New Year Manicure On Almond-Shaped Nails

Every woman on the eve of the holiday wants to look spectacular. New Year’s manicure will look perfect on almond-shaped nails. And if the beautiful shape is complemented by the original design – success is guaranteed.

Almond is especially interesting to combine with long nails. But even for short nails, manicure masters have found elegant solutions. The most relevant novelties and the latest trends are collected below.

On long nails

In the world of manicure there is no precise definition of long and short nails.

The same length will be considered “short” by one girl and “enormous claws” by another. In any case, the size of the nail plate should not make you uncomfortable.

The peculiarity of the almond shape is a smooth narrowing of the free edge.

The wider the nail plate, the longer the nail should be. This will make your fingers look thinner and more elegant.

For comparison, the photo below shows two similar New Year’s Eve manicure options: white and gold. The main difference is the length of the nails. And because of this nuance, the final result looks completely different.

In addition to elegance, the long almond has another important advantage: the availability of designs. Not every design can be depicted on short nails.

At great lengths, the imagination is limited only by common sense. Otherwise, everything is available: rhinestones, sequins, New Year’s Eve patterns and designs.

If you want, you can create an entire New Year’s Eve picture, which will be a real masterpiece of nail art.

But this does not mean that a long length is binding to anything. If bright colors do not appeal, you can always choose a gentle nude manicure. A monochrome finish is a classic that is appropriate in any situation.

On short nails

The almond shape is not made on nails that are too short. Usually masters take on the work only when the nail plate is not below the second or even third length. Otherwise, a beautiful almond simply will not work. Although, some women are comfortable wearing exactly this form.

At short lengths, it is not necessary to be limited to a monochrome finish.

But it is better not to choose complex and volumetric designs, it will look out of harmony. Simple New Year’s designs will look more interesting: French, cobwebs, ombré (gradient), textures of kamifubuki (confetti).

If you want exactly a drawing, then let it be small: a snowflake, a Christmas ball or simple geometric lines that turn the nail into a wrapped gift.


There’s no telling what’s better: a delicate or bright New Year’s Eve manicure. On the one hand, you want to shine and be in the spotlight on the holiday. And on the other hand, pastel and nude shades are always in fashion. Therefore, if there is a problem with the choice, it is better to stop at the time-tested options.

Also, keep in mind that the gel manicure is worn for 2-4 weeks. And, if the delicate French will be appropriate in any situation, the pretentious design with Christmas trees and sequins will be relevant only in the early days of the New Year.


Bright New Year’s Eve manicure on a long almond is sure to attract the attention of all guests. But not everyone can wear such a design, more often such saturated colors are preferred by young girls.

This does not mean that a bright manicure for the New Year can only be done at age 20, and at 40 or 50 only nude shades are appropriate. You can create a holiday on your nails at any age. The main thing is that the chosen decorations should be combined with the mood and style of your clothes.


Masters of manicure come up with new designs or refine old ones every day. After all, by changing colors and adding a couple of sequins you can get an original pattern that will look different. It is also worth remembering that the same design looks different on everyone’s hands.

So, choosing a festive nail design for almonds, you need to remember that it is not enough to draw yourself a New Year. It is also necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the nail plate, as well as the qualifications of your own master. After all, to do “as in the photo” can not everyone. These nuances must be taken into account, otherwise the New Year manicure will turn into “expectation and reality”.

If there are doubts about the level of your own craftsman, it is better to choose a monochrome finish or an uncomplicated design. Even a beginner can add a few sparkles or rhinestones to the nails, but a real winter landscape is a special level.

To ease the torment of choosing a design for the New Year, below are the most relevant manicure ideas for all tastes.


The New Year’s Eve white french with a snowflake is already boring to many people. After all, it’s been wandering the almond-shaped nails for years.

So the idea can be supplemented a little, for example, make the French in color or add sequins. This option will look more festive and original.

Another interesting solution is to line the snowflake with rhinestones.

If these options also seem too trivial, then stylization is offered as an alternative. In this case, only the general idea remains from the usual French, as in the photo below.

It is also possible to combine two designs in one. For example, make a “knit” manicure in the form of a French.

