New Sandal Trends And Beautiful Combinations For 2022

Sandals are an essential part of any fashionista’s closet. In 2022 designers also paid special attention to them, creating a truly unique and distinctive collection.

So what should we be looking forward to? What are they sandals 2022?


Stylish blue sandals with a heel

Flat Sole

Trend of the season for 2022: open sandals with a flat sole, interpreted modernly. They will be a successful addition to trouser suits, jumpsuits, as well as long or short skirts. Sandals with the presence of decor in the form of straps, stones, lace inserts, openwork leather elements have already caught the attention of the sophisticated public many famous designers.

And here are the most popular options for such shoes:

  • Nude – a style that for several seasons already holds its leading position on the world catwalks: fashionable sandals in leather with elegant thin webbing or straps, as well as a combination of brown and white shades.

    On a side note: this option is usually liked by young girls or those who choose free urban style.

  • For fashionistas who prefer the original models designers have created fashionable sandals on a flat platform with a scattering of stones and with inserts of one large coloured stone. No less stylish look and gold or silver inserts – the perfect solution for a romantic image.
  • For every day or in the office will suit sandals 2022 with a flat sole of classic colour with a laconic, but original design: a combination of gold buckles with red or white flowers, as well as blue, yellow or pink pointed models.


Flat-soled sandals


Sandals with stones


Flat-soled sandals for the office

Massive Heel

This year, designers have been particularly enthusiastic about creating sandals with a thick heel. It turned out quite good – comfortable and at the same time elegant summer shoes. The heel can be both high and short, but the first option is still a greater priority. Fashionable sandals with massive heels were demonstrated by Giambattista Valli, Dolce & Gabbana, Mary Katrantzou and other fashion houses.


Stable heel sandals

The following styles will be popular in 2022: baroque, gothic, country, retro, military, and ethno. The bright colour palette complements all this splendor. Barefoot shoes on a massive heel designed with all kinds of fabric draperies, metal buttons and beads.

Sandals On A Wedge And A Platform

Another trend – summer sandals on a platform or wedge heel. They will certainly compete with the usual heel. It is not surprising, because walking in such shoes is possible for long periods of time without feeling excruciating leg fatigue. It is also interesting to note that each designer wears originality with a touch of his own zest. It is very unusual to see sandals on a wedge, reminiscent of ice – the elegance and elegance.


Platform sandals

Modern fashion does not like commonness or uniformity, so couturiers diversified their collections with summer sandals on wedges in the most unusual designs. Roberto Cavalli, Michaei Kors, and Stella McCartney, for example, combined a very rough sole with delicate lacing, which seductively wrapped around the ankles of their models. And well known brand Miu Miu put on a large platform decorated with trendy floral prints. Saivatore Ferragamo added a thick heel to the massive sole.

Thin-Soled Sandals

The summer 2022 season is striking in its variety of styles and orientations. These are both ultra-trendy sandals with thin slim soles or thin straps, and more sporty options with rough cork soles, as well as thick clasps.


Thin platform sandals

No less diverse is the colour palette – of sandals in delicate pastel colours or rich noble shades with all sorts of prints and decorations. For example, very elegant sandals with a thin sole with a decoration in the form of beads and scattering of small flowers of leather. And for those who prefer a young and very playful look suit sandals with lots of thin straps, which will perfectly complement a stylish T-shirt and short shorts.


The stiletto, according to designers, is the main strategic weapon of any fashionista. 2022 presents it in a variety of variations: feminine, sexy, as well as retro. Nevertheless, the sandals themselves can be decorated in any way, as long as they have a thin high stiletto heel.


Stiletto sandals


Gladiator sandals are summer shoes with a lot of wide leather straps. The latter can be either high or low, reaching to the knee or around the ankle.

These beautiful sandals can be complemented by an original outfit in the Greek style or a dress with a wide belt. The main thing is not to combine gladiators with long dresses, otherwise you can emphasize the shape of legs in a very disadvantageous light.


Gladiator sandals

Designers have also created 2022 sandals that are perfect for any swimsuit or bodysuit, ripped jeans and T-shirt style oversize. It’s not a bad look to wear sandals on a wedge with a skirt, sundress, or short tunic.

Even though the summer may still be far off…. …but you should know most of the trendy sandal models here and now, so you’ll be able to meet the summer season fully armed, fashionable, and incredibly stylish.

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