Manicure that looks expensive and fashionable on any woman

A quality beautiful manicure is, without a doubt, a significant part of a beautiful woman’s look. Creating their look today, ladies choose a manicure that looks expensive.

And this approach to appearance is preferable not for nothing. After all, expensive means tasteful, making every woman unforgettable, luxurious and exquisite at any age and under any circumstances!

However, the notion of “manicure of a darling woman” can be interpreted not quite right. For example, to use too many colors, rhinestones and sequins is acceptable only for a masquerade or for the stage, where women’s nails are poorly visible for obvious reasons. In everyday life, it is more a sign of a provincial desire to try everything at once.

The rules of expensive manicure

In fact, a high-end manicure requires much less jewelry. The emphasis should be placed on the well-groomed appearance of your hands and nails. Therefore, pay attention to the following:

1. Length.

For a refined image, manicure masters recommend a medium length nails, which is also suitable for women of different professions and taste preferences. No less advantageous look long nails, on the surface of which you can perform any nail art. In this case, short nails will best emphasize a young age, love of sports or fashion preferences, but not the luxury of expensive manicure.

2. Form.

It is better to refuse aggressive catnails or sharp squares. For an expensive look, the shape “almond”, “oval” or “soft square” is suitable.

3. Cleaning.

It must be thorough and neat. It is not acceptable to leave burrs, cuticles and other skin excesses on fashionable hands.

4. Hand skin.

Everything in a woman’s fashionable look should be in harmony, and expensive designs will never look like that if you don’t pay attention to your hands as a whole. As they say, oils and creams to the rescue!

5. Color.

Considering that nail art is performed not for one day and probably not for one week – choose colors that will match, as the image of a businesswoman, and the image of a caring mother, housewife or a lover of extreme sports.

6. Quality.

Do not try to save money on nail polish or on a technician. After all, the quality of the work and materials will determine the attractiveness of the nail design and the durability of the coating.

7. Glitter and Rhinestones

Expensive nail-art does not prohibit them, and even welcomes the use of sparkling stones. However, in minimal quantities – literally on 1-2 nails.

Not only that, a manicure that looks expensive, but not costly – can be done with a transparent coating. In everyday life, it is the most practical and neat look for women’s hands, once again emphasizing their tenderness and grooming.

Fashionable colors

After your hands have received sufficient nourishment and care, as well as undergone preliminary preparation, it is necessary to choose the shade of the future manicure.

Expensive looking nail art has no clear boundaries in color, so delicate shades of pastels or dark classic tones can look exquisite.

Luxury burgundy

It is a color that looks elegant in any of its manifestations, be it clothes, shoes or manicures, as it belongs to the classic shades. This is why burgundy is perfect on long nails, but it also stands out just as attractively on short nails. Especially in the fall season.

Exquisite wine tones do not require additional design and fit perfectly, as in a daytime look, and for evening or festive image.

In this case the burgundy manicure with a gold pattern, rhinestones or options with foil will be harmonious. The main thing is not to go overboard with such a catchy decoration and it is better to combine it with a matte polish.

Red Vamp

Red is a color from the same classic series, which will always emphasize the manicure of its mistress. It also does not require unnecessary additions, and you can diversify your manicure in red tones by alternating between glossy and matte coatings.

You can complement red with a moonlight manicure or a Negative Space design. Anyway, classic red and all its shades will suit any season, image, age or occasion.

Soft Blue

It is a color that belongs to the category of cold, that is, neutral shades. It will perfectly fit into a bright summer look or a winter “Snow Queen” look, will suit a businesswoman and emphasize the elegant tenderness of a lady.

In terms of design additions you can show imagination and decorate the surface of the blue nail with rhinestones, sequins, various patterns or foil.

Blue looks great on a manicure in the style of ambre or marble, in harmony with white, pink, turquoise.

Deep Bottle

The shade of subdued green belongs to the so-called noble colors. Therefore, excessive decorations are not compatible with this tone.

A few gold pebbles or sequins on 1-2 nails will be enough. In addition, the bottle shade of nail polish works best on short nails or at least on medium-length nails.

The noble green is difficult to combine with other colors, so in your image it is better to have clothes or accessories of similar color, diluting it with shades of beige.

Classic Black

Black is always out of competition, contrary to fashion trends – it looks great on nails of any length and any shape. Although, due to its brightness and garishness, it is better to avoid such coatings on aggressive nail shapes.

In this case, a sporty style of dress is better combined with a glossy black coating on short nails, while the matte black, decorated with rhinestones or sequins gives charm to the evening look.

Universal black can be combined with all colors and any decorations, but in the decoration it is also better to show restraint. Otherwise, you won’t get a manicure that looks “expensive and rich.

