Makeup With Red Dress

Perhaps one of the best ways to attract the attention of others is to wear a red dress. In this image, it is difficult to remain unnoticed. Red can be both an element of the everyday closet and can be a highlight of a graceful evening image. But it is impossible to balance the look without makeup. And the red dress dictates its own rules, so you need to approach the choice of makeup wisely. Pay close attention to each stage of image creation.

Even Out Skin Tone

Use cream for daytime makeup and a base for evening makeup. The foundation should be light but with good covering power. Bright colors highlight flaws in the skin, so use a corrector to camouflage redness and circles under the eyes. Avoid large amounts of makeup. Otherwise, the outfit will emphasize a thick foundation layer and visually age your face.

Apply Blush

The red color makes the skin of the face pale. So even if you do not use blush in everyday life, this occasion is the right time to remember them. It is enough to emphasize the natural blush. The area above the lip, under the eyebrows, can be brightened with a highlighter if desired.

Get Your Eyebrows Done

They should have a moderately clear shape. It is better to make an outline with a pencil and fill the gaps with shadows. Choose natural shades. If your eyebrows are naturally light, for a red dress, it is allowed to take shades one-two tone darker.

Choosing A Shadow Palette And Eye Makeup

The main criteria: are your color type, the shade of your clothes, and the appropriateness of your makeup. The surest way is to choose a color scheme to match your hair coloring.

  • It is important for blondes not to look pale against red. The best colors are brown, gray, and silver. An excellent option for eye makeup for blonde girls is a smokey eye. Most importantly, do not use too dark shades of shadows.
  • Brown-haired girls can afford the largest palette of colors. The most advantageous will look light brown, olive, bronze, honey, and graphite shades.
  • Redheaded girls will be noticeable in any case because of the fiery hair color and the prominent red dress. Therefore, they do not need an accent on the eyes. They should use a minimum of cosmetics. It is worth choosing coffee, bronze, and beige colors.

For the lashes in this look, you need only black mascara, which gives maximum volume. For a deeper look, lift the lash line with a black pencil. A clear arrow will perfectly fit into the image of blondes. Redheads do not need this extra accent. And for brown-haired women, it is better to choose a thin or shaded arrow. An exciting trend is a red arrow or pink shadow. It will give away your personality. But be careful with the color: it should be in tune with the dress’s color. Otherwise, such makeup will give a crying look.

Lipstick Choice

You can afford red lipstick if you do not accentuate the eyes. Only choose the color of the dress – coral, scarlet, burgundy, or pure red shades. There are a lot of relatives of red. It would help if you were careful. And these shades are best suited for girls of the Winter color type. If red lipstick does not fit the theme of the event, the ideal option – is any nude shades or transparent gloss. Matte textures should not be used.

Finish off your makeup with powder. Either clear or powder with a bit of shimmer.

Makeup is not easy. If you do not want to delve into a meticulous selection of shades to match the color of your hair or dress, consider a few recommendations that will harmonize your image.

  1. In the makeup for a red dress, you need to accentuate the lips or the eyes. It is a mauvais ton to combine a smoky eye with red lipstick.
  2. The shades of the outfit and makeup should be of the same spectrum according to your skin tone. Either warm or cool.
  3. Red lipstick is best for girls with fair porcelain skin.
  4. Forget about colors like blue, blue, purple, and green. Remember that if you use them, you’ll either look dead pale or be a very bold and unconventional person.
  5. Glitter, shimmering shadows are best used only for an evening look. But highlight the area under the eyebrows. The lip highlighter can afford even in everyday makeup.
  6. If you have difficulty finding shadows, use a nude palette: brown, beige, and peach.
  7. To reduce the intensity of the red dress, use brown, beige, and gray shades.
  8. To emphasize and highlight the color – black, light lilac, and orange.

Makeup for a red dress should be flawless in every way. Such an outfit does not tolerate flaws. All these nuances will help to make your image incredibly exquisite.

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