Manicure Ideas for March 8th: International Ladies day

It won’t be long before beauty salons will be out of stock, so we’re in a hurry to present fashion trends and design ideas for manicures for March 8 in 2022. Choose the photo you like and conquer everyone.

But you should not start with the nails, but with the look as a whole. If you are going somewhere, think beforehand about the outfit, makeup and hair – after that it will be much easier to decide on the nail design, at least with the color.

The shape of the nails

Another factor to consider is the shape and length of your nails. Yes, the design may look interesting in the photos on the Internet, but it may not fit your nails.

We have developed several recommendations for choosing a design for the shape and length of your nails. But there is also one simple rule: choose those designs which are presented exactly on your form on the Internet – it is impossible to make a mistake that way.


Making designs on short nails is difficult, because there may simply not be enough space. It is important to emphasize color and play with it in every way. This can be a colored French, moonlight manicure, color-blocking and interesting geometric designs.

Here there are two extremes – to use either gentle pastel colors, characteristic of spring, or bright saturated colors.

It is better to refuse darker shades, because they will make the nails even shorter.


Long nails are, literally, an expanse of possibilities. But remember, chasing length is not the most important thing.

The shape and length of all nails should be the same, and the appearance should be neat. Even the most beautiful drawing or design will look unattractive on ungroomed nails.

But on long nails, you can mark out any design you want. Choose any of the options below.


The almond-shaped nails lengthen the fingers, so it is suitable for both slender and for fuller girls. The only exception is short nails: on them almonds will look strange, because the nut itself has a long, elongated, shape.

Now the almond shape is a trend and a favorite even in fashion shows. They are suitable for any design, except for strict geometric shapes.


Square nails are quite insidious, because they shorten the fingers. So the ideal here is long fingers and a wide nail plate. Originally, the shape was created for the classic French, but now it’s a great base for any design.

The “soft square” shape is gaining popularity, where the corners are slightly filed and become smoother. It looks very nice, but here again there are requirements to the nails – they must be long.

If you can not boast of a solid length, you should avoid large drawings, and images are vertical and in the center of the plate.

On square nails look best saturated bright and deep shades – orange, blue, red.


This has been a real trend for the last two years. But, we must admit, not at all uncomfortable. If you have short nails, then before March 8 you just do not have time to grow the necessary length for this manicure (as an option – to grow gel nails).

If the length is enough, you can experiment – such nails always attract attention.

Manicure Design

On March 8 we want to be the brightest and most beautiful of all. As you know, the image is built from the details, so everything must be perfect – even your nails or, especially, your nails. We offer you a few topical and trendy design options in 2022.

French manicure

Business women who don’t want to go to a lot of trouble can choose a simple French manicure. It always looks feminine, elegant, and suits absolutely any nails – any shape and length. In addition, it is not demanding to the rest of the image.

If you want a little originality, you can make a colored or double French, put a floral ornament or decorate the edge of the nail with rhinestones.

Choose delicate pastel colors and it will be a great option for March 8.


“The reverse French” is always popular in the spring, thanks to its simplicity and brevity. The technique is simple – a semicircle is drawn in the nail well. The colors are chosen opposite, but in harmony with each other.


A matte manicure no longer surprises anyone. It looks unusual and neat, but not festive. How to correct the situation? Add gloss to the matte effect. Or vice versa.

This adds dynamism to the design and will go with absolutely any outfit. For such a manicure, it is better to use matte and glossy tops rather than separate matte colors.

With rhinestones

If you want to stand out and draw maximum attention to yourself – this is a design with rhinestones. Of course, the most appropriate manicure would look at a formal evening in a large company.

If you want to add originality, instead of rhinestones, you can try a new technique – liquid stones. Such a technique perfectly combines with jewelry. But here, too, the image must match – a luxurious dress and hairstyle are mandatory.

With pictures

Another option to diversify the classic manicure if it seems too boring. A professionally done drawing will give your hands a neat and well-groomed look, and your nails will attract everyone’s attention.

