Makeup With White Eyeliner

Every woman has black eyeliner in her cosmetic bag; many make it an obligatory part of daily makeup. Some like to complement their image with elegant bright eyeliner colors: purple, red, and yellow. But they underestimated white eyeliner for a long time and remained on the sidelines. Now makeup with it is gradually becoming a hot trend and continues to gain momentum. But unfortunately, white eyeliner is not as versatile and easy to use as black eyeliner. For makeup to look harmonious with it, you have to try hard.

White Eyeliner: Who Won’t Like It?

Because it is far from being a universal component of the makeup bag, some girls should treat white with caution. If you have a light porcelain skin tone, belonging to the most contrasting color type, Winter, the white arrow will make the complexion paler and give it an unhealthy look.

How Do You Draw A White Arrow?

For a graphic arrow is ideal to use liquid or gel eyeliner. It will help to draw a clear line and shape a sharp tip. Choose a soft white pencil if necessary to bring up the mucous membrane inconspicuously. The cream eyeliner is better than a carpet pad for shadows or for creating abstract lines. Its texture does not allow you to develop sufficient clarity, which is inherent in the makeup with white arrows.

How To Use In Makeup?

With such a far-from-universal white eyeliner, you can create many images, especially if you beat them with the color of your lips. It will be interesting to look at a combination of white arrows with red lipstick. This is a very effective contrast. But it is necessary to add a slight blush, so the skin does not seem too light.

With these makeup options, you can create unconventional and moderately classic looks, adding a little novelty to them.

Clean makeup

Try to dilute the timeless classic – nude makeup. For this purpose, add graphic white arrows to the base of peach or pink shadows. Or you can not even use shadows and draw only white arrows in light daytime makeup, emphasizing the contrast with well-drawn eyebrows and black mascara. This is the most modest and delicate look with white eyeliner.

Double arrow

Such an arrow has recently gained popularity, especially with a motley range of shades. But you can also complement the black eyeliner with a white line, repeating the outlines of the arrow. Remember that the black line should be thin, and the lighter shade should start either from the inner corner of the eye or closer to the tip of the line.


Start drawing an arrow with white liquid eyeliner at the inner corner of the eye. Then gradually create a gradient – from black, purple, red, or any other color.

Cat’s eye

There are two versions of this makeup:

  • The first is a clear, long, graphic arrow. It should start from the inner corner of the eye, which should also be circled with eyeliner. This is a perfect example of a stylish and laconic arrow.
  • The second is white arrows drawn with liquid eyeliner over a silvery gray tuxedo with darkening of the outer corner of the eye. A very unusual, passive, and mysterious look.

Amazon Arrows

A rebellious look: arrows on the lower eyelid. This is where it’s best to choose a creamy eyeliner, as the skin of the lower eyelid is thin with irregularities. Spread the arrow from the inner bottom corner to the outer corner, taking it to the top. Only the most daring people will dare to do this makeup.

Abstract Lines

Draw waves under the brow, on the upper eyelid, and under the lower eyelid with a creamy texture. This bold solution will add lightness and airiness to the image. Of course, this option is more suitable for evening makeup.

Other Tips And Tricks

If you do not dare to bold white arrows, and in your cosmetic bag still appears white eyeliner or pencil, then there are several options for their use, which will help refresh the image.

  1. Draw the lower mucosa, the waterline, with a white pencil. It is better to draw it lightly, drying it with absorbent cotton. Such a way makes the eyes look good. If you have a lot of dark colors in your makeup and the line is noticeable, apply it only to the inner corner of the eye and lightly blend it in. That way, you will open your eyes even more.
  2. Use white as a base for your eye shadow. It will give them more staying power during the day and add brightness to the palette shades.
  3. Use a white pencil to contour eyebrows to lift or shape them.
  4. Replace a soft pencil with a highlighter and lightly trace the outline of the upper lip, the so-called cupid arch. This will give your lips a slight pout and lushness.
  5. A white pencil or white eyeshadow can help freshen your look in the morning. Apply it to the center of your upper eyelid in a thin layer, blending in toward the edges. And to take away the redness of your eyes, apply a white pencil to your mucosa.

Fashion dictates us its rules and shouts about going beyond the usual classics. But if you do not suffer from a special love for a bright palette of colors, white eyeliner is an item in your cosmetic bag that will help to go beyond basic makeup.

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