Makeup With Yellow Shadows

Huge popularity is gaining bright makeup in the most extravagant colors and shades. Yellow is not the most popular color, although it is worth noting that an image with it is pretty easy to put together. You should not forget related shades in makeup: lemon, pear, and golden. All these colors are equally suitable for green, blue, and brown eyes and light and dark skin.

How To Choose Yellow Eyeshadow

For fair skin, it is better to choose clean, pastel tones. Cool shades are a versatile option. Correspondingly bright, deep, amber shades will suit dark skin. Neon colors are better left for summer.

There are two kinds of textures – creamy and dry.

The creamy textures are more expensive and are better if you want to use them for a long time. They are always easier to work with, give good brightness, and are easy to layering.

Dry shadows are suitable for a more delicate look. As an experiment, you can also choose dry pigment. More brightness will provide the backing.

Yellow Eyeshadow Makeup Options

There are not many classic options, but they can be combined at your discretion. It all depends on the scope of courage and vastness of imagination.

Yellow Classics

These ways are good if you do not want to draw attention, but you must make up suitable for the appropriate clothing.

  1. Emphasize the lower eyelid with eyeshadow or work through the lower mucosa with a pencil.
  2. Highlight the middle of the mobile eyelid and the edges in nude shades and mascara.
  3. Apply yellow to the eye’s outer corner, leaving the rest of the eyelid for a gentle shade.
  4. Choose a gentle yellow pigment, or forget the base if you want a non-catchy color. Apply with a fluffy brush, layering until you get the shade you want.
  5. Apply your makeup in yellow-bronze tones. The lighter shade is applied to the inner corner of the eye, and the darker color is stretched to the outer corner. The shades should be either matte or shimmery.
  6. A small amount of yellow looks good, combined with calm gray and brown shades.

The line should be graphic, it does not need to be shaded. A thin yellow arrow can be the only accent in the makeup. Or try to choose two different shades of yellow eyeliner and draw one arrow over the other.

Combination with bright shades

Yellow goes well with contrasting shades, such as blue, green, turquoise, purple, or crimson. This type of makeup is better suited for an evening look.

Even yellow can be neatly combined with pink and red color, applied in one thin layer. It is a solution for the brave.

With black arrow

An accent look is obtained with yellow shadows and a clear black arrow. Then the makeup gets a good expressiveness. Try to play with the color and choose dark green or dark blue eyeliner.

The neon trend

Neon has become the most popular trend of the summer, more often of course you see blue, purple or green shades in makeup, but there are also yellow cosmetics products on the shelves. But acid and neon yellow are about getting attention, especially if the product has you.


Yell, ow may well claim to be the sole presence in your makeup. Then, shade the main color with calm, subtle nudes: peach, pink, beige, and light coffee color. You can even use shades of orange, an excellent way for green eyes to accentuate the iris. Due to its brightness, yellow will make the skin visually fresher and healthier. But in that case, leave your lips and cheeks in a subtle warm shade – calm blush and classic on the lips.

Yellow Shadow Makeup Tips

  1. Be sure to even out your skin tone. Bright colors ask for perfect skin. Otherwise, they will emphasize flaws.
  2. Use a primer, concealer, or foundation. This will ensure their persistence. Apply a liner to the moving eyelid. Then the yellow shadows will go on quickly and brightly.
  3. Do not forget about the mascara. Choose black. Other colors are not appro. This. Imagine how expressive your eyes would be with black.
  4. Your eyebrows should not be drawn heavily. It is enough to give them a clear shape.
  5. I prefer nude lipstick, lip gloss, and a restrained look for a daily image. In the evening, emphasize makeup, play with the shades of clothing, manicure, and create a tropical mix.
  6. Modern makeup artists move away from a single accent in the image so that you can experiment with red, orange, and brown shades of lipstick. Surprisingly, charcoal black lips look harmonious.

Fashion is fickle. If the yellow shadow yesterday was intended for stage or photo shoots, now you can see it in the makeup of passing by a girl. This color is quite versatile, yet many people fear it like fire. If you have a dress in your closet that requires yellow in your makeup, don’t toss it to dust in the corner. Remember that yellow is not only intense shades but also brown, amber, sandy, yellow-brown, and fruity colors.

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