Milk shade

The exact opposite of black is the beige and milk color scheme. The shades are characterized by their restraint, romanticism and ability to combine with any image.

In addition, each of the nail designs looks advantageous with a milky shade, whether it is floral or waxed, geometry or glitter, as well as rhinestones, gradient, French.

Nude shades in the best way emphasize the naturalness and naturalness of their hostess, as well as neatness and femininity of the hands. In order to emphasize all the listed advantages of this nail art, you should not burden it with excessive decor details.

Transparent manicure

In contrast to the milk shade, the transparent coating in some cases is dangerous for a woman’s bow.

Transparent nail polish is undoubtedly a great option for everyday manicure, harmoniously fit into any image, style of clothing and even the character of the wearer. He similarly will emphasize the neatness and tenderness of women’s hands, but also does not hide the shortcomings of their care. Therefore, the natural transparent coating requires daily attention to the nails and skin of the hands.

At the same time, the transparent coating can be worn much longer without updating. And since natural is best combined with natural and natural, the length of the nails for this kind of manicure should be small, and the shape – not aggressive.

Suitable form of nails “soft square”, oval or almond-shaped.

Beautiful pearl

Pearlescent looks great on nails of any length, always giving them a certain elegance. Pearl is also neutral in the selection of style in clothing and image in general. However, you should not complement it with all kinds of decorations. And it is better not to use rhinestones and sequins on the pearl surface at all.

Not to say that mother-of-pearl often appears in today’s fashion trends. But it is neutral and will undoubtedly be appreciated by ladies of prestigious professions – teachers, lawyers, businesswomen and others.

Unusual Coral

The presented shade is undoubtedly a bright detail of the summer image. It gives some zest to a restrained style of dressing or emphasizes the inexhaustible energy of a girl in bright prints.

Coral is harmoniously combined with black, white, green and even lemon shades. However, in this case, it is worth limiting yourself to a beautiful pattern without decorative glittery additions.

Rhinestones, sequins or “broken glass” is better to use silver rather than gold combined with a matte coral finish.

Bright lavender

This color undoubtedly deserves a woman’s attention. However, due to its saturation and depending on the chosen shade, it may look too “heavy.

Therefore, lavender manicure is often used in the style of ombré, combining it with white and other light shades of polish, as well as other shades of lavender palette.

The color harmonizes with a geometric design or a monogram pattern. But it should only be done on the 1st or 2nd nail of one hand.

Fine wax

This modern variant of nail art is somewhat similar to the pearl finish. But unlike it, it can be applied to polishes of different colors, making them rich and deep.

For this, manicure masters recommend a transparent wax that makes any manicure in any color luxurious. But colored wax looks no less attractive if you don’t go overboard with its amount.

This option of hand decoration is more suitable for nails of short or medium length. And also waxing is the easiest way to create an evening or holiday look without complicated painted design.


Gradient is in considerable demand among modern ladies. The transition from one shade to another in a horizontal manner can be called a classic one. But the gradient can also be performed in an oval shape or obliquely. Unusually and beautiful looks a combination of different variants of such a manicure.

There are many design ideas in the style of ombré, but manicure masters prefer to combine similar colors in shades, as this transition looks more harmonious and is easier to perform. After all, a smooth gradient from red to green, for example, is not only difficult to perform, but also not compatible with many styles and colors in clothing.

As a variation of gradient manicure – you can use the coloring of each of the nails in the same palette, going from dark to light and vice versa.

Styles of expensive manicure

However, it is not enough to choose a color scheme for the design of your nails. It is necessary to carefully select the style in which the design will be made with the colors listed. Now it is not a problem, because the photos presented here will help you decide as quickly as possible.

However, it also does not hurt to know the rules of the choice of style in the manicure of the dear woman. Especially since it does not always mean a lot of money or guarantee the flawlessness of any image.

Nude modesty

We can say that the nude manicure is now the most relevant and versatile, because it will look luxurious with any outfit, with any status or age of the wearer. It implies a neat, natural shape of the nails, a small length and the use of lacquers of restrained shades.

Win-win options should be considered gray-beige, lilac-beige or pink-beige tones.

However, when performing such a manicure, the master should be very careful not to leave gaps in the coating. After all, the nude style will reveal any – even the smallest flaw in the design.

Luxury minimalism

There is no need to be afraid of looking too modest and unoriginal. After all, expensive-looking design is the minimum amount of decorations or designs. And in this case, a geometric pattern or small flecks of glitter on one of the nails will do.

In addition, the advantage of the minimalist style is that it fits a variety of images of the lady. Minimalism in nail design does not limit the wearer in the choice of colors for manicure. The main thing is to use no more than 3 colors at a time.