But here it is important to choose a professional who can really do quality nail art. Because with a bad design, you can get the opposite effect – sloppy nails.

Cat’s eye

Cat’s eye fashion ended years ago, but it too can be used as a nail design for March 8, 2022 and stay on trend. How? Do not cover the entire nail, but only a small part of it, leaving the main area as a monochrome glossy or matte.


But waxes are still relevant and even trendy. This is a bright manicure, even if it is done in light colors, but, at the same time, very delicate and feminine. If you want to add even more sophistication, fix a couple of rhinestones or crystals.


One of the latest nail design trends is the 3D manicure. The molding is performed using acrylic or gel. Such a manicure looks interesting both in the photo and in life. But it is important not to overdo the number of volumetric elements – you can limit yourself to 1-2 nails on each hand.

If you don’t want to bother with 3D, you can just cover your nails with velvet sand. But keep in mind that in 2021 this is not the most relevant option.


If you want to maximize your femininity – various “curls”, wavy lines and lace will help. It looks delicate, but on the same side, very mysterious if made in black.

White lace is perfect for brides who have decided to play a wedding on March 8 or the dates closest to the number. Such a manicure will be truly unique.


In 2021, gradients on the nails are back in fashion. The transition from one color to another looks very romantic and elegant. In addition, it will be twice as easy to pick up an outfit: the design can be worn a week before and a week after the holiday – and this is relevant for shellac (gel polish).


Just as there was a trend for palm leaves a couple of years ago, now there is a trend for marble. It’s everywhere – in interiors, on phone covers, on stationery, in jewelry, and, of course, on nails. A photo with a marble manicure will get a lot of likes on Instagram, there is no doubt.

The technique is not complicated – you just need to blur a little thin line of dark nail polish, but it is better to turn to a professional, because it is difficult to get a good result the first time.


What is the first thing you associate with March 8? Flowers! So depict them on your nails – it’s sure to be appropriate and make a strong impression!

You can draw any spring flowers and additionally decorate them with sequins and rhinestones.

If you can not make an appointment to the master, and your artistic talents are not so cool, you can use special stickers on the nails – their range is such that you’re sure to pick something up.

Moreover, they are very easy to use: before the last layer of nail polish to moisten the sticker in water and just smooth to the nail, then cover with clear varnish.

Beautiful nails for March 8 ready!

What flowers are most popular in manicures for March 8? Sakura, lilacs, daffodils, snowdrops – it looks the most gentle, fresh and feminine. But all records, of course, are broken by tulips and mimosas.

If we talk about the color scheme, the background is usually chosen in gentle tones – pink, blue. But on a holiday, you can afford to experiment even with the brightest combinations.


If you prefer a classic monochrome manicure to different designs, then we recommend to look at the following colors.


This is really a classic option for a spring manicure. Red directly refers to the main association of March 8 – red tulips. In addition, red perfectly combines with almost any outfit – black, gray, beige, white and so on.


Any shade of pink is fine for a manicure for March 8. Even bright shades like fuchsia go well with any look and outfit.

Nude and white

Beige and white shades are a real base from which you can create any design. Don’t want to stand out? Go for a monochrome finish. Your heart desires a celebration? Add rhinestones instead of French.

This manicure is suitable even for teenagers in school.


Take a closer look at wine and cherry shades. Yes, they are not the brightest, but they are smart and luxurious. If you want a more festive look, add sequins or rhinestones.


Bright and fresh shades are perfect for the beginning of spring, but it is difficult to combine them with clothing – either with the same turquoise tone, or with black and white classics.


The bright color of the spring sun. If you’re afraid to use it solo, add gray and get the most trendy manicure of 2021 according to Pantone.


Lilac shades are most often chosen by creative natures. But we must admit that the whole lilac palette looks chic on the nails and will be a great manicure option for March 8.


The options for nail designs for March 8 are many. Choose any to your taste and remember that the most important thing in manicure is neatness.

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