Mascara On Eyebrows

Wide, bushy, and natural eyebrows are firmly established as a trend of this decade and will probably remain popular for a long time. In makeup nowadays, all trends are focused on naturalness, albeit artificially created. That’s why there are more and more interesting cosmetic products every year. Now to achieve the effect of natural bushy eyebrows helps special mascara.

Eyebrow Mascara: Why You Need It

The product comes in a small volume container with a brush. The mascara itself has a light gel-like structure. Brushes come in various shapes and sizes. They are small with short villi.

The mascara comes in a colorless gel or colored tint format. The first is available in all colors, from light to black. It colors the eyebrows and can partially add hairs for better density. The colorless one often contains caring components, so its action is more gentle. It can be used on top of a shadow or pencil or its own for fixation. Additional ingredients include glycogen, vitamins, plant extracts, and oils.

Eyebrow mascara can be used to:

  • make the eyebrows thicker;
  • tint the hairs;
  • to arrange unruly eyebrows, sloppily or neatly one to one;
  • improve the condition of the hair.

Mascara, Pencil Or Shadow

Everyone chooses “his” product. It’s a matter of taste. However, these three products perform slightly different tasks.

Mascara fixes the natural shape well. It is enough only if your eyebrows are wide and dark. To create a perfect look, it’s better to combine it with a pencil or shadow.

An eyebrow pencil can help draw out missing hairs or give a more precise contour to your eyebrows. Shadows fill in the empty space and can be used to create an eyebrow contour. But it is a rougher tool. With a pencil, you can draw just a few hairs, while shadows are primarily used by those who do not have thick eyebrows.

How To Choose A Mascara For Eyebrows

The product is easy to use, although if your eyebrows have been laminated, you’ll have to struggle. They are docile, but they must lie perfectly one-to-one. When choosing a mascara, you need to consider: color, shape, hardness of the brush, and water resistance. In the latter aspect, there are only two options. Please choose one of them according to your needs.


The choice here is not as wide as for pencils or shadows, depending on the manufacturer. Be sure to use testers.

  • Blondes choose beige colors, 1-2 tones darker than the natural hair. Ash-blonde will require a gray shade.
  • For blond girls, everything is simple – light shades of brown will work perfectly.
  • Brunettes. shades, depending on the shade of the eyebrows, can take a dark brown, black or gray, usually 1-2 tones lighter than the native shade.
  • Redheads will have a difficult search, but a terracotta shade is quite feasible to find, or it is worth trying golden-brown tones.

You can also find the brightest colors on sale: yellow, purple, pink, and blue. They are used for spectacular images for a photo shoot, party, or scene.


Brushes are almost always similar to a mascara brush, but there are modifications for the lover:

  • expanded form with a ball-shaped tip;
  • tapered at the end;
  • beveled shape.

There are products with microfibers. This mascara is suitable for filling small voids. It creates the appearance of natural hair.

The appearance of the brush is usually chosen according to the eyebrows’ width and shape. A beveled and tapered brush is suitable for the sharp geometric shape and thin eyebrows, and an expanded brush for wide and flowing eyebrows.

The stiffness of the brush can only be determined with your fingers. If your eyebrows are thick and unruly, choosing a stiffer brush with thick hairs is better.

Eyebrow Mascara Application Tips

If the theory is clear, then in practice, there are difficulties. Therefore, here are some tips that will help in mastering the mascara for eyebrows:

  1. Make one steady downward motion from the bridge of your nose to the corner of your eyebrow. Then it would help if you made a half-circle downwards, heading towards the tip.
  2. For laminated eyebrows, use another method: brush the hairs downwards with a simple brush, then arrange them upwards with mascara without touching the skin.
  3. It is possible to touch the mascara for the second time only after the first layer has dried. But it is better not to do it at all. You will get a thick layer with lumps.
  4. If there is an extra layer, take a usual brush and brush the hair. This way, you can separate them and remove the excess pigment. If dry particles have fallen on your face, brush them away with a powder brush.
  5. Apply eye shadow or pencil first, then mascara as a fixation and finishing touch.

The hairs on the eyebrows are pretty soft, so the mascara can be arranged in the right direction, fill in small gaps and end up with any effect: from light daily sloppiness to dainty elegance and a striking look for a party.

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