Or draw a double New Year’s Eve French on your nails.


Cobweb is invariably on the list of the most popular New Year’s trends. It looks a lot like holiday garlands, which makes it easy to create designs that easily blend with Christmas trees, balloons, and clappers.

This year, the most relevant is reflective cobwebs: it looks festive, and in photos looks especially spectacular.

The more familiar types of webbing are used less frequently, but are still relevant. In this version, the most popular colors are white and silver.

That said, garlands are not the only New Year’s Eve design that can be done on almond nails.

Snowflakes made of spiderwebs look very beautiful. Thin rays look very delicate and neat. And if you complement such a pattern with shiny rhinestones, or translucent hemispheres, the manicure will shimmer interestingly in the light of Christmas tree lights.

With sequins

The concept of “glitter” is different for everyone. Some people mean yucca flakes, others – small glitter, and others – glossy sticks or just gel polish with a metallic effect.

All options are interesting in their own way, they create the same festive mood, but the appearance of the nails in the end is completely different. The larger the glitter, the more glittery it is. The smaller shimmer, by contrast, is mysteriously shimmery.

Gels and polishes with glitter are more dense and homogeneous. But a completely glittery manicure seems to many people too provocative. This problem can be solved in two ways:

  • Only one accent nail is made, and the rest are covered with regular gel varnish;

  • glitter is added only on part of the nail plate.

In addition, regular stickers can act as “glitter”. The fashionable novelty of this season is stickers with a holographic effect. Among the New Year’s drawings there are both frankly youthful designs and more relaxed options that suit women of all ages.

But it is not necessary to follow the new trends, it is quite possible to use the usual options with gold or silver effects.

With rhinestones

As for the design with rhinestones, the girls are divided into two categories. Some cannot imagine a beautiful manicure without rhinestones, and others do not accept these shiny stones.

In any case, rhinestones are great for a manicure for the New Year. After all, they are so reminiscent of frozen icicles.

But transparent rhinestones are not the only solution, colored glassware looks no less interesting.

Another plus of rhinestones, even beginners work with them. These stones are not only quick and easy to make, but they also look interesting. It’s also a real “wand” for artists who don’t know how to draw. Instead of drawing fine lines, you can just lay out a snowflake or snow-covered berries out of rhinestones. Such a design will look much neater and more professional than a sloppy drawing by a beginner.

With snowflakes

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t done a manicure with snowflakes for the New Year. And the shape of the nails does not matter here. Almond, square, ballerina or oval – everything goes with snowflakes. At the same time, the seemingly familiar design does not get boring.

The beauty of snowflakes is that they successfully combine with any color and design: with sequins and French, with monograms and cobwebs, with rhinestones and Christmas trees, with delicate and bright hues.

There are many techniques for making snowflakes, every girl can choose a pattern to her taste.

Because of the abundance of options, each snowflake crystal seems unique and original. That’s why, year after year, snowflakes remain at the peak of New Year’s fashion in the nail industry.

With balloons

Christmas tree balls are another design that doesn’t go out of style. But, if a couple of years ago, painted balls were in trend, now volumetric Christmas toys are at the peak of popularity. They are laid out of rhinestones and hemispheres, or create a volume with the help of drops of a thick top. In combination with almonds, such a manicure looks very stylish and elegant.

With a herringbone

What’s a New Year without a Christmas tree?

New Year’s Eve manicure with a herringbone has become a classic on almonds and any other shape. This symbol of the holiday is drawn, layered with rhinestones and sequins, or simply glue the appropriate stickers. So it’s easy to pick up a design in the right style.

If you are bored with the whole Christmas tree, you can draw only a branch from it. A sprig of spruce on almond-shaped nails looks very delicate and neat, such is the New Year’s minimalism.

Another new option: abandon the precise drawing, leaving only a hint of a herringbone. For this purpose, green “cats” or this season’s trendy gel-lacquers with a light-reflecting effect are suitable.

With monograms

Beauty bloggers stubbornly try to bring monograms into the anti-trends, but the pattern, loved by many, invariably returns to the nails. The main thing is to choose the right design and color scheme. For example, turn the pattern into layered frosty patterns on the nails. This solution adds depth to the image, creating a three-dimensional 3D effect.

