Neck Choker: How To Wear This Stylish Jewelry

The current season for fashionistas is under the motto: “The more jewelry, the better! Costume jewelry is an integral part of a woman’s image. Since 2014, the peak of popularity again choker – a short, tightly fitting necklace made of different materials. Why is this jewelry back in trend?

The choker has a rich history. It is an ancient piece of jewelry that came to the Old World from America. The Masai Indians used to wear it around their necks as a talisman and amulet. Men and women wore it. To protect it- literally and figuratively, its creation was trusted only by herbalists and shamans. Physical protection consisted in its durability – it was not made of beads and velvet but of shells, skin and bones of animals, wood and bird feathers and reliably covered the neck against an arrow strike.

During the Renaissance in Europe, it became a precious piece of jewelry, and in the last century, the fashion for chokers was revived thanks to Coco Chanel. It can be an expensive piece of jewelry for a social occasion, or it can be made of ordinary string or wire and complement the attire of a carefree young schoolgirl.

Choker: The Season’S Fashion Trend

A choker is such a democratic piece of jewelry that it can be worn with almost any outfit. The exception is a business office suit. This bijouterie is suitable for women of any age. It can be chosen for the most sophisticated taste. The fashion trend is considered a choker made of lace, fishing line, leather, plastic, suede, metal or spandex.

The decoration of a choker depends on its purpose – to complement an evening gown, for a casual dress or, for example, for a rocker party. Lace, metal or suede models are supplemented with rhinestones, jewels, and cubic zirconia. Chokers in the punk, rock or gothic style can be with metal studs or other similar elements. “Collars” for everyday wear are simple and unencumbered by excessive decoration strips of leather, fabric or spandex.

Chokers made of plastic, wire or beads can be made in ethnic style, which is now very welcome in fashion circles.

Tailor It To Your Body Shape

Any bijouterie decorates only when it is properly matched to the clothes. And a choker is not an exception. Moreover, it must be chosen not only for the outfit but also for the figure. Ladies with a short full neck is better off abandoning such an attribute, but girls with long neck show. Moreover, the wider the necklace, the better it will look.

If the neck is short, a narrow headband of a dim colour will visually lengthen it. A dress will fix this effect with a deep V-neck and combine a choker with long thin chains. Also, the not-closed choker will do. Visually it will add a couple of centimetres to the neck.

Do not wear a wide choker women with a short neck and full shoulders, it will only emphasize the figure flaws.

Types Of Chokers – Lace, Velvet, Leather …

A Choker necklace is a unisex piece of jewelry. Men and women wear it with equal success. The only difference is the style.

  • Men’s chokers are characterized by minimalism – as a rule. They are single or double lace or small beads. Sometimes it can be decorated with a modest pendant.
  • A tattoo choker is a braided openwork necklace that fits tightly around the neck. It is so thin that it resembles a tattoo, which is why it got its name. Originally (with the Indians), it was worn by men, signifying their readiness for battle. Today, a tattoo choker is often found on a woman’s delicate neck paired with a hand or foot bracelet. In this style, a rubber band or fishing line choker is made.
  • A laconic single choker from a string, ribbon or chain will complement casual wear and a festive dress. It all depends on what it is decorated with.
  • A braided choker can be varied with coloured beads, chains, stones and rhinestones. Depending on the material, it can be tight-fitting or slightly descend to the cleavage between the collarbones.
  • A knitted choker is for lovers of yarn jewelry. It not only decorates but also warms.
  • A beaded choker does not need an addition. Such weaving is a decoration in itself.
  • A wire choker is made more ornate than a tattoo, although it is similar in appearance.
  • A leather choker is a stylish accessory that will suit both sophisticated fashionistas and a rough rocker outfit. It all depends on the colour and thickness of the leather.
  • A necklace choker made of a large metal chain hung with pins and even decorated with stones – the attribute of a girl-punk or rocker.

Matching An Accessory To A Garment

Wearing a choker requires wearing a dress with a neckline, even a small one. It is unsuitable for blouses with a tightly closed collar or sweaters with a high collar. It is always put on the naked neck. So, with what to wear a choker?

A universal option is a velvet ribbon choker, which will enliven even the simplest outfit. Velvet stripes of different colours will suit both a light dress of simple cut and a loose shirt with an unbuttoned collar.

A black ribbon choker will complement a gloomy gothic outfit, and the same “collar” with rivets, studs or pins will go well with leather suits or loose blouses.

If you decorate a black velvet choker with any pendant of a single stone, beads, rhinestones or gold, it is quite possible to wear it with a little black dress and an evening dress. It looks excellent with open shoulders and deep cleavage.

Braided choker necklace – an accessory in the style of ethno, safari or hippie is combined with clothes made of natural fabrics – linen, cotton, suede or leather in bright colours. The same bracelet can complement a braided choker.

Fashionable beaded chokers are good to wear with a light summer dress, a lace-knitted top, and a light silk blouse. Depending on the colour and ornament of the weave, they can be made in an ethnic style.

A satin ribbon tied around the neck goes with bright silk summer tops and shorts. And at the same time, it will adorn a weekend dress as well.

At a social gathering, an evening dress is an appropriate lace choker decorated with beads, stones and pendants.

Coco Chanel not only revived the fashion for the choker necklace, but she also revealed to the world the choker was made of plates made of gold and other precious metals. To this day, they are still relevant and adorn the necks of stars on red carpets.

A choker can be an expensive treat. But why spend money when you can make it with your own hands? Try to weave yourself a choker. Maybe it will become your hobby.

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