Natural Eyebrow Makeup

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. As a rule, a mirror becomes even more beautiful if framed. For the eyes, such a frame is the eyebrows. If previously they were not paid much attention to them, nowadays the eyebrows are paid no less attention than the other details on the face.

Procedures for lamination, styling, coloring, correction, and permanent makeup of eyebrows have flooded the beauty services market. Both salons and masters at home actively promote them. Prices vary depending on the experience of the master and the rental of the salon.

Eyebrow Shape

You should consider the facial features and the oval to choose the right shape.

For girls with an oval face type, eyebrows with a smooth curve are ideal. It is also desirable to emphasize the width: the more pronounced the face oval is, the wider the eyebrows should be.

A rounded bend of the eyebrow is suitable for a square face with a moderate thickness. It is better to arrange the eyebrows carelessly so the face does not look harsh.

For a round face, it is better to choose eyebrows with a high curve so that the face will look neater.

A triangular face with rounded eyebrows will look less angular by smoothing the corners.

Eyebrow Correction At Home

To correct your eyebrows at home, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Shape correction
  2. Correction
  3. Tinting
  4. Stacking

After matching the shape to your face type, you should proceed with the correction. The correction can be done either with tweezers or with thread.

Tweezers are an essential tool in every woman’s cosmetic bag. It can remove even the tiniest hair. If you need a spot correction, it is perfect. Hair should be plucked in the direction of growth, holding the skin with your hand. To relieve pain, you can put ice on the treated area for a few seconds before the procedure.

Flossing is good for bushy eyebrows, giving them a graphic and shaped appearance. It can be done quickly with the thread, but there may be some pain, which can also be relieved by applying ice beforehand.

After the correction, you should start coloring. The shade is selected depending on the color of the hair. The ideal shade is one or two shades darker than the roots of the hair. For blondes and brunettes, you should also consider the undertones, which can be cool or warm.

A special gel should be used for styling eyebrows. It is necessary to comb the hairs upwards, then give the form. If necessary, you can use tinted gel. It will provide a light color to eyebrows and will fix the form.

Everyday Eyebrow Makeup

For everyday makeup, you need to choose the right pencil or shadow.

Pencil makeup

First, you need to comb your eyebrows up using an eyebrow brush. If you do not have such a brush, you can rinse the brush well from the mascara, carefully removing the remnants of the product. And dry it well. Then take a pencil and draw the bottom line of the eyebrow, blurring the border a little. Having drawn the upper edge, it is necessary to connect the upper and lower lines, completing the basic design. Use light strokes to fill in the eyebrow almost from the beginning. The very beginning should be shaded. The highlighter draws a light line under the brow to emphasize the clarity of the borders. After coloring, take a transparent gel and fix the eyebrows.

Makeup with shadows

Shadows can also be used to shape and color your eyebrows. A beveled brush will help with this. Take the brush and go over your eyebrow, adjusting the shade according to your hair color.

Permanent Makeup

In case the eyebrows are too thin or too light, girls often turn their attention to the permanent makeup procedure. It is a procedure where pigment is injected under the skin, which lasts for about a year and allows you to forget about eyebrow makeup in the morning.

A master performs permanent makeup in a salon. The most popular request for today is the powder spraying of the eyebrows. It gives the most natural result.

Laminating eyebrows in the salon

In the salon, you can also do such a procedure as eyebrow lamination. This is a long-term styling procedure that allows the hairs to take the desired shape without using additional products in the form of a gel. Laminating also involves a process for coloring and shaping the eyebrows.

Mistakes In Eyebrow Design

  1. It would help if you did not draw the curve at the eyebrows too close to the center of the face – in this case, the face will look angry.
  2. It is necessary to thoroughly blend the color so as not to encounter excessive brightness. You can take an eyebrow brush or a cotton swab for this purpose.
  3. It would help if you did not take an eyebrow pencil in tone with the hair. In this case, it may be darker than required. It is better to take one or two shades lighter.
  4. It is not necessary to achieve perfect symmetry. Since the person’s face is asymmetrical a priori, the eyebrows can also differ a bit. The main thing is to pay attention to the beginning and the end of the eyebrow – they should be the same.

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