, it is not immediately possible to decide which non-comedogenic cream to buy. When choosing such cosmetics, you should pay attention to several factors:

  1. Manufacturer. Modern companies produce many cosmetics characterized by natural composition and ideal health-improving effects. Preference should be given to proven brands, reviews of which are not difficult to find on the Internet.
  2. Composition. As already noted, it is worth focusing on products with predominantly natural components. Refusing comedogenic creams, which use petroleum jelly and other components that can degrade the skin, is better. Also, when studying the composition, consider the presence of allergic reactions to substances and refuse those products in which they are.
  3. Action. You should not buy a cream 25 in 1 if you are not sure that it is not advertising. It is better to buy a non-comedogenic product to help eliminate inflammation and normalize skin quality. This will be enough if the product does the job.

Modern non-comedogenic creams are absorbed into the skin in just a few minutes and do not leave streaks or a greasy sheen. This is one of the advantages of such products, so such creams are gradually gaining popularity.

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