It is worth noting that the classic version of the monogram, though it has lost some of its positions, but it is still popular among women of all ages.

With New Year attributes

If the standard snowflake trees are bored, you can think of other attributes of winter and the New Year. Warm mittens or valenki will look very nice and cozy.

And Christmas socks, though they came to us from a distant Santa Claus, but in the New Year’s Eve manicure fit quite harmoniously.

Another symbol of the New Year is the reindeer. It is true that these New Year’s designs are considered by many to be youthful or even adolescent.

You can also send in Christmas treats, such as gingerbread men.

If you want something New Year’s Eve, but more austere and solid, you can turn to stylization. In this case, the manicure will look quite simple, but at first glance it will be clear that the straight lines hide wrapped presents or caramel canes.

Christmas flowers

It would seem that flowers are a spring and summer nail design, and certainly not a New Year’s Eve design. But winter has its flowers, too.

And for a truly wintry design, they can be depicted in white or silver-blue shades. In this case, the pattern will resemble flowers, stars and snowflakes at the same time. Such a design will definitely stand out from the crowd.


New Year’s confetti is one of the simplest and most dressy holiday designs.

But it is worth remembering that kamifubuki themselves look very bright. Therefore it is better not to supplement them with bulky decorations.

Otherwise there is a risk of seriously overdoing the amount of jewelry. Although, some girls even like such an abundance on their nails.


Knitted manicure is a novelty of yesteryear. But this trend looks so cute and cozy that it is in no hurry to leave fashion Olympus. So for the New Year, such a design on the nails is quite suitable.

Cat’s eye

Cat’s eye was very popular about five years ago. Over time, the love for this design subsided, but now it is back on the peak of fashion, albeit with some reservations.

In the old version, “cats” were used as the main coating, over which the decor was applied.

Now, the pattern is drawn with a cat-eye and the background is covered with a matte top. This combination accentuates the shimmering pattern.

The palette has also changed, with the latest additions being holographic chameleons. They shine brighter and more interesting, which is great for New Year’s Eve manicures.


Ombré or gradient is another design that varies, but does not go out of style. In the New Year’s Eve manicure on long almond-shaped nails usually stretch glitter, but this is a classic design.

In more modern variants with the help of ombré creates the effect of depth and layering.

3D designs

3D is not a specific design, but gives volume to any design. In this version, even the most banal decor gets a “twist” and turns into a trendy manicure.

But it is worth remembering that such a New Year’s design looks beautiful only on long almonds. On short almond-shaped nails, the extra volume will look garish.

The Tale

Fairy tale and cartoon characters are more of a winter option than a New Year option, but they look so cute that they are appropriate from December through February.

With the symbol of the Chinese New Year

This is a solution for those who want New Year’s nails, but without the boring Christmas trees and snowflakes. In this design, the manicure is more in line with animalistic trends. But a hint of the coming year of the tiger, rabbit, dragon or snake is clearly visible.

If this option doesn’t seem festive enough, you can add some snowflakes, rhinestones or sequins to the adjacent almond nails.

Creative ladies, can go quite far away from the theme of the New Year. For example, in the year of the horse to depict a zebra on the nails – a decision unexpected, and very original. Such a design is wonderfully complemented by a classic Santa hat or snow drifts.

With Santa Claus (Santa)

Another option for a New Year’s Eve manicure on almonds: depict a portrait of Santa or Santa Claus on your nails. Christmas elves are less in demand, but will also do. But such playful decor is more suitable for young people.


Nude manicure implies a single-colored matte or glossy coating in light shades.

But in honor of the New Year, you can add a little sparkle to this design.

Such natural minimalism on the nails will look very stylish.


Animalistic manicure is a trendy novelty of this season. You can’t say that it fully corresponds to the holiday theme, but in some ways it resonates with the symbols of the Chinese New Year. Of course, it is unlikely to depict the wool texture of a rabbit, horse or sheep, but with a tiger, snake or dragon there is usually no problem.

