Manicure with white on one hand and black on the other

Fresh trends are always interesting. One hand black – the other white! Such a different manicure is sure to attract attention and make the owner of beautiful nails stand out from the crowd.

Manicure coating types

The final look depends greatly on the length and shape of the nail plate. Such a bright and contrasting design in itself looks quite provocative.

A combination with an aggressive shape and a long length will not suit every girl. Such a manicure will be inappropriate in the office or at school.

The type of coating also plays a big role. The wrong design can spoil the mood until the next correction.


Gloss is a classic option. The advantage of this solution is the bright, saturated shades. With this coating, even a monochrome manicure looks very effective.

But the gloss has one significant disadvantage – it emphasizes all the shortcomings.

In such bright colors, the mistakes of the master are especially evident.

Therefore, this type of coating can be chosen only if you are confident in the quality of your manicure.


The matte texture smooths out the contrast. Black nails appear dark graphite.

The lack of bright glitter is not as eye-catching, so any designs seem less provocative.

The black and white matte texture, diluted with contrasting patterns, makes the design almost delicate.

Non-glossy materials are easier to work with. They usually have a thicker texture, don’t spread as much, and hold the “right” shape better.


A velvet finish is the dream of all beginners. The embossed texture reliably hides all the imperfections of the work.

However, this design has one significant disadvantage – this manicure is not to everyone’s liking. After all, the 3D volume design visually thickens the nails, making them more coarse and sloppy.

With this coating, the colors also become more muted, which hides the distance between opposing shades.

If the main purpose of the contrast manicure is to attract attention, you can choose sand with glitter for a velvet finish. In this option, the nails will shine despite the lack of gloss.

Manicure design options

Naturally, the main accent of the design will be the “different hands”. But, manicure masters are in some way creative individuals. They have already come up with a huge number of options for implementing the main idea.

And the process of developing new designs does not stop for a minute. It is true that progress is made by trial and error.


Nothing superfluous – one hand light, the other dark.

The main emphasis is on the quality of performance.

In this option, it is better to choose not too long and calm shapes (oval, soft square, etc.).

Different texture

One hand in one color, the other in another.

The combination of matte and glossy finish will emphasize the polarity of the design.

In this design it is desirable not to overload the nails with additional decorations. The style of minimalism will be the best one.


Marble design has long been popular. After all, a stylish marble on the nails can draw even a self-taught person. “Different pens” will make such a design more original, bringing a fresh touch to the beloved drawing.

Plant motifs

Floral leaves are not necessarily bright colors and natural tones. Such patterns look very stylish in a monochrome palette as well.

If black flowers seem too gloomy and sad, then you can add a few auxiliary shades. The main thing is not to overdo it and keep the main idea. The complementary tones should be muted so that they don’t draw attention to themselves.

With pattern

Doing the nails on one hand black and white on the other, you need, first of all, to remember about the sense of proportion. An abundance of multifarious drawings and rhinestones in tandem with such bold shades will make the manicure pretentious and tasteless.

Much more interesting will look quieter and neater patterns in the same palette.

If you want “everything and more,” it is better to choose a matte top. It will smooth out the contrast and soften the overly provocative look.

You can add integrity to the design by adding a little “tip” if the designs on the hands do not match. You can do one nail of a “foreign” color on each hand – and the contrast won’t be so obvious.


Broken lines, angles, squares and triangles – this ornament looks quite aggressive, but it hides the differences between left and right hand.

There are two design options:

  • the pattern is present on all nail plates, but on one hand the pattern is black on a white background, and on the other – vice versa;

  • The same black and white pattern is applied to several fingers on different hands. The rest of the nail plates are covered with monochrome nail polish, but the left one is dark and the right one is light (or vice versa).


Cobweb is another simple but spectacular design. It looks equally beautiful on almost any shape: almond, oval, square, ballerina. The options are limited only by the imagination of the master.

In such a black and white tandem, a silver cobweb fits in wonderfully. It can complement black designs on white nails, and vice versa.

This connecting link makes the manicure holistic and complete.

With rhinestones

Not everyone knows how to wear rhinestones on their nails. In most cases, such a manicure looks provincial and tasteless. Therefore, to combine such strong colors with no less dangerous jewelry should be with great caution. There is a risk of turning a stylish design into a blatant “something”.

When using stones, the best solution would be a single-color coating without patterns. Both black and white designs with rhinestones will look austere, but spectacular.

If you want a black coating with a pattern and rhinestones, then let the pattern be created from the stones themselves (the light part – similarly).

With a smooth transition

In this design, the final look depends heavily on the shape of the nail. Also, a lot depends on the execution. The master may only shade the middle. In this case, the ends and the base of the nails will have a pronounced black or white color.


Or the gradient will go from the beginning to the end of the nail. Then the nail will be almost gray, but it will be darker at one end and lighter at the other and vice versa.

With unequal proportions of polishes, the nail plate can turn out almost white with a smooth transition. In this case, the second handle is made almost completely black, only the well remains light.

If desired, the ombré can be made not monochrome, but complemented by an unobtrusive pattern, for example – marble.

This will smooth out the contrast not only between the “different hands,” but also between the dark and light part of the nail.

The same effect can be achieved with a velvet coating.

French manicure

Classic and reverse, with drawings and rhinestones – there are a myriad of French options. Everyone can find the best combination of contrasting colors.

An intermediate option is to make the French on both hands the same (two-color), and on one of the fingers to add black and, respectively, white pattern.

The main thing in this situation, the correct “smile” and pick up the appropriate length, otherwise the end result can be very disappointing (photo below).


Regardless of the shape and pattern, the first thing to pay attention to is the quality of technician. Even the most wonderful idea can be spoiled by a terrible implementation.

When choosing a design, you should always think about whether the master can do, “as in the photo” – or the design will have to change during the manicure.

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