Midi Skirt: Popular Styles And Stylish Combinations

A Midi skirt is that elegant skirt, the length of which reaches from the knees to mid-calf. Simply put, it is a skirt of medium length – not long, but not short. This summer, such a skirt shone: it was gladly worn by many world stars when going out. Stella McCartney and Emma Stone – these and many other celebrities appreciated the feminine and comfortable midi skirt. And what is it suitable for?

Classic midi skirt – the must have in every girl’s closet

The Story Of The Midi Skirt

The incomparable Coco Chanel introduced the fashion of midi skirts in the 1940s. She decided that the ankle is one of the most seductive parts of the female body, so it is not necessary to hide it. Of course, for such innovation, Chanel was ready to tear it to pieces. Society is full of prejudices. What can you do? Nevertheless, ladies were happy to wear the fashion designer’s innovation.

The midi-skirt blossomed only in the 1970s when British fashion designer Mary Quant presented a sensational discovery to the world – the miniskirt. That’s when midi skirts started to be worn more often. Subsequently, designers began to experiment with the styles of this skirt. The pencil skirt, bell skirt, sun skirt and gode skirt were among the most popular skirts at the time. These styles also inspired modern designers: in 2021-2022, fashion houses Valentino, Michael Kors, Lanvin, Christian Dior and many others presented models of midi skirts in their famous collections.

A white midi skirt with transparent inserts looks excellent with a black top.

Features Of The Midi Skirt

Midi-length skirt is very capricious: it “does not like” girls with some features of the figure. So, young ladies of short stature should not pay attention to this skirt, and if it is worth it, then only on the one that slightly covers the knees – thus, the silhouette will seem higher. Ladies with thick legs are also not recommended midi-skirt. At least the one that ends in the middle of the widest part of the calf. Otherwise, the legs will seem even thicker.

Caprice midi skirt is also reduced to the fact that it “requires” carefully selected details of clothing and accessories. It is enough to remember the iron rule: a flared skirt – a fitted top, and vice versa. A trapeze midi-skirt must be worn with elegant pumps shoes. A tight midi-skirt will perfectly complement the classic high-heeled shoes or the image with long boots.

Who Should Wear A Midi Skirt

A skirt of medium length will suit any young lady, but only if you choose the right style and correctly set the accents. The improperly chosen skirt will visually distort the proportions of the figure. The most suitable shoes for such a skirt are high-heeled shoes. The material of the skirt and shoes should be in harmony with each other. Light, the translucent fabric is better combined with a thin stiletto and dense – with solid shoes or a wide heel.

Pink midi skirt and accessories

Midi Skirt Styles

Pencil skirt to the knee. This skirt can visually elongate the figure if you follow all the fitting rules.

Business black midi skirt

A silhouette skirt or trapeze, as it is also called. This is a very comfortable cut: it can hide the obvious flaws of a woman’s figure.

Comfortable and stylish A-silhouette midi skirt

Fluffy skirt. It can visually increase the hips and create the image of a coquettish and romantic young lady.

Fluffy midi skirt in light fabrics

Skirt to the middle of the calf. The most capricious cut, as it is not suitable for everyone. When choosing a skirt of this style, you should objectively assess the shape of your legs.

Midi skirt cut to mid-calf.

How To Determine Which Style Is Right For You?

  • If you are quite a tall girl with a thin waist and a feminine shape of the hips, then a pencil skirt will suit you perfectly. A midi skirt with a high waist will also come in handy – it will visually lengthen your legs.
  • Opt for a trapeze skirt if you have a “triangle” figure.
  • If you are tall and have narrow hips, feel free to choose a puffed skirt.
  • If you have extra pounds, a puffy skirt with a high waist will help hide them.
  • If you are short, wear a skirt just above the knee.

Midi skirt goes well with heels

What To Combine A Midi Skirt With

Any midi-skirt accentuates the waist, so the ideal top in this situation are sweater and turtlenecks. Tops, jackets and jackets with oval shoulders can also quite cope with this role. Fur products will look perfect with a leather midi skirt in the cold season. The denim skirt will be chic paired with a tight plaid shirt and pleated – with mohair sweaters and tweed jackets. The plaid skirt should be worn with monochrome shirts and thin cardigans. An office pencil skirt should be combined with a strict blouse or a laconic jacket.

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