Natural Stone Beads: How To Choose The Right One And What To Combine With

Beads made of natural stones are a sign of refined taste and style. Such jewelry has been highly valued and even passed down through the generations. It is believed that each of the stones impacts the energy level, so they can be used to attract good luck. In addition, they look very expensive and effective. It is important to understand how to choose the right natural beads, what to wear them with and how to care for them to retain their appearance and luster properly.

Features And Benefits

Various pendants and chains gradually replaced the beads made of stones, but even these jewelry pieces did not lose their relevance. They are perfectly suitable even for everyday wear, but choosing the right items to match the outfit is important. Beads made of natural materials are worth having in your jewelry box and wearing, at least for important events.

They are chosen for several reasons:

  • Quality – beads of semi-precious stones emphasize a high status and, with good care, are remarkably durable;
  • Versatility – most models are also suitable for business style and casual looks;
  • Appearance – natural jewelry can easily be distinguished from costume jewelry;
  • Wide assortment – various stones of all colors and shades, from affordable everyday stones to luxurious and expensive items.

Beads made of natural stones can be not only a stylish accessory, but also a real talisman. They will not go out of fashion even after many years, and they can even be inherited by children and grandchildren.

Precious And Semi-Precious Stones For Jewelry

Beautiful beads made of different natural stones are a stylish accessory and a valuable gift. Their production follows a complex algorithm and begins with the extraction of materials. Then they are sorted and used to create beads, which go to jewelers and jewelry makers. Individual beads of different shades and sizes are transformed into small, elegant, intricate, and massive necklaces. They can be trimmed and indistinguishable from one another or untrimmed – such jewelry attracts attention with its variety of shapes and colors.

Jasper Beads

Jasper is one of the most variegated and multifaceted stones. It has a sedimentary (rarely volcanic) origin and is composed of quartz, chalcedony, and admixtures of other minerals that give it interesting colors. Jasper and its products can be colored in different shades of red, burgundy, black, brown, white and beige, which may be combined in interesting ways. Depending on the coloring, there is the monogeneous, lenticular, chintz, oceanic, tiger, leopard, and other types of jasper. This material is believed to charge its owner and the room with positive energy.

Ruby Jewelry

Ruby is a gemstone that has been highly valued since ancient India. It is a dark, pale or simply red-colored mineral used to create expensive jewelry. The hue and personality of the ruby depend on its deposit. The presence of additives in the stone may both decrease and increase its value. The latest technology allows for the cultivation of synthetic varieties that are easily available to anyone. However, it is the natural ruby beads that are of great value. In ancient times, it was believed that this stone had powerful energetic properties and could even help control people.

Jade beads

Jade is a solid and hard material that lends itself perfectly to finishing and cutting. It comes in various shades of gray and green with slight inclusions of white and milky colors. Blue, yellow, and darker stones are rare, which is why they are considered the most valuable. Transparent varieties are rarer but often with different kinds of stains and streaks. Nephrite is also known as a kidney stone. It is also credited with curative powers, and jade beads are worn as a remedy for many ailments.

Jewelry made of lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli beads are opaque and come in various colors, from delicate blues to deep blues and purples. In nature, it is dark blue, with flecks of golden color, which in ancient times increased its value. It was commonly given as a keepsake at important negotiations and a souvenir before military campaigns. In Ancient Egypt, gold jewelry inlaid with lapis lazuli was trendy.

Opal Accessories

Opal beads and necklaces come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The admixtures colored the stone in shades of red, blue, purple, white or green, while the most valuable and expensive varieties have a characteristic sheen and luster. Opal is one of the official symbols of Australia and is often used as a talisman. It is believed to be able to attract good luck for its owner.

Topaz Beads

Topaz jewelry will never go out of style. It is a gemstone that has a distinctive luster and a wide palette. In nature, it is formed in shades ranging from transparent to rich purple and turquoise, but its blue representatives are the most common. It is very hardy; in this respect, it is second only to the diamond. In addition, the topaz is reputed to have some other wonderful properties: it was commonly taken on board ships and hikes. It was said that this stone was supposed to help travelers find their way back home on their voyages.

