Makeup Secrets For Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are considered one of the rarest colors, so it is important to be able to emphasize the unique shade with makeup favorably. It is worth considering the peculiarities of applying makeup and the basic rules and recommendations.

Rules For Choosing Cosmetics

Gray eyes are quite rare, but that does not mean that it is impossible to find the perfect makeup for them. The first thing to consider is cosmetics, with which you can achieve the desired result.


It would be best if you gave preference to the classic version. Black mascara with the effect of splitting lashes will make the look more expressive and open.


It is recommended to choose a shade based on the color of your hair. For the owners of blond hair, it is better to choose brown or sandy tones; for brunettes, a darker palette will do.


In this case, it is worth focusing on your skin and hair shade. This depends on how intensive the blush will be. Dark-haired and brown-eyed people prefer cool and not-too-bright shades, but blondes with fair skin will ideally suit the ochre palette.


The advantage of gray eyes is that almost all lipstick shades can be combined. So you should focus on the type of makeup: casual or evening.


The best solution is a brown pencil, which will help correct the shape of the eyebrows and make them clearer.

Makeup Secrets

Makeup is an opportunity to make the most feminine and elegant image and emphasize the beauty of the eyes. In order not to go overboard with makeup and not to accentuate the flaws, it is worth taking into account a few simple recommendations for makeup artists:

  1. When applying makeup, it is better to prefer a palette close to the shade of your eyes. It is also possible to dilute the image with darker or brighter shades to highlight the eyes.
  2. Be careful with the use of purple or bright pink colors. The improper combination can spoil the image and make the eyes look tired.
  3. You should not apply too many coffee tones. It is better to opt for a cooler palette if you want to use brown shades. For gray eyes, for example, the color of bitter chocolate or taupe is perfect.
  4. The eyeliner is the perfect completion of the image. The help of arrows can emphasize the shape of the eyes. When choosing eyeliner is based on the color of the hair. For example, blonde hair must go for brown colors, and red-haired girls will do smoky or dark blue eyeliner.
  5. A win-win variant is the use of silver and gray shades. Metallic shine will give a look to the desired mystery and make the image more mysterious.
  6. The use of saturated shades requires caution. It is important to remember that the closer to the iris, the color is applied, and the brighter it is.

In addition, makeup artists recommend paying attention to the transitions. Insufficient shading can ruin the image and be too strong, which will turn your makeup into a blurry spot.

Interestingly, the eye’s gray color is often a combination of gray, blue, green and even yellow shades distributed around the pupil. Therefore, mastering the basics of color science will help you pick the right color of shadows.


There are several variations of makeup. It is worth elaborating on the most common options.


Makeup, in this case, should be as natural as possible. The application of makeup mustn’t require much time and, at the same time, advantageously emphasizes the created image. Such makeup is suitable for the office, for a walk, or a meeting with friends with a cup of coffee. Step-by-step instructions:

  1. The first step is to start with a base, which should be spread on the eyelids under the shadows.
  2. Then it is necessary to apply white, pale beige or milky shadows, carefully blurring them on the upper eyelid. This will be a light base, which will visually enlarge the eyes.
  3. Then you can add depth to the look by applying darker shades. A good solution would be to use sand tones.
  4. The fourth step involves deepening the color by spreading it evenly over the crease. If desired, you can use chocolate shadows, most of which are better applied to the outer corner of the eye.
  5. After that, it is worth dealing with the intracorneal space. The dark gray pencil will help with this.
  6. A thin brush will be necessary to shade the eyeliner line slightly. It is important to start moving from the inner edge of the eye.
  7. Give your makeup more brightness with the help of green shadows, which should be applied to the lower eyelid in small amounts.

The last step is to touch up your lashes with standard mascara. If necessary, you can choose a different color scheme. Then it would help if you relied on the colors used in the clothes.


Choose a look for a visit to a formal event or an evening stroll is not difficult if we take into account a few secrets:

  • Evening makeup prefers brighter shades of makeup;
  • When applying makeup, it is essential to achieve an even skin tone so that later it is possible to set accents advantageously;
  • Owners of light gray eyes should consider using sapphire or turquoise shades;
  • It is essential to emphasize the eyebrows so that the colors become more saturated;
  • Highlighter is a must-have part of evening makeup, as well as powder with a luminous effect;
  • The arrows can be made wider, compared to those that are typical for everyday makeup;
  • On the lips, it is better to apply lipsticks of neutral colors.

Following the above recommendations will allow you to get the perfect look that will emphasize the beauty of the eyes and make the look more attractive.

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