Makeup With Blue Accent

Among the variety of makeup trends, the spectacular return of blue shades cannot go unnoticed. This shade symbolizes a revolution in the beauty industry, which many people associate with the era of the 90s. The trend is coming back, and the fashion gurus offer ladies to complement the evening and everyday looks of the beautiful half with makeup with a blue accent.

Blue In Makeup – The Main Trends

Shades of blue color palettes always look spectacular and eye-catching, which makes their presence in the makeup ideal for a party. However, makeup artists recommend using blue pigments in daytime looks as well. This can be a bright accent in the form of smoky blue eyes or makeup in gentle blue tones. Such decisions in makeup will always look stylish and modern.

To stay on trend, you can be inspired by the examples of celebrities who also choose accents of blue for their outfits. The trends of social networks are full of photos of fashionable influencers who complement the images with accent makeup using colored shadows. The main thing is to choose the right shade to match the outfit. Highlighting the eyes with shadows or mascara of noble shades will possibly emphasize the look’s expressiveness, making any image as spectacular as possible.

Eye Makeup With Blue Eyeshadow

A smoky eye is one of the most fashionable options for eye makeup in blue shades. Even a beginner can cope with the technique, which has already become a classic:

  1. Skin preparation. The first step is to prepare the skin of the eyelids, which should be cleaned with milk. Then you should use a moisturizing cream or gel and let it soak in. Remove the remaining product with a napkin. To make the shadows look brighter, you can not do without applying primer, which should be properly shaded. To prevent the formation of creases and smudges, the base should be applied as thinly as possible.
    Dark circles under the eyes can be masked with concealer, and eyelids should be powdered to fix the result. The best way to do this is to use translucent powder. Such a method is not only to improve but also to make makeup more saturated. For the application of the brush is ideal volumetric.
  2. Eyebrows. Before starting the eyebrow makeup, it should be combed and shaped with a pencil, gel, or wax, depending on the preferences. Then under the brow, apply a white pencil with a soft texture, drawing a thick line. The bottom edge of the line should be blurred for a perfect outline using a brush. This will help to achieve a more natural-looking eyebrow.
  3. Eyes. You can move directly to the eyes at this stage, and the upper mobile eyelid should be outlined with a black pencil. It is not necessary to trace clear lines. It is better to do it with the help of movements reminiscent of shading. The inner and outer corners should be marked with a deeper color. Next, a flat brush shade the lines on the mobile eyelid, creating a slight haze effect in the crease area. A fluffy brush will help with this.
    For execution, it is necessary to use a pencil, which makes blurring easy. Using it, it will be possible to achieve the necessary effect of smoky eyes. The further sequence of actions is as follows:
  • In the outer corner of the eye, apply black shadow and blur with light strokes.
  • Apply blue eyeshadow to the center of the mobile eyelid and blend the borders well, leaving no gaps.
  • For a more expressive look, add a small amount of shimmering eye shadow in a golden shade in the inner corner of the eyes. This will make the look more open.
  • A black pencil is also applied to the skin of the lower eyelid and shaded to create a transition with a smoky effect.

Finish with a volume-increasing mascara to dye the lashes. For a festive occasion, you can use false eyelashes. A great alternative would be false bundles, which look the most organic and complement the blue makeup. To make the lashes last longer, you can use a fixing spray.

Blue Accent Makeup: Who Should Wear It

Blue makeup will look the most advantageous on the owners of brown eyes, favorably emphasizing them. Girls with gray, green, and blue eyes are recommended to choose a combination of shadows based on contrasting colors, avoiding the saturated tones of blue.

Also, selection tips from professional makeup artists include recommendations for combining blue accents with blue eyes. It is not necessary to abandon the trend, fearing that the makeup will merge with the color of the eyes. But you should limit the use of eyeliners in blue shades, drawing an accent arrow. You can also use shadows, applying them only at the base of the lashes and shading to create romantic looks.

Tips For Creating A Blue Makeup

When choosing shadows, it is essential to avoid too cold shades because their use risks becoming like a “snow queen.” It is better to complement the makeup with blushes of peach, pink, and other warm shades.

There is no less interesting solution for women who are not ready to use blue mascara for some reason. Dark blue mascara will help to bring a twist to the image while not violating the strict dress code and norms of business style. And lovers of extravagant roles will like blue shades of lipstick. The owners of dark skin should prefer saturated colors, and light-skinned ladies to pay attention to the variants of azure and turquoise shades.

Using such a bold solution in your makeup, you should limit yourself to one of the accents – on the lips or eyes. Do not be afraid to experiment in everyday life. With the help of unusual color solutions, even classic images will play with new colors.

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