Sapphire Beads

Dark blue sapphires are called the king of stones. However, it is possible to find a green, purple, yellow, white, and even black varieties depending on the presence and concentration of impurities in the composition. Earlier, this stone was chosen by royalty, but now it is avaordinary to ordinary people. Connoisseurs are sure that sapphire beads can give strong energy protection to their owners, save them from heart, eye, and nervous system diseases, and reduce stress levels.

Moonstone jewelry

The most common variant of moonstone is a transparent mineral with characteristic shimmers. In nature, there are translucent and even black varieties, which are also used to create beads, necklaces, rings, and earrings. In ancient times, moonstone was considered magical, so it was used in various rituals and fortune-telling. Today, it is sold in the form of original jewelry endowed with unusual properties. Many believe that moonstone reveals talents, attracts good luck, and can even help in times of illness.

Colors And Varieties

Any gemstone beads can be found on sale. Unlike jewelry with synthetic inlays, natural minerals can influence a person on an energetic level. They are believed to take part in the wearer’s life and can even change their destiny.

  • Red stones are jewelry with strong energy. They are suitable for self-confident people who love power and have managerial tendencies.
  • White products are a symbol of purity of thought and good intentions. They are worn not only for beauty but also to achieve inner harmony and mental balance.
  • Large black beads – a universal solution that goes with any outfit. It is recommended to wear them for important meetings and events – the jewelry will allow overcoming fears and make responsible decisions.
  • Emerald and green colors symbolize naturalness and natural beauty. They help to find emotional balance, get rid of stress and gain a sense of security. Emerald has always been considered a symbol of harmony and justice.
  • Blue stone jewelry is great for bold and confident individuals. They purify thoughts and help focus on making important decisions. Deeper shades of blue impart wisdom and develop qualities such as justice and responsibility.

Semiprecious stone beads and precious minerals are a great gift for an important event. They are easy to choose for a loved one, knowing their character and preferences.

How To Choose A Good Necklace

There are a few rules on choosing the right beads for yourself or as a gift. The first criterion is the shape of the face and neck. For example, owners of long necks will do well with long beads, including those with large and bright beads. Small stones and short beads look favorably on the short neck. Large multi-row decorations can compensate for a massive chin.

Necklaces made of precious and semi-precious stones are better to choose with silver or gold fittings. Minerals do not lose their appearance for long, so the fasteners must match. They are used to create women’s and men’s jewelry. There are also quite affordable versions of amethyst, mother-of-pearl and its varieties (Bahamut), as well as beads of colored untreated stones. The main criterion of choice is personal preference, but some people specifically choose jewelry pieces according to their zodiac signs or date of birth.

Natural Stone Jewelry: What To Wear And How To Wear It

In fashion are always sets with earrings and rings – you can wear them even with simple monochrome clothing and look spectacular. To avoid choosing jewelry for each outfit separately, you can buy beads to match the color of your eyes.

Natural stones can be contrasting. For example, agate beads need not be combined with agate earrings and clothes to match. They will fit even under an office style, bright green top, or sweater. Another tip – long beads, wrapped several times, look great on the hand as a bracelet.

How To Clean And Maintain

Natural stones need quality care, which is the only way they will last a long time. It is worth buying a stand where the locks and fasteners will remain intact to store them. If there is no stand, beads must be stored in a casket to protect them from dust. Periodically, they must be washed with plain water and soap; each stone has special products. Pearl and coral necklaces are useful to wash with slightly salted water – so they retain their color and luster.

Design Novelties

The variants of designer beads made of natural stones are any solution, including the most unconventional. Jewelry with the addition of beads no longer surprises anyone, but you can pick up a version of the original shape. Gold and silver, as well as other alloys and even meteoric iron, are used to create beads, earrings and rings, which get to the real fashionistas. For a striking image, it is worth paying attention to products made of untreated stones – they can take on fancy shapes, which find application in the works of talented designers.

Stylish Looks With Natural Stones

The right beads can dilute even the most boring image. For example, a black stern dress will play with new colors with a dazzling necklace of agate. Beads of agate beads are perfectly combined with a beige or mustard suit, and jasper or jade will complement a strict business suit. Turquoise is an affordable material worn with clothes of lighter shades or bright summer colors.

Simple and multilayered, bright and monochrome, beads of natural minerals will always find a use. They are combined with bold designs, casual and office style, suitable for women of all ages. These ornaments do not lose their value with time, but require quality care and proper storage.

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