Makeup In 30s Style

Makeup in the style of the 1930s

Makeup changes over time, just like any beauty industry or art form. But fashion is cyclical, and the history of makeup includes so many key and iconic moments that it is simply impossible not to revisit them. Either way, the makeup looks of the 30s are worthy, if not of a return to the fashion world, then certainly of your attention. Some of the looks from those days are so striking and effective that they are still in demand today. We will talk about them in this article.

Importance Of Hollywood In The History Of Makeup

The 1930s remained a difficult and bleak time in American history – the Great Depression and the global economic crisis that lasted a decade shook the country, depriving people of the opportunity to live an everyday measured life. But despite the general decline, everything shone and shimmered on the movie screens in every possible way.

Hollywood in those years was developing rapidly. The cinema became a salvation for those tired of the gray ordinariness and heavy burdens dumped on people – immersed in the atmosphere of the sparkling, eventful life of the heroes of films. They could briefly forget about their problems. Hollywood has tried by all means to fill people’s lives with colors, at least on the screen: the images of actresses and actors of those years were thought out to the smallest detail.

What Was In Vogue?

The most common mistake when studying the history of makeup is to confuse the aesthetics of the 20s and 30s. Of course, there are similarities between the two. The difference is only ten years, and fashion in those days was not as fast-paced. But there was one significant difference: in the 30s, women began to look much more sophisticated and refined. The main feature of the makeup of the 30s is considered open, almost open eyes, a little surprised look. Also in fashion were:

  • thin eyebrows plucked to a strip (some girls shaved them off to draw the thinnest arc-shaped line with a pencil);
  • shadow applied in such a way as to enlarge the eyes visually; pink, blue, green, blue, and dark gray colors were especially popular;
  • a thin line of eyeliner;
  • shimmery soft pink and crimson blushes that were carefully mascaraed on the cheekbones;
  • a clearly traced lip contour that neither diminished nor enlarged them;
  • matte shadows for daytime and shimmer shadows for an evening out;
  • slightly touched by mascara, curled up lashes (occasionally false eyelashes);
  • fair, even skin, without the pale skin of the preceding decade;
  • light, delicate lipstick tones in the early 30s and bold, bright red hues closer to the 40s.

The trendsetters

Just like in our time, in those years, there were girls-style icons, followed by the rest. Then, of course, it was the famous Hollywood actresses. They were looked up to, copied, and imitated, and almost all girls wanted to be like them. The most popular in the 1930s were:

  • Marlene Dietrich

    In 1930 she signed a contract with the Hollywood company “Paramount Pictures.” In those years, she became the embodiment of a strong woman with an indomitable willed character, combining impregnability and incredible beauty.

  • Greta Garbo

    A vivid image of a woman of mystery – languid sad look, low husky voice, eternal omissions in interviews… Men went crazy for her, and girls took her as an example.

  • Bette Davis

    The graceful beauty with big eyes embodied dozens of melodramatic images on screen and conquered millions of hearts worldwide with her style and elegance.

Step-By-Step Instructions For ’30S Makeup

If you are inspired by the fashion of those years and want to know what you would have looked like if you were born in the last century, there is good news: you can easily replicate the makeup of the 30s. Detailed step-by-step instructions:

  1. Apply tonal or a shade lighter foundation to the entire face and blend it thoroughly so that the skin is perfectly flat. You can use concealer. Do not forget about preparing your skin for the tone – cleanse, tone, and moisturize!
  2. Matte the skin with powder (if possible, a powdered one).
  3. For more authenticity, of course, you can shave or pluck your eyebrows down to the thinnest strip, but it’s better to paint over them with foundation and draw in new ones with a pencil.
  4. Lift the eyes with a black or dark brown pencil. Both the lower and upper eyelid along the lash line up to the inner corner of the eye.
  5. Apply luminous eye shadow (grey, pink or blue) all over the mobile eyelid over the eyeliner.
  6. Apply a soft pink or crimson blush to the cheekbones and brush it down to the cheek.
  7. We paint the eyelashes with mascara or glue on the false eyelashes after also painting them with mascara.
  8. Using a crimson or red pencil to outline the lips without exceeding it.
  9. Apply lipstick of the same color as the pencil.

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