Mittens: Embrace Comfort Warmth

Mittens are especially popular among women: they cover only the base of the fingers, leaving a flawless manicure in sight. In them, the wrist is sufficiently insulated even in frosty weather, and hand movements are not constrained.

Modern mittens gloves look like oblong items sewn from fabric (knitwear, satin, leather, guipure, lace, etc.) or connected with needles and crochet. They cover the wrist and upper part of the palms. The length can reach the forearm. Many of them fasten with buttons, hooks or buttons. Among their operational advantages are the following qualities:

  • Protection against cold and damp;
  • The possibility of combining with a variety of holiday and casual outfits;
  • Freedom of movement of the fingers (essential if you have to use gadgets on the street);
  • stylish and elegant at the same time.

Fur, velvet, velvet and tweed models help to create luxurious feminine ensembles appropriate for any situation – from the working day to the colorful parties.

Trendy Materials

A variety of fabrics and textures can be used in this aspect, with the following requirements:

  • Providing warmth and comfort;
  • They should not irritate or chafe the skin;
  • The finished product must retain its shape and pristine attractiveness;
  • It is important that the models can be easily removed and put on.

Knitted mittens are usually made of acrylic or cotton yarn. They make the skin breathe. The products are very elastic and soft.

Original leather mittens attract interesting performance. They are not afraid of moisture and are adapted to intensive wear, helping to create a spectacular image. In addition to the authentic biker style, women’s leather mittens can be worn with trendy suits, casual jeans, and various dresses.

Openwork mittens, sewn with silk, satin or satin, usually complement evening outfits. With their help it is easy to make a romantic, delicate ensemble. Stylized lace mittens can also be created from guipure – this material is more elastic and comfortable. Such products perfectly harmonize with the vintage style in clothing, the most popular is considered black coloring, although the available palette is not limited by it at all. Translucent material slightly exposes the skin, thus emphasizing the delicacy and elegance of the hand.

In winter, mittens with fur are becoming in demand: the fluffy trim is usually located on the upper half of the product. The texture is delightful to the touch and suits tranquil looks. It can have different colors. Fur mittens are often used as a key accent in the composition of holiday ensembles.

Silk and satin are valued because they retain color for a long time, look luxurious and do not weigh down the image. Lightweight silk mittens go with blouses, dresses and sundresses. These practical products are not afraid of frequent washings. They are sewn with interesting patterns and colors. Like mittens made of lace, models of such smooth fabrics look very spicy. They create an aura of mystery and sexuality.

Cozy woolen mittens with a down texture are very comfortable to wear. They are light and warm, save even from severe cold, and allow the skin to breathe. The only weak point is that the light variations should not be worn with monochrome dark clothes, as the fluff flecks on them will be very noticeable.

Mittens Types Based On Use

If we take into account the size, we can distinguish short and long models. The latter can reach up to the forearm. Usually, they are warm mittens. They are appropriate in cool weather, often replacing the sleeves. They can be combined with down and fur vests. Short variations, in turn, do not reach the elbow. They are worn with tops, sleeveless blouses, T-shirts, denim and leather jackets.

Long products can be slightly rolled up or pulled together just below the elbow – such an image looks very original. It is not necessary to look for them in tandem with sleeveless clothing. If desired, long women’s knitted mittens can be worn with the usual coats, jackets or coats – in this case. Their top edge will be hidden.

The mittens-transformers are loved by those who prioritize protection from frost. Here the one-piece upper part, resembling mittens, is combined with the lower part thanks to a button. If desired, this detail will completely hide and keep your fingers warm. When necessary, they can be removed and left as lapels. There are knitted wool and acrylic product categories in this segment. There are also thinner knitted pieces. Such mittens made of thick yarn, linked by hand, are quite popular – decorated with colored ornaments, volumetric patterns, beads and decorative buttons.

Sports mittens are sewn from fabrics with sufficient elasticity, keeping warmth, protecting the skin from damage. Their main feature is the maximum practicality, functionality. Such products are easy to use, they can be quickly removed and put on, they do not restrict movement. Such ranges are common among shooters, cyclists, professional biathletes.

Black leather women’s mittens have rightly symbolized the attributes of bikers. They are preferred by girls who adhere to an informal closet. Such rulers cover the wrist and partly the fingers. The decor is rivets and steel buttons.

Most Delicate Gloves For Wedding

Wedding models distinguish special grace and tenderness. Usually, their length is slightly below the elbow. In the cold season, fashion designers suggest paying attention to snow-white accessories made of velour, felt, and velvet; spring-summer months are appropriate for satin or lace products with intricate patterns. Why mittens? They allow you to wear an engagement ring during the ceremony without affecting the integrity of the image.

The original high mittens were designed for weddings and are held by a special loop on the middle finger. They are appropriate in tandem with a dress that has short sleeves or even open shoulders.

This category of products organically harmonizes with the thematic costume jewelry. The wrist may be decorated with artificial flowers made of fabrics such as silk and the most delicate velvet. Gloves with natural stones – onyx, quartz, jade, opal, milk agate and diamonds – will set off a white outfit advantageously. Mittens with beads look cute and suitable for a young bride, and they symbolize purity, naivety and innocence. You can also choose self-sufficient mittens with rhinestones and models trimmed with gold or silver threads for the wedding dress.

Matching Tips

Deciding what to wear mittens, you must remember that products in the black range look great with denim and leather jackets, dresses, skirts and pants of any style. White models are usually used with wedding dresses. They are also appropriate in the setting of a romantic evening.

Pink mittens in the boho style and red and orange will appropriately emphasize extraordinary, provocative ensembles. Knitted copies can be not only monotonous but also patterned, composed of yarn of several colors. The most common variants of patterns on mittens are stripes, snow motifs, national ornaments, and Lapland style.

In winter, mittens made of mohair are topical – their mere appearance represents coziness, the warmth of the hearth, and peacefulness. Mohair gloves are usually mottled because the yarn is made of mohair yarns of consonant or contrasting colors.

When choosing mittens, you must pay attention to unusual patterns which decorate fingerless gloves. This season’s trendy pieces are those with deer, convex animal faces, owls, three-dimensional flowers, and kittens against a beige background. Variations with volume braids are also modern – knitted by hand from wool or woolen yarn, and a special arrangement of loops forms an original pattern. Especially advantageous are braiding in a monochrome version; this truly aristocratic texture looks perfect on a small narrow palm.

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