Mesh Tights For An Elegant Look

For a long time, society was dominated by the opinion that only women of easy virtue wear mesh tights to seduce men. Now fashion allows them to be worn by all the fair sex and even combines them with the business style. Mesh tights became a seasonal trend. Still, it is important to find a line between sophistication and vulgarity and not overstep it.

Wide mesh tights

Mesh Tights Types

The colors of tights can be very diverse. The classic version – black mesh – is the easiest to combine with many clothing elements. It is a trend that can be included in the most fashionable female images. The main types of tights:

  • Tights in a fine mesh. Suitable for different kinds of shapes. Girls with thin and angular legs can choose a beige mesh, not so much to draw attention to the legs. Small mesh is easier to bring in everyday looks;
  • Tights in a large mesh. If you choose this model, make sure the leg does not look grotesque. Too large and full legs should not choose very tight tights.

Mesh tights in combination with a dress

For young girls are offered colored models – fashionable tights in 2022. Among them – lettuce, purple, yellow, raspberry, blue and other colors. Complement such products in a girl’s image should be accessories of the same shade: beads, scarf, earrings, bag, bracelet. So you will create a youthful and playful look.

Shiny mesh tights

Mesh Tights: Who Are They For?

Young girls and business ladies can wear such stockings, matching them to their image. Black tights are worn only with black shoes and dark clothes. You can create perfect business looks: combine black stockings with a dark pencil skirt to the knee or a dress, the skirt which ends at the knee.

Mesh tights with booties

White mesh tights are most often worn at weddings. But in everyday life, they can be combined with a dark sundress or skirt and black shoes. Create a look like a schoolgirl. White stockings are more suitable for girls with skinny legs, as the white color gives fullness.

Black mesh tights

Mesh tights with miniskirt

Nude-colored tights help to achieve a romantic and delicate image. They are worn by girls of all ages in the office and for romantic meetings. Beige stockings look beautiful, with clothes in cream, white, turquoise, and beige shades. The smaller the mesh in tights, the more refined a girl looks. Large mesh is not suitable for all ladies.

Mesh tights with jeans

Mesh Tights: What To Combine With

There are many options with what to wear mesh tights. Let’s consider a few options for combining them with other closet pieces.

Grunge tights

Black products fit a variety of clothing. They are considered the most popular with women. Bold girls may well go for a walk with friends in shorts, black mesh tights and tops. As the shoes are used, massive shoes complement the image of a voluminous bag. If you want to look feminine and modest, to black tights in fine mesh, advise wearing a dress with no extras to the knee length, a short leather jacket and shoes or boots with a medium heels.

Combination mesh tights

Nude-colored mesh tights will fit perfectly into the image of a lady. They are quite in harmony with a classic dress or skirt, with loafers or high-heeled shoes. It is better to buy tights with a medium size mesh tights.

Mesh tights with combi dress

Tights in a grid with a pattern – a frank choice of lovely ladies, suitable for such a product for cocktail parties and recreation in clubs. Wear on holiday a dress of medium length with a simple cut, decorated with a bright print, comfortable shoes and tights with a mysterious pattern.

Red mesh tights

Black or nude-colored mesh tights are worn with short jeans or capri pants. Not recommended to wear tights of this type with very short skirts, so your image acquires a note of vulgarity. For tights to look effective, all other clothing should be restrained.

Fine mesh tights

Tips For Wearing Mesh Tights

Fashion today allows the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity a wide choice of images depending on their tastes and preferences. For mesh tights to fit flawlessly into your looks, keep an eye out for these moments:

  • Pay attention to the size of the mesh. Decline the large mesh tights if your legs are not ideal – too full or too thin. You are better off choosing products in the small or medium mesh;
  • Mesh tights look more beautiful with shoes with heels, which are combined with them in color;
  • If you wear colored tights, the dress or skirt should be the same color. A blouse, t-shirt, scarf, or jacket should be of a neutral color.

Mesh socks

This year’s trend, such as mesh tights, is loved by famous designers, including it in their shows on the fashion podiums. Among the many fashionable images, you are sure to find the right look for yourself.

Mesh tights in a casual look

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