To make the design look festive, you can add more gold and glitter.


A lot depends on the right color. But it is impossible to say that some shades are suitable for the New Year manicure on almond-shaped nails, while others are not. If you successfully choose a color combination, then even a simple design will look very effective. And it can be as a classic festive red and gold tandem, as well as something completely unexpected.


A quality red manicure on a long almond by itself looks chic, even monochrome without additional embellishments.

If you want something bright, but not too complicated, you can add glitter in the form of glitter or reflective French.

For lovers of bright New Year’s Eve designs on almond nails, the scarlet palette is perfect. After all, this color combines with all shades:

  • red-gold;

  • red and white;

  • red-black;

  • red-silver;

  • red-green;

  • red-blue.

Rhinestones, sequins and other decorations are great for any combination. The main thing to remember is that red is a very bright and strong color and not to go overboard with decorations. Otherwise, a stylish New Year manicure will turn into a tasteless one.


Bordeaux is almost red, but it’s more aged and relaxed. Some designs look even more interesting with it than with flashy scarlet.


Black manicure for the New Year is not gloomy and sad, but stylish and effective. All the drawings and sequins on it look very bright and contrasting.


Gold on the nails is almost a classic. Even those who consider a gold manicure pretentious and provocative can afford a golden nail on New Year’s Eve.

This New Year manicure looks equally effective on long and relatively short nails.


Pastel shades add to the New Year manicure tenderness and tranquility. These tones are suitable for those who do not want a noisy holiday, preferring it to a quiet, cozy evening in the circle of loved ones.


The color beige is usually used for nude manicures. But this does not mean that this shade is only suitable for nudes and minimalism.

On a beige background, you can get a very effective New Year’s Eve manicure. The main thing is to add a couple of bright accents and successfully choose the design and length of the almond.


Green is another native New Year color. Emerald shades can serve as a backdrop for other designs as well as being used for decor.


White is the main color of winter. Snowy shades are used both as a single-color coating and in the most common designs: french, gradient, etc.

Another plus of the white New Year manicure – this shade suits any color and style.


A full silver manicure is quite rare.

Silver is more often used as a bright accent for other gel polishes. After all, it is a universal shade that is perfect for winter.


Blue is the hit of this season! The bright and saturated shade was able to squeeze out even the classic red. New Year’s Eve designs in this shade look no less chic and spectacular.


A blue New Year’s Eve manicure on almonds looks more gentle and relaxed. The subtle frosty patterns harmonize wonderfully with this shade, creating a truly wintery coziness.


Some girls think that pink is a shade of warmth and spring, but it is not so. This color can also be a winter color. The main thing is to use muted powdery tones, they will help create a gentle New Year’s Eve manicure.

The main advantage of the pink color – it is suitable for both short and long almond-shaped nails.


Also, when choosing a New Year’s Eve manicure, you should pay attention to the finish. The same design overlaid with a matte or glossy top will look completely different.


The New Year is a bright and shiny holiday. That’s why New Year’s almonds are more often performed in glitter.


A matte manicure looks more fashionable and stylish. But it has two serious drawbacks:

  • such a coating is much faster to rub out and get an unkempt look;
  • This design shows all the imperfections of alignment. If there are doubts in the level of professionalism of your own master, it is better to choose gloss.

But it is worth noting that New Year’s Eve manicures on almonds usually do not do completely matte. More often the nails are selectively overlaid with gloss or add bright accents in the form of rhinestones or sequins.


A few years ago, acrylic powder was only used to completely sprinkle gel nails, creating a sugar effect.

The next stage was the trend for imitation knitted fabric.

Now this type of coating is actively used for New Year’s Eve designs. After all, white powder is so chic to imitate snow and fur.

Powder coating looks spectacular, but it fades quickly, so this manicure must be done just before the New Year!


The nail industry offers many options for a New Year’s Eve manicure on almond shaped nails. The choice is so wide that it can be very difficult to stop at one thing.

It’s easier to pick up an idea rather than a specific design. After all, the master may not have the right shades, decor or skills. Yes, and the individual realization of the idea will help to create something really new and unique, and this is always on-trend.

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