Models And Photos Of How To Wear Blue Sandals

Blue sandals are chic, festive shoes that make you look irresistible and feel like a real queen. Today we will learn how to properly combine blue sandals with other items of clothing and accessories.

Models That Look Great

To begin with, consider what types of blue sandals are now very popular:

  1. Platform shoes.
  2. Blue sandals with a heel.
  3. Models decorated with stones and rhinestones.
  4. Suede shoes.
  5. Blue sandals on a wedge heel.
  6. Lacquer models.
  7. Shoes with the original pattern.

How To Choose The Right Bottom For Your Sandals

You can wear blue sandals with jeans. In this case, choose lacquered shoes without excessive embellishments. Jeans can be white, dark blue and navy. Wear pink or aquamarine bottoms to experiment. The skirt will perfectly complement the image with blue sandals. It is advisable to have a flared model just above the knee. Skirts with pleats in white, beige and light pink will do. The image does not work well with dark models. Try to wear a bright yellow flared skirt and patent blue sandals. This is the perfect summer combination.

Fashionable mid-length jumplook greats will look great under women’s platform sandals. Denim in a light shade is ideal for the model. Try to find sandals with a more restrained style if the clothes have a lot of fittings and inserts. Strict pants do not go well with such shoes. An exception can be made only for fitted models in light shades. Pants of beige, cream or gray would be look greatable.

Denim shorts are a stylish combination with blue sandals. You will be able to emphasize the beauty of your feet while walking in the summer. For a casual look, choose shoes without unnecessary decorations. Let it be a pair of lacquered platform sandals.

How To Choose The Right Top For Your Sandals

  1. Brown short top is perfect for hot summer days. It will suit under sandals with shiny stones.
  2. A light-coloured T-shirt will harmonize with high-heeled shoes. Take clothes in yellow, pink or white. If you get chilly on a summer evening, you can wear a stylish dark blue jacket over the shirt.
  3. Colored tunic with patterns is the best option for still warm autumn. Under such an outfit will suit sandals with blue print.
  4. A stylish plaid shirt in pink or yellow fabric goes well with platform sandals. The sleeves of the shirt should not cover the elbow.
  5. A feminine T-shirt with rhinestones will suit wonderfully under platform sandals. If there is a stylish inscription on the clothes, then it is desirable that the shoes should be without unnecessary decorations. They can “argue” with a too bright top.

What Dress Would Look Great With Blue Sandals?

Blue shoes can be worn to a graduation or a festive event. You will be irresistible in such sandals on your girlfriend’s birthday or at the disco. Let’s choose a bright and original dress to wear with such shoes:

  • A tight yellow outfit will contrast with the blue sandals and create a unique image. Patent shoes are recommended.
  • Under a stylish black dress with rhinestones will suit perfectly sandals made of suede fabric. They can be decorated with large stones.
  • A short blue dress will allow you to open your legs and show their beauty. The skirt of the outfit can be both flared and tight. Under this image you need to take sandals on a high and thin stiletto heel.
  • Under a white outfit to wear blue sandals is quite a bold decision. But if you add to the image a blue sash and a clutch in the colour of the shoes, then you get a chic and expensive image.
  • A delicate blue floor-length dress will perfectly harmonize with sandals. It is important that part of the shoes must be visible through the bottom of the outfit.

Creating A Fashionable Image For A Romantic Date

To be delicate, feminine and seductive, you need to intelligently combine sandals with clothing. Here are the images you can create for a meeting with your loved one:

  • Mini denim skirt and bright yellow tank top is a perfect duo. The outfit is matched with lacquered sandals with a delicate bow. Take with you a small white handbag on a thin blue handle.
  • A delicate pink tunic will perfectly emphasize the romanticism of the event. Under it you should wear neutral white or cream leggings and blue platform sandals. Don’t forget to take a pink shoulder bag.

A dress with a bright pattern, knee-length is appropriate for a romantic dinner. Under it you can wear women’s sandals with a print on a medium heel. The handbag here should be neutral, without unnecessary jewelry and bright colours.

Creating A Look For Every Day

To be on top every day and look original, you can experiment with these images:

  • Short white shorts with holes and rhinestones will work under a bright pink T-shirt on one shoulder. Wear under the outfit with platform sandals decorated with stones.
  • A stylish white denim jumpsuit along with a thin blue belt will go perfectly with these shoes. You can wear a bright hat decorated with a blue bow.
  • Pink jeans combined with a cream tank top is the perfect look. The sandals will contrast with the outfit and immediately attract rapturous looks. Choose a large-sized purse necessarily of blue colour.
  • Short white breeches with a white leather top will be suitable for a summer walk. Under such an image you need to wear medium length heeled shoes. If there will be a stylish print on the sandals – this is only a plus. Handbag can be a small size.
  • Leopard jumpsuit made of light fabric is a fashion trend of the year. Blue glittery platform sandals will go perfectly with it. Handbag for such an image should be an unusual shape. Take a clutch bag in the form of a strawberry or watermelon. Ideal summer image ready!

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