Most Expensive Manicure in The World

In women’s grooming, naturalness is considered a classic. But an important place in the beauty industry is the desire to stand out with nail art. This is a common trend. Some women want to make the most exclusive manicure. Celebrities and the very rich can afford such luxury.

How much is the most expensive manicure in the world, and where do they do it?

Fifty-one thousand dollars. They make it in London, but a team of nail stylists flies out to the customer as well.

The most expensive and luxurious options

Women have a weakness for luxury. And they want to make their nails very exquisite and unique.

Expensive manicure is obtained when covering and decorating the nails used:

  • diamonds;
  • gemstones;
  • platinum;
  • gold plating;
  • pearls.

Some of the lavish manicures include just one bold and brilliantly colored nail with tiny crushed diamonds in the liquid. Other opulent manicures are completed with large diamonds or other jewels worth thousands of dollars.

Either way, expensive nail art is one of the best ways for the wealthiest women to pamper themselves and show off their style.

With diamonds

Not only ordinary women are friends with diamonds, but also manicure masters. The art of manicure with diamonds is called “Ised Diamond Manicure”.

Such a manicure can be done at Cherish Me, a London beauty studio, “only” for 51 thousand dollars. The owner of Cherish Angula salon gave the idea and came up with the design.

Nail designs using gemstones are thought out in detail and implemented in life. In this manicure, except for 10-carat diamonds and transparent nail polish, nothing is used. The technique is a bit like the French manicure, with the significant difference that the tips of the nail are covered with diamonds.

Despite the fact that the beauty salon is located in Dorchester, London – anyone from anywhere in the world can have her diamond nails done. Masters fly in specially for such an order.

This is used by celebrities who dream of such luxury. For example, singer Katy Perry decorated her nails with diamonds before the MTV Europe Music Awards.

With gemstones

Other gemstones also look equally gorgeous on the nails:

  • rubies
  • sapphires
  • Emeralds

Leighton Denny, beauty expert and owner of Day Spa and Saloon in London, started using them in the design. The price of such a manicure reaches 32 thousand dollars. This kind of art has become popular among Arabian princesses. In the first month of the appearance of such a service in the salon for the precious manicure registered about 170 people.

Those wishing to get such a manicure have to stock up on patience and wait their turn.

With diamonds

Clear, transparent nail polish and diamonds of various sizes are the main components of this manicure. Then it can be removed, disposing of the diamonds as you see fit. They can also be used for subsequent application on the nails.

The most coveted in this category is a coating of Azature’s famous diamond varnish.

For those looking for a manicure that’s full of shine and can’t chip, diamond nail rings are the right option. Nail rings designed by Jules Kim tend to have an interchangeable shape and a diamond.

Jules Kim is the owner and creator of Bijules jewelry. She says that all of her pieces are “forever,” as they are made from the most luxurious components. The racy rings cost over $30,000 per set.

With platinum

The original platinum lacquer was released in 2005 in Las Vegas in a limited edition. The lacquer is made of pure platinum, a precious, silvery-white metal. It is one of the rarest elements in the world. Therefore, a manicure in real platinum is only for the elite.

There are cheaper versions of this manicure, but the difference is noticeable.

Gold Manicure

London can be considered the center of the most expensive manicure. In one of the hotels on the famous Piccadilly Street is the Ritz salon, where the masters offer a service of gold manicure. The idea belongs to Jeff Pink. He is also known as the founder of the nail care brand Orly.

A gold manicure will cost $120. The master will do:

  • coverage;
  • moisturizing bath;
  • massage with olive oil.

The procedure takes about an hour and a half.

By the way, celebrities also love gold manicures. In 2012, pop singer Riana, who was awarded the Grammy, painted her nails with gold nail polish from Red Carpet Manicure for $5,000.

Worthy of the Guinness Book of Records

The most expensive manicure, which could get into the Guinness Book of Records, was made in Israel. It was covered with large, exclusive-cut diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and amethysts. It cost about a million shekels (about $300,000). The action of the most expensive manicure was held by the largest store of the Israeli diamond exchange Ramat Gan Diamond Center (RD).

This luxurious treatment was done by Anna Perelmuter, a manicurist and teacher of design and art painting at Yulliaschoo. According to Roman Kushnir, an expert on precious stones, for this manicure were used more than 100 small diamonds weighing 4.25 carats, more than 30 rubies and sapphires weighing 0.9 carats, 2 carats of amethysts and 2 large white diamonds totaling 4 carats.

All this fortune adorned the hands of Yulia Danilochkina. She was the winner of a Facebook contest organized for Israeli women who speak Russian. “I practically couldn’t breathe, realizing that I had diamonds on my hands, and it was worth an apartment in Tel Aviv,” Yulia said later about her impressions.

Source: Vesty Israel, Facebook

“Celebrity manicure for a million

Without a doubt, the leader of the most expensive manicure and the owner of the most expensive nails in the world was lucky singer and actress Kelly Osborne. At the 2013 Azature Black Diamond Affair charity auction in Los Angeles, she presented a diamond-cut nail polish from the famous Azatur jewelry brand. The lacquer was filled with 98-carat white diamonds.

“Million Dollar Nails” was the headline in the media and the caption to her photo. It was a fabulous 1,500,000 (from 1,000,000 – by different estimates) dollars equal to the cost of her manicure at the time.

Source: Getty images, Instagram

Money from the sale of the polish at the auction went to the Colon Cancer Foundation, whose founder was Kelly’s mother, Sharon Osborne.

The world’s most expensive varnish

At the moment, the most expensive varnish is created by Azature. This piece with black diamonds is called Azature Black Diamond. Its bottle contains 267 carats of diamonds. The product was released in a single copy and cost $250,000.

In second place among the most expensive gel polishes is Gold Rush Couture. With this nail polish, your nails shine like diamonds on a gold plate. The lid of the bottle is handmade of gold and studded with real diamonds. The cost of nail polish is 130 thousand dollars.


Elle Cosmetics’ $55,000 I Do platinum powder polish is ranked third among the most expensive and exquisite polishes. It is considered ideal for wedding manicures. They say it’s worth the money.

A lot of women can afford expensive nail polish. But only few can afford to decorate their nails with platinum polish or make a manicure with diamonds. So if you want to pamper yourself, imitate the most expensive manicures in the world. For example, replace the diamond crumbs with sequins, instead of precious stones, use rhinestones. Give yourself pleasure and make a beautiful manicure in affordable ways.

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