Nail Shapes: Almond Square Ballerina Oval Sharp

The perfect manicure is every girl’s dream. And one of the main reasons why even the best polish does not look very presentable on our hands is the selection of the wrong nail shape. To avoid this, let’s find out how to choose the right nail shape among such wide varieties.

Almond Nail Shapes

This type is the most popular and favorite among females. And all thanks to the fact that it not only visually lengthens the fingers but also makes the hands more feminine.

It is not suitable for everyone: it is advised only for those who have thin fingers.

The right almonds

This shape has two variations; the right almond is the most common type. Any flooring will look very stylish with this design.

How to make a good almond: file away the square corners and give them a slightly visible outline of a trapezoid, then round them.

Spicy almonds

Owners of sharp almond design can always boast a spectacular manicure. They will go exceptionally well with a coating of bright colors. Making the presented almond is not tricky: do not round off with a file as much at the end as in the classic version.

Square Nail Shapes

Women do not choose the square type as often as the previous one. The reason is that this type is quite “fastidious” and corresponds only to women with little hands and not wide fingers.

How to make

The square is not as difficult as it seems:

  1. Trim to the length you desire.
  2. File the sides so that the nails are straight. Saw the top edge down to an even stripe.
  3. Saw both sides at an angle.

Soft square

An excellent idea for those who want a square design but aren’t sure if it will work for them.

Making a soft square should follow the same technique, only slightly round the corners at the end stage.

Ballerina Nail Shapes

This type got its exciting name for its similarity to pointe nails. Initially, the manicure was performed only on manicured nails because they are more durable, and it is easier to carve clear lines from them. But now masters do it on a natural base as well.

“Ballerina” looks stylish and extravagant on its own, so it does not require a bright design. Girls often choose a matte finish with a minimal amount of rhinestones. Ideal for those with little hands and long fingers.

How to make

Stick to the following algorithm:

  1. Give the nail plate the outline of an oval.
  2. File the top end to form an even strip.
  3. The angle of inclination on the sides should reach about 45 degrees.
  4. File the corners to almost right angles.

Oval Nail Shapes

The main feature of this form is its execution. It is straightforward to execute, and the manicure will look neat in any case. It goes well with medium and shorter lengths. If you want to emphasize the gracefulness of the hands, then feel free to choose this proven oval.

Sharp Nail Shapes

This type is the most vulnerable, so it is recommended to strengthen the gel before applying nail polish so that nothing breaks during wear. This type can be afforded by any representative with a strong base and an elongated nail bed.

The advantages of this option:

  • the hand seems more graceful;
  • the fingers seem to be longer;
  • Even a single-color coating will delight you with an expensive and elegant appearance.

Round Nail Shapes

An excellent choice for people with a wide nail plate and short nails. It is made the same way as the oval, only the ends closer to the root are rounded more.

Stiletto Nail Shape

“Stiletto” is done only on the inflated nails, as it requires a very long length, which is quite problematic to grow. Therefore, for fans of naturalness, this option immediately falls away.

Masters distinguish several types of stiletto nails:

  • “Peek” is for those with wide nails who want to narrow them visually. This is the most pointed interpretation.
  • “Faceted stilettos” are the most unusual variety and very difficult to execute.
  • “Gothic” is just as chiseled as the first, but it looks incredibly spectacular.
  • “Sword” is the most “narrow” variety. The master must try hard to make the ends resemble a sword.

The advantages of this view:

  1. Suitable for wide nails, it visually elongates the nail bed.
  2. You can experiment – a wide variety of designs are open to you, so it will be perfect for those who like to try new things.
  3. Immediately draws attention to the hands.
  4. Make any image even brighter.

Best Nail Shape For Short Fingers

Owners of short nails often ask themselves this question because they want to have beautiful hands. The best manicure will look on the following forms:

  1. Round
  2. Oval
  3. Square

They are sure to guarantee that any coverage will make an unforgettable impression.

Best Nail Shape For Long Nails

For fans of long nails opens up a wide range of options for the design of the nail plate; the most suitable are:

  1. Almond
  2. “Ballerina.”
  3. Spicy
  4. “Stiletto.”

These varieties will help owners of such nails to find a genuinely bright, creative, and eye-catching manicure.

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