Makeup With Green Dress

Various shades of green do not lose their popularity from year to year. At the fashion shows, there are clothes in emerald, dark green, olive, dark marsh, and soft pistachio shades. Words cannot describe how elegant and noble these colors look. They can become the central element of the evening image and smoothly fit into the casual style. But the integral part of the image is the makeup, providing the picture’s integrity. And it is necessary to choose it correctly, but for this, you do not need an impeccable sense of style.

Some makeup points will help you look elegant rather than gaudy in a green dress.

  1. Do not use green shades in your makeup and the main conflict color – a pure red shade. You risk getting skin with an unhealthy pale green tint.
  2. Less faded colors. If you chose a green dress, staying in the shade is no longer an option. Be bold. Otherwise, the face will look inexpressive and be lost against the background of the outfit.
  3. Remember that the green shade can emphasize any skin defects: small rashes, peeling, and circles under the eyes. Therefore, either ensure that you are awake and well, or you will have to use a considerable amount of cosmetics.
  4. Use fewer complementary shades, especially bright ones. There is a danger of going overboard with the motley image.
  5. Matt tones look flattering and rich.
  6. Choose a range of either warm or cold tones, depending on the saturation of the dress’s color.

In general, the same rules apply to the selection of accessories. Please do not create a monochrome image with a lot of jewelry. It is better to choose more massive jewelry but in a minimal amount.

Toning And Preparing The Skin

Clean the skin beforehand with a light exfoliation, then wipe with a toner to restore the natural pH, apply a moisturizer

The next step is the makeup base, but if you don’t like a lot of makeup, it should only be used for an evening look. The shade of the base is warm, do not use shimmer and cold tones. Then apply your foundation. The shade should match your skin tone. A light fluid for every day leaves a denser texture for the evening. Use a concealer to remove under-eye circles and disguise minor imperfections.

It is recommended to choose a shade brighter than usual. The green color imparts pallor to the skin, which should be leveled. Blondes prefer a dark pink palette. Owners of blond and dark hair will do peach and slightly orange shades. But do not go overboard with color. The emphasis should be on naturalness. The dress is your main bright element.

Eye Makeup

Use calmer, warm shades that will emphasize a healthy complexion. It is not necessary to match the color of shadows with the color of your eyes. This method is not particularly relevant anymore, and not in the case of the green. The most successful combinations:

  • Beige, sand, coffee, bronze, and milk chocolate are universal shades that will look perfect in any look.
  • Cream, coral, and pale pinks look great on skin with a warm, yellowish undertone.
  • Transparent-perlambic, smoky-gray, and black colors will give you mystery and mysteriousness.
  • Lavender, pink, and lilac shades are more suitable for blond girls.

The eyeliner, in this case, is necessary. It will give the effect. The black color is the most successful variant, but blondes should avoid the chocolate shade. For them, a thin blue eyeliner is one of the most daring decisions. The mascara should be chosen necessarily in the colors of the eyeliner and only in classic colors. Bright lashes will be pretty excessive.

Lip Makeup

The accent should be made precisely on the lower part of the face, and choose bright lipstick so that the look falls on the whole image, not only on the dress. It is acceptable to use gloss, but by no means choose with glitter and pearlescent shimmer. For fair skin, suit a shade of ripe plum, and for the swarthy – peach, pink tones. A universal option is scarlet red, juicy, closer to the dark tint. And forget about the lip gloss. It will look too dull. Nude applies to warm skin tones if the accent is still on the eyes.

Green is one of the most elegant, calm, and, at the same time, bright provocative shades. It is a symbol of youth, of the expensive. It suits many people, but it’s not easy to choose makeup for a complete look. But makeup is, first and foremost, about expressing yourself. There’s no one perfect look that’s right for everyone. Look for something that will accentuate your personality.

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