Universal French

This style of design can be attributed to both nude and minimalist design. After all, it is mostly done in beige, milky, pink or even transparent lacquer combined with white and not too brightly colored.

French manicure always looks stylish and well-groomed. In addition, this design does not distract attention from the wrist jewelry, which speaks much louder about the inexpensive status.

However, if you really want some glitter, you can complement your French with a thin band of sequins at the top of the nail plate or beautiful stones on one of the nails.

Noble matte

A matte manicure looks very aged, stylish and expensive. It creates the appearance of velvet on the nails, which gives a woman’s hands a luxurious look. Especially if the matte finish is done on red, black or any of the nude colors of nail polish.

Matte design can not be afraid to complement the shiny decorations. The absence of glossy sheen will focus attention on the decorative design and the nobility of the manicure as a whole. The matte style will suit ladies of business professions or lovers of the classic style in clothing.

Manicure with “sweets”

Candy and lollipops, cakes and fruits, strawberries and marmalade – what could be more tempting than such drawings on the nails?

The only pity is that the manicure with sweets is more relevant for the warm season and for wearers of young age. After all, it symbolizes a kind of carefree image and fun.

This design can be made with stickers, a drawing or molding. If you yourself have decided to diversify your image with such a design, it will be easiest to buy the appropriate stickers. But more effective, of course, looks molding or at least a drawing.

The shine of the foil

Foil decoration is one of the simplest and most win-win options for an expensive manicure. Foil combines beautifully with jewelry from different precious metals and can be used on several nails on the same hand.

The main rule is to use a monochrome color under the base and not to complement the foil nails with other decorations.

“Broken Glass.”

You could say that some kind of foil design, except for clearer outlines and holographic glitter. The geometric shapes of the pieces can be laid out chaotically or in a specific pattern.

In summer, the “broken glass” style is more noticeable, because the abundance of sunlight makes the nails especially shiny.

This coating goes well with any color and even with a transparent coating. And also the manicure “broken glass” has no age restrictions and can be easily performed by the future wearer herself.

Fancy Rhinestones

The use of rhinestones in a manicure always accentuates the ladies’ hands. And whether it’s a nude design with a couple of pebbles or green with rhinestones – in each case, the manicure will look in its own winning way.

Glitter in nail design is the perfect addition to an evening, festive look.

Not only that, this type of decor perfectly hides the unevenness of the nail plate and other defects.

The only disadvantage of a manicure with rhinestones is its bulkiness. The stones can cling to clothing or hair, so it is better to use two coats of “top” over rhinestones.

Exquisite shine

No less spectacular and feminine look on the nails glitter. But they, unlike rhinestones, can complement the design, be used in a minimalist style or in stretching, as well as folded into beautiful picture lines on their own. The main thing is to know the measure in the use of this decor, so as not to dazzle the interlocutor with excessive glitter.

Fashion trends do not forbid the use of glitter in everyday manicure. However, there is nothing more luxurious than shiny nails combined with evening gowns and festive images.

Golden Accents

Gold in itself looks expensive and rich in any manifestation, whether it is accessories, clothes or manicure. However, it is better not to complement the gold finish with rhinestones or sequins. Unless, of course, you use other colors in your nail design.

Gold combines perfectly with all the tones of the dark range: black, bordeaux, malachite or dark chocolate.

You can decorate the above shades with gold foil, rhinestones and gold sequins.

Gold sequins in the form of glitters will refresh a moonlight manicure in nude shades. A luxurious tandem will make a combination of a matte finish with gold decorations. And lovers of fantasy will surely appreciate the gold wax.

Marble divots

One of the unusual options for fashionable manicure is considered a marble style. It unobtrusively looks on all nails simultaneously and is an excellent complement to the monochrome coating on 2 or 3 fingers. Marble design will be appreciated by lovers of restrained and democratic nail art.

However, marble stains can be complemented by shiny threads and stripes, which will certainly enliven the calm ornament. And also such a design will suit nails of any length and shape.

Plant motifs

Drawings with flowers and petals, sprigs of trees and leaves will enliven the nail coat of any color in any of the seasons. Such a design can be done in bright hues or in plain black paint, which best matches the colder months of the year or a restrained girl’s image.

To perform a plant manicure, ready-made stickers can be used. But real dried flowers look especially spectacular. They are most popular for artificial nails, when performing an acrylic aquarium, a dried flower is laid inside the artificial coating.

Anyway, any neatly done and carefully chosen design will make a woman’s image refined, well-groomed and fashionable. And it is the lady who looks expensive and luxurious in any circumstances and at any age.

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